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About Us - Justin Plus Lauren

About Justin Plus Lauren

Nice to meet you! My name is Lauren Yakiwchuk, and I’m the writer for Justin Plus Lauren. Justin Plus Lauren is a travel blog that I started in 2013 to chronicle my adventures with my partner, Justin Ceksters.

And then it happened…I got bit by the travel bug.

I’ve always loved traveling, but it’s become an even bigger part of my life since I started this blog. For this reason, I travel sometimes with Justin, sometimes with friends and family, and sometimes on my own. So, while the blog’s name is Justin Plus Lauren, it really tells a story of my travels around the world, with and without Justin by my side.

I’m the sole writer for Justin Plus Lauren. Both Justin and I work contribute photos and videos for the blog when we’re traveling together.

About Lauren

I’m a part-time traveler and full time travel blogger! I spend most of my days in Mississauga/Toronto, Canada, going on exciting worldwide adventures as much as possible. Justin and I share our apartment with our two rescued cats, Chickpea and Peanut.

I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and from college with a diploma in Broadcasting and Communications Media.

I love nature, animals, and both urban and outdoor adventures. I aim to show that it’s possible to travel in a way that’s both eco-friendly and responsible towards wildlife. I adore long walks, hiking, biking, snorkeling, kayaking, and I’m always up for new challenges.

As a lifelong vegetarian and longtime vegan, I seek amazing plant-based cuisine as I travel – and I love sharing my favorite meals on the blog.

My other interests include yoga, reading, cooking, knitting, listening to music and going to concerts (especially indie rock), and playing video games (especially classic arcade games and pinball machines).


Please feel free to contact me at any time at:

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Richa Gupta

Monday 12th of July 2021

A traveler after my own heart! glad i found your blog!


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

Thank you so much! :) I'm happy you enjoy it!!


Saturday 20th of September 2014

Great blog you have! Wish you to travel all over the world! :)

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