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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Vegan

A trip to Aberdeen might not be a usual stop on a road trip of Scotland, but I’m so glad we visited. Justin and I met our travel blogging friend, Claire, and we had a great day wandering all over the city. There are definitely some amazing finds in Aberdeen, and I’ll be sharing those really soon in my Aberdeen city guide.

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In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of the top vegan restaurants in Aberdeen, the best vegan takeaway in Aberdeen, and all the places to find a veg-friendly meal. This Aberdeen vegan guide is perfect for those seeking plant-based cuisine, vegetarian meals, and for anyone looking for where to eat in Aberdeen.

You can find the full list of bookable restaurants during your stay in Aberdeen at Bookatable. It’s easy to see all of the restaurants in Aberdeen with vegetarian and vegan options, and you can browse the menus with ease. You can use this site when you’re out and about to find a local restaurant nearest you.

Bonobo Cafe – Vegan Workers Co-op

Vegan Kitchen Sign at Bonobo Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland

If I had to choose one Aberdeen vegan restaurant for you to visit, I’d recommend going straight to Bonobo Cafe. It’s an all vegan cafe and workers co-op with strong ethics, too. Employees have the option to become joint owners in the business, making important decisions about the company. They make decisions about the profits and how to benefit the local community.

Interior of Bonobo Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland - Aberdeen vegan restaurants

Bonobo Cafe is 100% vegan, gluten-free friendly, and dog friendly. You’re welcome to bring your pup, whether it’s indoors or outdoors on the patio. There is a cat named Mickey that belongs to their neighbors who occasionally hangs out in their garden.

Outdoor garden and patio at Bonobo Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland - Vegan restaurants in Aberdeen

We visited Bonobo Cafe for breakfast where there are numerous options for every taste. I ordered the Bonobo Smoothie Bowl (banana and cacao smoothie with peanut butter, house granola, coconut cream, cinnamon, and maple syrup) and Justin got the Bacon Bata (ciabatta with sunflower spread and four seitan rashers). We savored every last bite because everything tasted so fresh and delicious. Bonobo Cafe is a great lunch and dessert spot, too. Take a peek in their display to see all of the yummy sweet treats!

Breakfast menu of Bonobo Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland - Vegan Aberdeen
Vegan breakfast in Aberdeen Scotland at Bonobo Cafe
Bacon Bata - Vegan breakfast in Aberdeen Scotland at Bonobo Cafe
Cocoa smoothie bowl - Vegan breakfast in Aberdeen Scotland at Bonobo Cafe
Vegan desserts at Bonobo Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland - Aberdeen Vegan
Gluten-free and vegan desserts - Bonobo Cafe Aberdeen Scotland - Aberdeen vegan

While there aren’t many vegan restaurants in Aberdeen, you’ll want to head directly to Bonobo Cafe if you’re seeking an entirely plant-based experience. I might be biased, but I truly feel it’s one of the top restaurants in Aberdeen, especially if you’re dining out for breakfast.

Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano

Exterior of Da Vinci Ristorante Aberdeen Scotland

Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano was a little bit of a walk across town for us, but I read that there was a separate vegan menu. And who doesn’t love Italian food? Even though we arrived close to closing time, it was well worth the trek to get there. If you’re looking for where to eat in Aberdeen and want something a little more along the lines of fine dining, I recommend checking out Da Vinci Ristorante.

Vegan menu at Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano in Aberdeen Scotland - Aberdeen vegan restaurants

The restaurant itself transported us right to Italy as it felt a lot more Italian than it did Scottish. The vegan menu has so many delicious starters, entrees, desserts, and even vegan wine. They’ve truly thought of every last detail, which I truly appreciate. While we normally would have gone all out with apps, mains, and desserts, we only ordered a main dish because it was nearly closing time. The Risotto Ai Carciofi was very flavorful and tasted like a lovingly home cooked meal.

Vegan risotto from Da Vinci in Aberdeen Scotland

Da Vinci Ristorante is sure to please both omnivores and herbivores alike. Some of the best vegan food in Aberdeen is at this establishment. Add Da Vinci Ristorante to your personal Aberdeen vegan foodie bucket list.

The Triplekirks Pub

Exterior of Triplekirks Pub in Aberdeen Scotland

On our day in Aberdeen, Justin, Claire and I quite literally stumbled upon the Triplekirks Pub. We were looking to go for a beer and they advertised some craft beers on a sign outside of the pub. After enjoying some beers for a while, we decided that we were hungry and might need to venture out to get some food. To my complete surprise, I glanced at their menu and noticed they had an entire vegan section on it!

Beer taps at Triplekirks in Aberdeen Scotland
Craft beers on tap at Triplekirks in Aberdeen Scotland
Pints of beer at Triplekirks pub in Aberdeen Scotland

Taking a look at the menu on their website now, I realize that they’ve combined all of the vegan items into the regular menu. However, every vegan meal is marked with a “VG” and every vegetarian meal has a “V” beside it. Many pub favorites only come in a vegan version, which I totally appreciate (for instance, the nachos).

