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Vegan Stirling: Best Vegan Restaurants in Stirling, Scotland

I’m delighted to see the vegan scene in Stirling, Scotland flourish over the last few years. After all, when you’re spending a day or two in Stirling, you’ll want to pair your sightseeing with some delicious food at great restaurants.

After dining at all the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh, I thought that I might be disappointed by other cities around Scotland. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Stirling has a number of restaurants with vegan options, as well as it’s very own 100% plant-based establishment.

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Vegan restaurants in Stirling Scotland

You don’t need to do all of the research because I’ve done it for you. Take your pick of any eatery on this list to enjoy sumptuous cuisine. You’ll find separate vegan menus, lots of vegan offerings and dishes, and loads of plant-based dishes at local cafes and coffee shops.

Vegan Restaurants in Stirling: Nooch Bar and Kitchen

Vegan Restaurants in Stirling: Nooch Bar and Kitchen

Nooch Bar and Kitchen is the only 100% vegan restaurant in Stirling, Scotland. Nooch’s story begins with its chef and owner, James Leask. As him and his partner always looked for vegan food as they traveled, they decided to open their very own vegan restaurant, bar and cafe at home in Stirling.

Nooch is a relaxing and inclusive space where you can savor a fresh and flavorful meal, a cocktail, or a cup of coffee. The menu changes from time to time, but you’ll always find bar snacks, small plates, bigger dishes and desserts.

Vegan Restaurants in Stirling: Nooch Bar and Kitchen
Nooch Bar and Kitchen
Vegan Restaurants in Stirling: Nooch Bar and Kitchen

When I visited Stirling with my sister, we dined at Nooch Bar and Kitchen for the first time. I ordered a bowl of ramen, Robyn got the mac n cheese, and we split the patatas bravas. We loved everything and I can’t wait to return to Nooch with Justin so we can dine here together.

Nooch also hosts events like trivia nights every Thursday. They showcase the works of local artists throughout the cafe and showcase live music on occasion. Around the holidays, Nooch has a vegan festive menu and they’re the only ones in Stirlingshire to do so.

Vegan Stirling: Cafe Aina

Cafe Aina - Vegan Stirling

When Justin and I traveled to Stirling, Cafe Aina was the best place in town for vegan food. As there are so many vegan options on the menu, we highly recommend dining here. It was a really tasty spot for lunch and we’re excited to highlight Cafe Aina in this vegan Stirling restaurant guide.

Cafe Aina is a Greek restaurant in Stirling as the owners are originally from Cyprus. With many members of their family being vegan, they have included many plant-based offerings on the menu (they have non-vegan meals, too).

Cafe Aina - Vegan Stirling
Cafe Aina
Cafe Aina - Vegan Stirling
Cafe Aina - Vegan Stirling

Here are all of the vegan breakfast options at Cafe Aina: full vegan breakfast, vegan breakfast roll, vegan omelette, vegan breakfast souvlaki, and toast and jam. For lunch, you can order the homemade falafel souvlaki, marinated tofu souvlaki, homemade beetroot souvlaki, homemade soya kebab souvlaki, vegan paninis, vegan burgers, salads, loaded Greek fries, and many more side dishes.

As you can see, there are many, many options! We ordered the vegan cheese/avocado/pine nuts/mashed olives panini and the homemade falafel burger. Justin and I also split a vegan milkshake – all of the milkshakes on the menu can be made vegan.

We were a little too full for dessert, but 100% of the desserts at Cafe Aina are vegan. On the menu, they state that they’re all vegan so everyone can enjoy them. I love that! There’s a cake of the day that rotates, chocolate cake, a vegan brownie, and ice cream.

Vegan Restaurant in Stirling: HBW Coffee

HBW Coffee is a vegan-friendly restaurant in Stirling. It used to be nearly entirely vegan (classified as vegetarian due to offering dairy milk for coffee), but sadly they have started to serve meat (the owner wrote a very thoughtful article with his reasons). However, you can still find all of the same amazing vegan options here as before.

They have a weekday menu with a variety of buns, toasts, and a breakfast burrito. On weekends, they have an expanded vegan brunch. You can choose from pancakes, brioche buns, several dishes with sourdough toast (veggie haggis, tofu scramble, and smashed avocado, to name a few), and the breakfast burrito.

HBW Coffee is also an amazing cafe. There’s an extensive coffee and tea list, as well as many espresso beverages with soy, oat or pea milk. You must try the vegan cinnamon bun and the doughnuts.

Brea: Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Stirling

Brea is a Scottish restaurant in Stirling with a separate vegan menu that I’m certain you’ll love. They were rated in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide by Tripadvisor in 2021, and voted in the top 100 restaurants in Scotland at the 2019 Restaurant Awards in Scotland. So, you know you’re going to have a fantastic meal at this fine dining restaurant.

