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20+ Amazing Places for Vegan Food at Borough Market in London

Did you know that you can find lots of vegan food at Borough Market in London? Borough Market is a historic food market with over 1000 years of history, making it one of the oldest markets in England. It’s transformed over the years, once serving the greengrocers of South London. Nowadays, there’s a huge focus on sustainability, community, and social connection.

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There’s really something special about wandering around Borough Market. I loved strolling under the old archways that people have walked beneath for centuries. There are so many fragrant smells lofting through the air from the food stalls and coffee carts. Aim to spend at least a couple of hours here if you have the time.

Vegan Borough Market

Borough Market is a popular place for locals and tourists alike. There are traders selling British and international cuisine, produce, and more. Everything is held to a very high standard in terms of quality and uniqueness. They also seek producers with ethical and sustainable practices. The food at Borough Market creates connections between people from various geographic and cultural backgrounds.

I’ve been to many markets around the world, and I was surprised to see so many vegan options at Borough Market. While there are just a handful of entirely vegan and vegetarian restaurants, many booths offer something that’s completely plant-based. In this Borough Market vegan guide, I’ll show you exactly where to find the best plant-based eats.

Borough Market Vegan Restaurants

Borough Market

Looking for 100% vegan restaurants at Borough Market? Here’s where you’ll only find plant-based eats on the menu. There’s only one completely vegan restaurant at the moment, but I’m hoping that more will be added in the future.

Mallow (Same Owners as Mildreds)

Mallow opened only a couple of weeks after my trip to Borough Market, so I wasn’t able to experience it. But, I’m looking forward to a return visit in the future so I can check it out. Open on November 8th, 2021, Mallow is a 100% vegan restaurant at Borough Market.

The team behind London’s vegan restaurant, Mildreds, has opened Mallow as a spot for laid back, modern vegan dining. Their goal is to create as little waste as possible while sourcing local and sustainable ingredients. They’ll also be giving back to local charities, too.

You’ll be able to order breakfast, lunch, dinner (small and large plates) and dessert at Mallow. A sample of meals from their main menu include porcini truffle croquettes, banana blossom tacos, and the kumquat lemon meringue pie.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food at Borough Market

Horn OK Please

These restaurants at Borough Market offer both vegetarian and vegan food. They aren’t completely vegan, but they are very vegan-friendly and don’t offer any meat or fish on the menu.

Gujarati Rasoi

Gujarati Rasoi is a stall at Borough Market selling vegetarian and vegan Gujarati street food. They have vegan thali, samosas, onion bhaji, and much more. While the stand isn’t 100% vegan, most of their menu items are naturally plant-based.

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please is a slogan that you’ll see written on the back of vehicles in India. The vibrant atmosphere of India, as well as the sounds, sights, and smells of India’s street food is what inspired the Horn OK Please booth at Borough Market.

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please has small plates and large plates, and each meal is vegan or has a vegan option available. You can order almost everything on the menu as vegan. I highly recommend trying the dosa chaat or the samosa chaat, although the moong dal dosa also looked amazing.

Borough Market Vegan Options

Shuk; Tel Aviv Market

Here are all of the remaining Borough Market restaurants and food stands that have vegan options. While these traders at Borough Market don’t offer an entirely vegetarian or vegan booth, these are plant-based selections straight from their shop menus.

Arabica To Go

The Arabica restaurant first opened at Borough Market over 20 years ago. Arabica To Go is a small stall right next to Arabica Bar + Kitchen. They serve Lebanese and Middle Eastern street food. Arabica To Go features falafel wraps, fresh dips, and salads.

Gourmet Goat

Gourmet Goat offers Greek-Cypriot street food using zero-waste methods. They also make sure to purchase their ingredients from sustainable sources. While Gourmet Goat dedicates a large part of the menu to underappreciated meats, there are lots of vegetarian and vegan eastern Mediterranean dishes on their menu.

They have a vegan wrap available (hummus, beetroot slaw, and cucumber pickles), a vegan salad (slaw and chickpea salad with hummus and pickles), and a vegan bulgur pilaf (slaw and chickpea salad with hummus, bulgur, chili salsa, organic olives and pickles). All of their snacks and dips are vegan, too.

Khanom Krok

Khanom Krok serves authentic Thai street food, and this stall at Borough Market has a couple of vegan options. Their signature coconut pancakes (khanom krok) are naturally vegan and gluten-free. This sweet Thai snack is very popular in Thailand, but not very common outside of the country. Khanom Krok brings this taste of Thailand to the UK.

Their mango and sticky rice dish also happens to be vegan. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, head straight to Khanom Krok for an awesome street food experience.


Kubba is owned by British-Iraqi chef, Philip Juma, who brings the flavours of traditional Iraqi cuisine to Borough Market. There are two kinds of vegan kubba on the menu (mushroom chap and spinach fatayer), uroog with fresh tanoor bread, fattoush salad, hummus, and there’s often a bamia okra stew.

Nana Fanny’s

Nana Fanny's Deli

While Nana Fanny’s is most known for their salt beef, they’ve also been known to make “the best falafel in London”. Their falafel is served on Lebanese flat bread with hummus and all the fixings. Nana Fanny’s falafel wrap is naturally vegan. While there are quite a few places at Borough Market that sell falafel, you might want to try one of the best in the city right here.


