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Vegan Innsbruck: Best Vegan Restaurants in Innsbruck, Austria

Even though Austria is the land of meat and cheese, there are so many fantastic vegan restaurants in Innsbruck. My vegan Innsbruck guide will show you all of the best places to find vegan food in Innsbruck, including both vegan and vegan-friendly eateries. Even if you only have a day in Innsbruck (or a day and a half, like we did), you’ll be able to eat lots of amazing food.

There are veg-friendly cafes and restaurants, plus some entirely vegan restaurants in Innsbruck. Whether you’re looking for a fancy dinner, grab and go food, or even vegan food at the train station, I’ve got you covered. Here’s where you’ll find the best vegan food in Innsbruck, Austria.

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Innsbruck Vegan

Vegan Restaurants in Innsbruck

At the moment that I’m writing this, there are three vegan restaurants in Innsbruck, Austria. Justin and I had a chance to try all three of them. Needless to say, we were impressed. It’s hard to pick a favourite here, so I won’t. If you find yourself with a day or two in Innsbruck, make sure you stop by all three.

With the exception of Swing Kitchen (as it is fast food), both Olive and Green Flamingo were super busy when we visited. Definitely make reservations ahead of time or else you might be disappointed. Olive to make a reservation (I should have been more diligent and followed up with a call). Veganism is very popular, alive, and well in Innsbruck!


Olive - vegan restaurant in Innsbruck

Olive Restaurant is a modern yet cozy vegan restaurant in Innsbruck that’s open for dinner in the evening from Tuesday to Saturday. Their top priorities are choosing organic, high quality, and sustainable ingredients to create fresh and homemade dishes.

Olive - vegan restaurant in Innsbruck

Olive has a small menu with something for every taste. To start, there are salads, potato wedges, dips, polenta, and more. Justin and I ordered entrees at Olive: I got the lasagna (which came with a salad) and Justin got the burger with wedges. Both were very fresh and full of flavour.

You could tell that they were made with love. While we would have loved to have ordered dessert (there are three choices), we were too full by that point. I’d love to return to Olive someday to try more of the menu.

Green Flamingo

Green Flamingo

Green Flamingo is another fully vegan restaurant in Innsbruck with an extensive menu of comfort food, fast food, and favourites from cuisine around the world. They’re proudly plant-based with lots of vegan-themed art on the walls.

To start, we ordered the mozzarella sticks that came with a sweet chili dipping sauce. For our mains, Justin got the gourmet Beyond Meat hot dog, and I ordered the Gyro Burger. Everything was so tasty and I doubt meat eaters would miss the meat in either dish.

Green Flamingo
Green Flamingo

As I look at the menu now, some of these no longer appear as options, which makes me think that they must change their offerings from time to time. This is awesome because you can order new things each time you visit (but I’m sorry to disappoint if you wanted to get the mozza sticks or the gyro and they aren’t listed!).

Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen is a chain of vegan fast food restaurants in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. So far, there are locations in Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna, Berlin, and Bern. I hope they keep expanding across Europe and even into North America because their food is super yummy! They mostly serve a variety of vegan burgers, but also have wraps and salads.

Swing Kitchen
Swing Kitchen

Justin chose the special, the Smoky Pepper burger (Soya patty with crispy bacon, ajvar, garlic sauce, red onion, spring onion and greens) and I got the Vienna Burger (Crunchy vegan schnitzel paired with crisp salads, sun-kissed tomato, fresh cucumber and red onions, on a bed of homemade garlic sauce with fresh chives).

Swing Kitchen

Another feature of the restaurant that I loved was the unlimited fountain drink machine. They have soda, juice, iced tea, and a variety of drinks to try. Sample as many as you’d like and you can even mix some together if you want. Swing Kitchen has a lot of desserts, too, but we were totally full after the burgers and fries.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Innsbruck

There are a few completely vegetarian restaurants in Innsbruck that have vegan options readily available. You won’t have any problem dining as a vegan at the following establishments.

Oscar Kocht

Oscar Kocht is a small, vegetarian restaurant that’s open for lunch and dinner. The chef is originally from Mexico, although the dishes have a Mediterranean influence (with the occasional Mexican dish). For lunch, there is a menu with vegetarian and vegan dishes. For dinner, there is a five course vegetarian menu that can be made completely vegan. I recommend making reservations in advance as the restaurant has very limited seating.

Green Taste

Green Taste is an environmentally-conscious bistro and cafe that prepares only vegetarian and vegan dishes. They have energy-efficient equipment, avoid the use of plastics, and use seasonal and local vegetables. They serve breakfast and lunch, and the lunch menu changes each day. Green Taste offers sandwiches, pizza, pastries, salad, and an inexpensive lunch box for students.