Vegan menu at Triplekirks in Aberdeen - Vegan Aberdeen
Vegan restaurants in Aberdeen - Triplekirks pub
Bao buns at Triplekirks - Vegan Aberdeen
Potato Tots from Triplekirks - Aberdeen vegan guide
Vegan nachos at Triplekirks
Cauliflower Wings - Triplekirks pub in Aberdeen Scotland
Mac n Cheese Sandwich at Triplekirks - Vegan - Aberdeen vegan restaurants
Three travel blogger friends at Triplekirks pub in Aberdeen Scotland

Who knew that a random pub would be one of the best Aberdeen vegan spots? You can order the following: Jackfruit burger, vegan chili and rice, falafel salad, potato tots, nachos, cauliflower wings, bao buns, chili fries, butternut squash mac bake, and a vegan grilled sandwich (with the option to put mac n cheese inside of it!). So, when you’re out having a pint with your buddies, you’ll be able to enjoy some pub grub, too. Eating out in Aberdeen as a vegan has never been easier!

Zizzi Aberdeen

Zizzi offers fresh, Italian cuisine and there are an abundance of vegan meals on their massive menu. You can find the vegan items marked with a “VE” (vegetarian has a “V”, gluten-free has “NG”, dairy-free has “ND”). On their website, you can even click to view only the vegan items – and you’ll see that there are quite a few.

Thankfully, there are many Zizzi restaurants in Scotland. We weren’t able to visit the one in Aberdeen, but Justin and I had dined at Zizzi the night before when we were in Inverness. We split an order of vegan garlic bread, Justin got some olives, and then we got some pizza and pasta. Their Lentil Linguine Ragu is a dish you must try. And don’t you just love how every vegan dish comes with a little “vegan” green sticker on it, so you can be sure that it’s veg?

Zizzi Inverness - Garlic bread - Vegan menu
Cocktail from Zizzi Inverness Italian Restaurant
Lentil ragu pasta from Zizzi in Inverness Scotland

Whether you’re in Aberdeen, Inverness, or any other cities with a Zizzi restaurant, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find yummy vegan eats. While Da Vinci Ristorante has an incredible vegan menu, Zizzi is a little more casual and has just as many vegan meals to offer. If you’ve got time, I recommend adding both places to your Aberdeen vegan food itinerary.

Dr. Noodles Noodle Bar

Dr Noodles Noodle Bar Exterior - Aberdeen vegan

Dr Noodles is a franchise with a restaurant in Aberdeen. We chose to visit Dr. Noodles for vegan takeaway in Aberdeen, though there is a small dining space in the restaurant. It’s an Asian fast food spot with vegetarian and vegan options.

Interior of Dr Noodles restaurant in Aberdeen Scotland

First, choose whether you’d like a small noodle box, large noodle box, or a wrap. Then, select rice, noodles or vegetables only. Choose your protein – tofu is an option for vegetarians and vegans. Last, select your sauce – the veggie ones are marked with a “V”. I picked a tofu noodle bowl with teriyaki sauce. The portion of the large noodle box didn’t look like much, but it’s deceivingly filling. If you’re looking for Aberdeen vegan food in a pinch, check out Dr. Noodles for some tofu and veggies.

Menu of Dr Noodles restaurant in Aberdeen Scotland
Vegan takeaway in Aberdeen from Dr Noodles


Chiquito is an American-Mexican food chain, based in the UK. There’s a restaurant in Aberdeen and there are many vegan options there. In fact, they’ve recently launched a whole vegan menu with many tasty options. You can choose from jackfruit baja tacos, a fiesta fajita, a banana blossom burger, a heart of palm baja bowl, nachos, sweet potato skins, or cassava fries. There are even vegan desserts: chocolate lava cake, churros, and ice cream. While we didn’t make it to Chiquito this time around, it’s on our Aberdeen vegan restaurants list for next time.

Foodstory Cafe

Exterior of Foodstory Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland

Foodstory Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant with a plant-based and vegan focus. You’ll find that it’s mostly vegan with the exception of local eggs and some dairy. Make sure that you order the vegan version as some meals are available in both vegetarian and vegan. I ventured to Foodstory Cafe for breakfast, and it was such a charming place to start the day.

Interior of Foodstory Cafe in Aberdeen Scotland
Breakfast menu of Foodstory Cafe - Aberdeen Vegan
Breakfast menu of Foodstory Cafe - Aberdeen Vegan
Peanut butter pancakes from Foodstory Cafe Aberdeen - Aberdeen vegan
Vegan desserts at Foodstory Cafe Aberdeen Scotland

Aside from a cup of coffee, I ordered the peanut butter pancakes (with nut butter, dairy free yogurt, cocoa nibs, toasted coconut, and natural syrup). They were very yummy and filling. Foodstory Cafe has lots of vegan baked goods, should you wish to simply enjoy some coffee and cake. I’d love to return to this restaurant for lunch or dinner someday, too. It’s one of the best restaurants in Aberdeen for vegan food, even if it’s technically a vegetarian joint.