Oroshi is a Japanese restaurant that uses high quality ingredients sourced directly from the Borough Market itself. You’ll find bento boxes, skewers, and seasonal snack offerings at Oroshi. Here are the vegan options: organic tofu with spicy miso bento box, vegetarian gyoza, edamame and kare pan (savoury Japanese donuts).


If I didn’t eat at Horn OK Please during my time at the Borough Market, I would have stopped at Padre. It’s a taqueria and restaurant serving tacos, Mexican small plates, margaritas and mezcal. The food is inspired by the chef’s travels around Mexico. The vegan options are clearly marked on the menu: cauliflower al pastor tacos, guacamole, and salsa and chips.

Rudie’s Jerk Shack

Rudie's Jerk Shack and Gujarati Rasoi

Rudie’s Jerk Shack brings the flavours of Jamaica to Borough Market. While they’re most known for their signature jerk chicken, Rudie’s Jerk Shack has something for the vegetarians and vegans in the crowd, too. The chana wrap is vegan and contains chickpea curry, plantain, crunchy salad, and rude sauces.


Silka is a modern Indian fusion restaurant that combines the flavours of Europe and Asia. There’s a focus on lighter eating and serving up British-Indian favourites. The vegan dishes include: samosas, onion bhaji, jhodpuri aloo, khumb mattar, mili juli sabzi, saag aloo, bhindi kalonji, amritsari chole, chana palak, dal tarka, and Rajasthani mix dal. Every vegan item has a “VG” beside it. As you can see, there are loads of choices!


Turnips at Borough Market

During the day, Turnips is a green grocer selling high quality fruits and vegetables. In the evening, Turnips transforms into an al fresco restaurant. The chef takes the fresh produce from the stall and turns it into plant-forward dishes. They’ve also recently started offering small plate dishes during lunch time, too. Turnips has a vegan fine dining tasting experience, and can cater to most dietary requests with 48 hours notice.

Best Borough Market Coffee Shops

Borough Market

As a coffee lover, I had to include the best places to find coffee at Borough Market. Here are the best coffee shops at Borough Market that offer vegan options. There will be a variety of plant-based milks and vegan coffee beverages at these Borough Market coffee stands.

Change Please

Change Please

Change Please is unlike any cafe I’ve ever visited, and they served up one of the most delicious cups of coffee I had in London. They are a social enterprise that provides homeless people with the training and support to become baristas. All of their profits go towards providing homeless individuals with a living wage, housing and opportunities for a fresh start.

Change Please - Borough Market vegan guide
Change Please - Borough Market vegan guide

They have tons of vegan coffee options on their menu with a wide variety of plant-based milks. I ordered a vanilla oat latte and it was smooth and delicious. I highly recommend ordering one of their lattes or cappuccinos, but I’m sure any beverage from Change Please would be super tasty.

Flat Cap Coffee Co

Flat Cap Coffee Co is a coffee cart that’s been part of the Borough Market since 2008. They roast their own coffee and you can find their coffee at shops all over London. Flat Cap Coffee offers all of your espresso favourites, and they can make all drinks with oat milk. This spot is a worthy addition to my Borough Market vegan guide.

Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company is one of the most renowned cafes in Britain, and a pioneer of coffee culture as we know it today. They import single origin coffee beans from around the world and roast the beans locally. You’ll find espresso beverages, as well as single cone filter coffee. Monmouth has plant-based milks, like oat milk, so you can enjoy a delicious vegan caffeinated bevvie while at Borough Market.

The Colombian Coffee Company

The Colombian Coffee Company offers rich brews and you can feel good about drinking their coffee, too. It’s a social enterprise where they purchase beans from Colombian farmers at a fair price, providing income for local communities. They invest their profits back into local social projects, too. I love that they offer plant-based milks at no extra charge!

Borough Market Vegan Products

Borough Market vegan products

Many of the booths at Borough Market sell fresh produce, so I won’t list each individual one. You can wander around the market to find many stalls with fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit juice, and more. I’ll list some of the stands that sell other vegan products and food to bring home with you.

Butter Nut of London

Butter Nut of London sells fancy peanut butters and a variety of nut butters made from cashew nuts, brazil nuts, and almonds. I believe that all of their nut butters are vegan, and you can find creations like cacao and hazelnut butter, maple turmeric cashew butter, and more.

Humble Crumble

Humble Crumble features artisan fruit crumbles that you can bake at home. They have one crumble that’s vegan and gluten-free, a classic apple crumble. There is also a vegan version of their crunchy shortbread crumble.

Palace Culture

Palace Culture is a 100% vegan cheese stand at Borough Market. If I lived in London (or had access to a kitchen/fridge), I would have bought so much cheese from Palace Culture. They have plant-based cream cheese, almond and cashew feta, blue cheese, goat cheese, smoked cheese, truffle cheese, and more. I’d likely return every week to try a new one! This Borough Market vegan guide is way more complete with an all vegan cheese shop.


Pieminster creates delicious pies using responsibly sourced ingredients. They have a range of vegan pies: the mooless moo (jackfruit steak), the wild shroom, mock-a-doodle (tofu chicken pie), and the Kevin (chestnut mushroom, tomato and quinoa pie). They also have two vegan patties: the chana-rama and the holy chipotle.

The Free From Bakehouse

The Free From Bakehouse is a dedicated gluten-free bakery that also has many vegan baked goods as well. There are a variety of cakes, loaves, cheesecakes, flapjacks, brownies, bars and more. While everything is gluten-free, make sure you enquire as to which desserts are completely plant-based.

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Views of London walking from Borough Market

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