FalaFilo Restaurant

FalaFilo Restaurant is an entirely vegetarian restaurant in Innsbruck with vegan options on the menu. As you can probably tell by the name of the restaurant, the menu is centered around falafel. There are falafel wraps, falafel boxes, and vegetarian platters. You can order a vegan falafel wrap or a vegan falafel box.

The Naked Indigo

The Naked Indigo is another vegetarian restaurant in Innsbruck that’s very vegan-friendly. The menu makes it really easy for vegans to find what’s completely plant-based. There’s a “V” next to each dish that’s vegan. There’s a vegan red Thai hotpot, vegan chili, a falafel bowl, and some other dishes can be modified to make them completely plant-based.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Innsbruck

In this vegan Innsbruck guide, I’m not only going to show you the vegan food you can find at vegan restaurants and vegetarian restaurants. There are loads of vegan-friendly restaurants in Innsbruck, if you’d like to branch out. This is perfect if you’re traveling with someone who eats meat and doesn’t want to go to a vegan restaurant every day.


Vapiano - Vegan Innsbruck

Vapiano is a chain of quick serve Italian restaurants. You order everything at various counters or stations. When you walk in, you’re handed a card. All of your food purchases go onto your card, and you pay at the cash register at the end.

Vapiano - Vegan Innsbruck

Vapiano has a large vegan menu and the staff are very knowledgeable about what can be prepared vegan. In total, there are 17 vegan dishes at Vapiano. There are appetizers, pasta, pizza, and coffee with oat milk. Justin and I ordered pizza pane and aglio e olio pasta. Everything was prepared so quickly and it tasted delicious.

Pizzeria Salute

Though I didn’t get to check it out this time around, it’s at the top of my list for next time. Pizzeria Salute has eight vegan pizzas on their menu, in addition to the 17 vegetarian pizzas. While I don’t see the option to add vegan cheese on any of the eight vegan pizzas, they do come with a variety of intriguing toppings.

Some of the pizzas have tofu ragout, caramelized chilis, and runner beans. If you’re looking to bring some pizza back to your hotel or have a picnic in the park, I suggest checking out Pizzeria Salute. They have options for take out or delivery, too.


Woosabi is an Asian restaurant with European influences in the heart of Innsbruck’s old town. They have quite a few vegetarian and vegan items, just make sure that everything is prepared vegan (for instance, omit mayo, etc). There are tofu bao buns, a noodle bowl, a rice bowl, a curry bowl, and lots of veggie side dishes.


D-Werk offers healthy and contemporary fast food with lots of vegan options. They advertise their range of plant-based meals prominently on their website. D-Werk uses seitan as a healthy and high-protein alternative to kebab meat, which they write has been part of the Asian monk diet for centuries.

On the menu, there are four vegan ciabattas, five vegan wraps, four other vegan mains, and four vegan bowls. With another entire section of vegetarian dishes, there is one full page devoted to veggie eats at D-Werk.


Jaipur is an Indian restaurant in Innsbruck with many vegetarian and vegan selections on the menu. There is a section of the menu devoted to vegan dishes, like a mixed veg curry, aloo gobhi, dal fry, and chana masala. Some of the vegetarian dishes can be made vegan, too. There are quite a few Indian restaurants in Innsbruck, but Jaipur makes it easier for vegans by having the separate vegan section.


MANNA is a restaurant and deli cafe in Innsbruck with a separate vegan menu. From their website, they offer a white asparagus and lamb’s lettuce salad, an avocado mango salad, roasted green asparagus and avocado on rice, creamy hummus and asparagus tips, mango curry couscous, avocado and grilled vegetables, and an Indian mango curry.

They also have a snacking menu with many vegetarian and vegan options. The menu likely changes depending on what’s in season, especially when it comes to seasonal produce.

Kitchen Hub

Kitchen Hub is a little restaurant in Innsbruck with burgers, tacos, and bowls. You will know immediately which food is vegan. There are three vegan burgers on the menu, three tacos that are vegan, and a number of bowls (quinoa, avocado, etc). This is a fast food restaurant with quite a few options, many of them centered around falafel.

My Indigo

My Indigo

My Indigo is a healthy restaurant chain with two locations in Innsbruck. While we didn’t frequent their restaurants in Innsbruck, we did go to their location in Salzburg. All of the photos here are from our visit to Salzburg (you’re welcome to check out my vegan Salzburg guide if you’re planning a trip there, too).

My Indigo
My Indigo

My Indigo has several vegan options on the menu, including a noodle bowl, curry bowls, and a poke bowl. They emphasize fresh and healthy cuisine, and the food is quite tasty for a fast food restaurant. The vegan and vegetarian items are clearly marked as such.


Paniothek is an Italian restaurant and gourmet pizzeria in Innsbruck with six pizzas on the menu. In addition, there’s also a vegan dessert pizza with hazelnut pistachio cream.