Las Iguanas Aberdeen

Las Iguanas is a Latin American restaurant in Aberdeen with a separate vegetarian and vegan menu (with the vegan items clearly marked). There’s a mushroom fajita, chili, salads, and the “bahia moqueca” (coconut curry). While the vegan options at Chiquito are a little more plentiful, you’ll find tempting vegan cuisine at Las Iguanas, too. Plus, it’s available as vegan takeaway in Aberdeen, too.

Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s is an American-Italian restaurant with quite a few vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free offerings. The vegan items are marked “VG” on the menu. You can choose from: marinated olives, mini breadsticks, garlic bread with vegan mozzarella, dough balls, vegan loaded potato skins, smoky beet burger, vegan quarter pounder, penne arrabiata, margarita pizza with vegan cheese, and vegan cheese fries. I’m really impressed with the amount of choices on the menu. If you’re looking for casual vegan food in Aberdeen, vegan takeaway in Aberdeen, or a place with lots of omni and vegan options, head to Frankie & Benny’s.

ASK Italian

ASK Italian serves authentic Italian food with several plant-based menu options for the veg and veg-curious. The vegetarian and vegan meals are clearly marked on the menu. For vegan food, choose from: spaghetti lentil ragu, the super green pizza (with vegan cheese), and a blood orange and chocolate tart. I also suspect that several of the vegetarian items on the menu are also vegan (or could be made vegan), but you’ll need to inquire at the restaurant.

All Bar One Aberdeen

All Bar One is a stylish and modern bar that combines gourmet international flavors with classic pub fare. It’s also the place to go if you’re looking for intriguing cocktails, a great wine list, and craft beer on tap. On the menu, vegan meals are marked “VE”. These include: the vegan burger, a Pad Thai with tempura mushrooms, and several salads. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any vegan desserts on the menu, so hopefully they add one soon. With so many other veg-friendly establishments on this Aberdeen vegan list, I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here until I’ve tried all of the other restaurants (or perhaps if a friend suggested this one).

The Coffee House

The Coffee House Aberdeen Vegan Guide

The Coffee House is a delightful little cafe in Aberdeen where you’ll find rich brewed coffee and mouth-watering vegan desserts. All of their cakes are home baked, and there is a great selection of both vegan and gluten-free treats. There are also a few vegan options for light lunches, although we only visited for coffee and dessert. Oh, and we ended up trying both Irn Bru and Haggis potato chips (yes, they’re vegan!) for the first time there, too! I’m so happy to include a coffee shop in this Aberdeen vegan dining guide that offers both plant-based milk and vegan desserts.

Interior of The Coffee House Aberdeen
Vegan cake and coffee from The Coffee Shop Aberdeen - Aberdeen vegan guide
Justin trying Irn Bru at The Coffee House Aberdeen

Aberdeen Vegan Map

Here is this Aberdeen vegan restaurant guide, displayed on a map. Feel free to reference this while you’re on the go in Aberdeen. Feel free to add it as a saved map to your own Google account for future reference.

Where to Stay in Aberdeen

Royal Athenaeum Suites in Aberdeen Scotland - Hotels in Aberdeen - Suites and apartments in Aberdeen Scotland

Taking a city break to Aberdeen and not sure where to rest your head at night? The two of us spent two nights at the Royal Athenaeum Suites and adored this Aberdeen accommodation. It felt much more like a home or an apartment than a hotel, but it’s possible to still enjoy the perks of a hotel (like friendly staff on site and daily cleaning).

There’s a full kitchen, a separate bedroom, a living space, and a spacious bathroom. Each room has its own TV, just in case you and your partner have different tastes in programs. Royal Athenaeum Suites had everything that we needed for our holiday and beyond. 

Royal Athenaeum Suites in Aberdeen Scotland - Hotels in Aberdeen - Suites and apartments in Aberdeen Scotland
Royal Athenaeum Suites in Aberdeen Scotland - Hotels in Aberdeen - Suites and apartments in Aberdeen Scotland
Royal Athenaeum Suites in Aberdeen Scotland - Hotels in Aberdeen - Suites and apartments in Aberdeen Scotland

Royal Athenaeum Suites is located right in the city center. You’re within walking distance of anywhere you’d like to go in Aberdeen. We walked all over the city without needing to take any other forms of transit. You’re close to many restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can also walk to the beach in Aberdeen, as well as one of our favorite areas in the city, Footdee. You’re within walking distance of many museums, gardens, and other Aberdeen attractions.

We highly recommend that you book your stay at the Royal Athenaeum Suites in Aberdeen. Be sure to check out even more glowing reviews from fellow travelers, too. It’s certainly one of the best hotels in Aberdeen city center.

We were fortunate to find so much vegan food in Aberdeen, despite the fact that there aren’t that many entirely vegan restaurants there. We’re thrilled to share so many delicious meals in this Aberdeen vegan dining guide. I hope that you find as much yummy food as we did at some of the top restaurants in Aberdeen.

Have you ever visited Aberdeen, Scotland?

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Awesome guide!!! Are you guys Vegan? We went vegan in October 2015, just had our 4 year anniversary. LOVING IT!!!!!


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Yes!! :) I actually went vegan in 2009 after being vegetarian all my life! That's amazing, I didn't know you guys were vegan! Happy Veganiversary :)

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