Traditional and Unique Places to Stay in Europe That You’ll Never Forget

Unique and iconic accommodations in Europe to remember. I’m very particular when planning our accommodations. I’m looking for something a little more than a place to rest my head at night. We’ve stayed in some wonderful hotels over the years, and the most memorable ones have intriguing stories. I love the quirky accommodations that have a tale to tell. Ideally, … Read More

Planning a New Zealand Trip Inspired By Awesome Photo Locations

Have you ever planned your trip to a destination after seeing incredible photos? This article is sponsored by Trover. I spend a good part of my day looking at travel photos. Whether I’m editing my own travel photos from past trips or looking at pictures that influence my journeys around the globe, travel photography really does inspire us. Justin and … Read More

How to Convince Your Partner to Travel With You

What happens when you have insatiable wanderlust while your partner doesn’t even want to travel? There’s some truth to the saying “opposites attract”. But, managing a relationship when one person is always on the road and their partner stays home can be tough. If you are the one who dreams about traveling with your partner, there’s still hope. There’s no … Read More

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