There’s the marinara, the Rita (cheese, tomato, parmesan, basil), the Primavera (scrambled tofu, asparagus lemon ginger cream, cheese, chili flakes), the Classica Pomodoro (grilled vegetables), the Greta (truffle cream, cheese, mushrooms, smoked tofu) and the Quatro Verde (baked pizza square with sauteed spinach, ricotta, and vegan parmesan crumble).

Vegan Innsbruck: Cafes / Coffee Shops

There are several cafes with vegan options in Innsbruck, so I’ll list them all in one place within this vegan Innsbruck travel guide. You can find vegan beverage and food options at these cafes, including cake, cookies or other baked goods and desserts.


Verenas - Vegan cake

Verenas is a vegan-friendly cafe in Innsbruck, and you’ll immediately be drawn to the cafe by all of the vegan cakes on display in the window. There were several vegan cakes and sweet breads to choose from when I visited Verenas.


You can also order coffee with plant-based milk (they have oat milk), and there is one vegan sandwich if you decide to stay for a meal (Schmankerl Sandwich). I ordered an oat latte and some slices of cake for takeaway. The staff is lovely and I highly suggest that you stop at Verenas when you’re in Innsbruck.



haepinest is a third wave cafe and bistro in Innsbruck. When Justin and I visited haepinest, the place was packed. Every table, both indoors and out on their small patio, was completely full. We had no choice but to order some coffee and treats for takeaway, and we enjoyed them in a nearby park.


They have vegan cake and cookies, plus there are some vegan items on their menu if you decide to stay for a meal. There are sandwiches of the day, quinoa bowls, and chia pudding. The menu is mostly vegetarian. The staff can prepare most items to be vegan, unless it is a very animal product focused dish.

Dunkin Donuts Innsbruck

Vegan donuts at Dunkin Donuts Innsbruck

Most surprisingly, the Dunkin’ Donuts in Innsbruck has vegan donuts! There was a sign outside of their shop advertising vegan doughnuts, so I couldn’t help but take a look. To my surprise, about half of the donuts were vegan and they were all clearly labeled.

Vegan donuts at Dunkin Donuts Innsbruck
Vegan donuts at Dunkin Donuts Innsbruck

It was hard to choose which flavor to try. Normally, I’d just grab a box of donuts, but we had so many other treats and goodies to try in Innsbruck, so we limited ourselves to just one each. I ended up choosing the Biscoff Cookie Crunch, and it did not disappoint. Dunkin’ Donuts: PLEASE bring vegan donuts to all of your locations worldwide (and I’m looking at you too, Tim Hortons, it’s time to make your donuts vegan).

Best Hotel with Vegan Breakfast Options

Nala Individuellhotel Innsbruck

We spent two nights at Nala Individuellhotel in the heart of Innsbruck. It’s within walking distance of most popular Innsbruck attractions, but it’s also a really quiet place to stay. The hotel dates back to the 1950s, but it’s been completely renovated with a modern design. Justin and I stayed in one of the Garden Apartments, which is like having your own place in the middle of a peaceful oasis.

Nala Individuellhotel Innsbruck - Vegan breakfast options

The breakfast at the hotel went above and beyond the average buffet breakfast. Nala Hotel takes great care to serve fresh and healthy selections, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. There’s lots of fruit, breads, potatoes, soy milk, bean salads and even hummus.

You can request a coffee or cappuccino from your server, which was the perfect way to start the day. It’s a buffet, so you can eat as much as you like. Breakfast at Nala Hotel is one of the best perks of staying here, and I know that you’ll love it, even if you have dietary preferences or food allergies.


Vegan Food at Innsbruck Train Station (Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof)

Find yourself with some time to spare at Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof? On our way back from Germany, we had an hour and a half to spare at Innsbruck hbf. It was lunchtime and we didn’t want to store our luggage and venture out into town. Thankfully, there are vegan options at the Innsbruck main train station.

Zhang Kitchen (Jiang)

Zhang Kitchen (Jiang) at Innsbruck hbf

Zhang Kitchen, formerly known as Jiang, is a little Asian restaurant at Innsbruck central station. Justin and I both ordered the vegetarian noodles. They also have some veggie sushi rolls (cucumber and avocado), seaweed salad, and miso soup.

Le Crobag

Le Crobag - Vegan options at Innsbruck train station

Le Crobag is a German chain of sandwich and bakery shops that you’ll mostly see at train stations. They have a vegan baguette with slices of tofu, tomato and basil that’s quite yummy. I bought mine at the Innsbruck train station and enjoyed it on board our train back to Venice. They also have vegan muffins and coffee with oat milk, both of which are quite tasty as well.

Le Crobag - Vegan options at Innsbruck train station

Testa Rossa

Testa Rossa cafe is a pizzeria and coffee shop inside Innsbruck hbf. They have one vegan pizza, marked as “Vegan Pizza” on the menu, which looks like a marinara pizza. Not too shabby if you’re feeling like pizza in a pinch.

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