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Stratford Vegan Restaurants: The Best Vegan Food in Stratford Ontario

Vegan restaurants in Stratford Ontario

If you’re follow a plant-based diet and you’re visiting Stratford, Ontario, I suggest dining at these amazing Stratford vegan restaurants. Stratford is a short road trip away from Toronto, Hamilton, and other cities in southern Ontario. There are lots of things to do in Stratford in the winter and the summer months. I recommend spending the weekend in Stratford so you can shop, dine, and absorb the surroundings of this beautiful little city.

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Stratford has one 100% vegan restaurant, one restaurant that’s mostly vegan, one vegetarian restaurant (with mostly all vegan options), and a cute cafe offering delicious vegan breakfast selections. These are the top places to eat in Stratford and you can easily frequent all of them when you spend a weekend in the city.

Stratford Vegan Restaurants: Grounded

Grounded Vegan Cafe

Grounded is a 100% vegan, whole foods plant-based cafe. You’ll feel good after dining here as every meal is nutritious, delicious, and lovingly made from scratch. Grounded is one of the best restaurants in Stratford, Ontario, without a doubt!

The owner and chef, Heather McArthur, was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario. She worked in the culinary industry for many years before opening her own vegan restaurant in Stratford. Every dish on the menu is thoughtful and unique, and there are lots of gluten-free options, too.

While you can normally dine in, the restaurant is focused on takeout orders for the time being. It’s easy to pre-order your meals ahead of time. There is a new menu each week, and then you can call in with your order. Order no later than Wednesday evening and you can pick up your order on Saturday. Treat yourself this weekend!

Grounded Vegan Cafe Stratford

I started with the creamy turmeric hummus with gluten-free flatbread. It takes your typical hummus up a few notches. The turmeric adds an extra zip, and the flatbreads have a slight coconut flavor that goes great with the hummus.

Grounded Vegan Cafe Stratford

For my main course, I ordered a sweet potato stuffed with vegan sausage, sprouted rice & maple mustard sauce. The flavors of this dish were bang on and they all worked so well with one another.

Grounded Vegan Cafe Stratford

For dessert, I had a little chai cheesecake and some peppermint brownie bliss bites that were such a yummy sweet treat. Not only is the presentation delightful, but everything tastes even better than it looks!

If you’re searching for Stratford vegan restaurants, Grounded is my number one choice. Everything on the menu is vegan. It’s much fancier than anything I could create at home myself. And you don’t have to feel guilty at all because the food is fresh and nourishing.

Vegan Stratford: The Planet Diner

Planet Diner - vegan food in Stratford Ontario

Now, for something a little bit different if you’re looking to treat yourself to some comfort food! The Planet Diner is one of the best Stratford vegan restaurants that’s “mostly vegan”. The majority of the menu is vegan with a couple of meat offerings here and there.

Planet Diner - vegan food in Stratford Ontario

The Planet Diner is known as the place “where herbivores can bring their carnivores”. I think it’s a great spot to prove just how comforting and delicious vegan food can taste. I’d love to see the omni-options removed from the menu entirely, but I do love that this restaurant has so much yummy vegan food in Stratford. It’s one of the top Stratford restaurants for casual dining.

This mostly plant-based restaurant features vegan comfort food, like poutine, mac & cheese, burgers and more. I ordered the Chick’un Burger with a side of queso fries. They brushed some sort of vegan butter on top of the bun, too. The portions are large and the meal was hearty. I struggled to eat the whole thing, but I didn’t want to leave any food behind. It was that good.

Planet Diner - vegan food in Stratford Ontario
Planet Diner - vegan food in Stratford Ontario

Don’t leave the restaurant without trying their mouthwatering vegan donuts. I couldn’t eat another bite of food, so I took a couple of donuts to go. It’s the perfect midnight snack for later in the evening!

The Pulp Fresh Bar

The Pulp Stratford

Here’s another one of the top Stratford vegan restaurants with food that’s just as good for you as it is yummy. The Pulp is a family owned juice bar with fresh fruit smoothies, pressed juice, and savory bowls. You can pop in for a post workout smoothie, keep your fridge stocked with their juice, or dine here for lunch.

The Pulp Stratford

While this restaurant is 100% vegetarian, it’s mostly vegan as well. All of the sauces for the bowls are vegan. Almost everything is vegan, but it’s very clear on the menu board which bowls are vegetarian (and then you can make swaps if you’d like them to be vegan). It’s also really easy to dine here if you follow a gluten-free diet, too.

The Pulp Stratford

I ordered the California bowl with marinated tofu, carrot, cucumber, seaweed avocado, pickled ginger and vegan sriracha mayo. Everything tasted perfectly. I paired the bowl with a kombucha because I wasn’t hungry enough to order a smoothie this time around. I will have to come back for a smoothie on a hot, summer day!

Edison’s Cafe Bar

Edison's Cafe Bar Stratford

When search for vegan restaurants in Stratford, don’t overlook the veg-friendly ones. While Edison’s Cafe Bar isn’t an entirely vegan restaurant, they have lots of vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options on the menu. Edison’s Cafe Bar is owned by a husband and wife team from Stratford, and they operate this establishment as a whole foods cafe.

Edison's Cafe Bar Stratford

I stopped at Edison’s Cafe Bar for breakfast as there are a couple of vegan options on the menu. They also have amazing coffee here. I highly recommend ordering the chia pudding with fresh fruit, as well as a mug of freshly brewed coffee.

Edison's Cafe Bar Stratford

Fun historical fact: Thomas Edison was once a resident of the upstairs inn in 1863. The cafe is really photogenic when you walk inside, and you can admire a gorgeous artwork featuring Edison across one of the cafe’s brick walls. There are also a few vegan treats at the front counter, such as these peanut butter and raspberry chia jam cups.

Edison's Cafe Bar Stratford
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