There are quite a few items marked “VE” for vegan on the menu. For starters, try the soup of the day, organic black bean and carrot bacon salad or a beetroot carpaccio. There are a couple of main courses: roasted carrot, spinach & pistachio risotto and wild mushroom and spinach tagliatelle with truffle oil.

BrewDog Stirling


Let me just say that I’m a fan of BrewDog, their beer, and their restaurants having been to several locations. BrewDog in Stirling has plenty of plant-based offerings, including hot dogs, beer battered cauliflower wings and vegan pizzas.

Three hotdogs can be made vegan, and there are two fully vegan pizzas on the menu: Punked Up Pepperoni and the Vegan Spicy Meaty. And best of all, they have “Vegan Mondays” where all vegan and veggie mains are 2-for-1!

Dr. Noodles Noodle Bar

Dr Noodles

Dr Noodles is a franchise with a restaurant in Stirling. It’s an Asian fast food spot with vegetarian and vegan options. Justin and I visited the Dr. Noodles location in Aberdeen and then I popped by the Stirling location with my sister before grabbing the train back to Edinburgh. It’s really close to the train station, so Dr. Noodles is a convenient choice.

Dr Noodles Menu

First, choose whether you’d like a small noodle box, large noodle box, or a wrap. Then, select rice, noodles or vegetables only. Choose your protein – tofu is an option for vegetarians and vegans. Last, select your sauce – the veggie ones are marked with a “V”.

I chose a tofu noodle bowl with teriyaki sauce. The portion of the large noodle box didn’t look like much, but it’s deceivingly filling. If you’re looking for Stirling vegan food in a pinch, check out Dr. Noodles for some tofu and veggies.

Vegan Stirling: Darnley Coffee House

Darnley Coffee House is a cute lunch spot in Stirling that has several vegan options. These change each day and they’re hand written on a posted sign in the restaurant.

There’s always a vegan soup of the day, a vegan sandwich option (beetroot hummus and falafel is one!), and a vegan dessert (dark chocolate, sea salt and tahini cookie, for instance). Tea and coffee is always readily available, of course.

Green Gates Indian Restaurant

Green Gates is an Indian Restaurant in Stirling, and it’s very vegan-friendly. Indian food is almost always a good bet for this. You just need to make sure the vegetarian dishes aren’t cooked in ghee (or have paneer/cheese added).

Thankfully, Green Gates Indian Restaurant makes this really easy for you as they have a separate vegan menu. There are several starters: vegetable pakora, onion bhaji, samosas, masala dosa, and aubergine fritters, to name a few.

There is a whole page of main courses with tons of the best vegetable, lentil, and potato dishes. There’s also lots of naan, rice, and paratha to add to any dish.

Mamma Mia Restaurant

Mamma Mia is an Italian restaurant in Stirling that has several vegan dishes. It’s a highly recommended option in this vegan Stirling restaurant guide.

There are several pasta options that can be prepared vegan on request. You can also order bruschetta, salads, and some side dishes, too.


Mediterranea is a Greek mezze and Spanish tapas restaurant in Stirling. There are many vegan dishes on the main menu. They aren’t clearly marked, so just double check that they are vegan before you order.

You can try the falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, and many starters. They can also make a veg version of the Greek mezze meal.

Vegan Stirling: Mint Coffee Shop

Mint Coffee Shop

If you know me, you know how much I love coffee. Of course, I wanted to stop for coffee and it was also a good excuse to get out of the rain. We chose a little spot on the main street of Stirling’s Old Town called Mint Coffee Shop.

Mint Coffee Shop, Stirling

The place featured coffee and tea, as well as lots of treats like cake and candy. I was in search of some caffeine and ordered a rich and flavorful Americano. It’s a cute spot in town, and not to be missed. While we weren’t looking for food, it’s also a great spot for vegan eats, too!

Mint is a really vegan-friendly cafe in Stirling with vegan (and gluten-free) pancakes and waffles, vegan cakes, and there’s a vegan cheese option for any of their sandwiches. The staff are very well versed in what’s vegan in the shop, so be sure to ask them for assistance.

Where to Stay in Stirling: Stirling Luxury Apartments

Stirling Luxury Apartments

We highly recommend spending at least one night in Stirling. You always get a better feel for a place once the day trippers leave. Justin and I spent two nights at Stirling Luxury Apartments, which we thoroughly adored. It felt like we had our own place to live in Stirling, and it was a beautiful and luxurious apartment.

Stirling Luxury Apartments
Stirling Luxury Apartments
Stirling Luxury Apartments

The apartments are self catering Stirling holiday homes. You’ll have full use of this luxurious apartment all to yourself, cooking your own meals if you wish. This kitchen is fully stocked with everything you’d need to prepare delicious meals. This apartment comes stocked with coffee and tea, as well as a fancy espresso machine.

The owners were so kind and made sure that there were some vegan treats and breakfast options for us. Justin and I also popped over to the nearby Tesco Superstore for groceries. We found so many amazing vegan mock meats and other yummy treats at the Tesco, including some things that we can’t find back home.


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