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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow: A Glasgow Vegan and Vegetarian Guide

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow: A Glasgow Vegan and Vegetarian Guide

Is Glasgow the most vegan-friendly city in Scotland?

The debate is on. And I’m not talking about the discussion of whether or not Glasgow or Edinburgh is the better city to visit. This debate is entirely food related, a very important component of travel. Is it Glasgow or Edinburgh that deserves the title of the best vegan city in Scotland? In 2013, Glasgow was given the title as the most vegan-friendly city in the UK. But, Edinburgh has always had a number of vegetarian offerings, with vegan restaurants steadily on the rise. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. We can enjoy the vegan food of Glasgow and the vegan food of Edinburgh. On our two week tour around Scotland, Justin and I visited Glasgow first. With all of the yummy vegan restaurants in Glasgow, we can easily see why it was named the most veg-friendly place in the country.

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Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow

With only a day and a half in the city, we didn’t have nearly enough time to sample all of the vegan food in Glasgow. However, I can guide you to our favorite places to eat in Glasgow. From what we tried, I would certainly recommend any or all of these vegan restaurants in Glasgow.

And I’ll give you a short list of the spots that we hope to check out upon our return, which I’m hoping is sooner rather than later. And by then…there will likely be even more vegan restaurants in Glasgow to sample.

Here’s where to eat in Glasgow if you’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet (or if you’re looking for healthier choices, have certain food allergies, or you’re veg-curious!).

Glasgow Vegan: City Centre

Here’s a listing of the vegan food in Glasgow that you’ll find right in the city centre. There are a variety of vegan places in Glasgow right in the middle of town, perfect for meals between sightseeing.

The Glasvegan

Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan

We enjoyed The Glasvegan so much, we tried it twice! When Justin and I first reached Glasgow, we were pretty tired from our overnight flight. We always handle the situation differently: I like to power through, explore, and go to bed at night in my new timezone. Justin finds that he can’t do much until he has a nap. I walked around and explored Glasgow a little bit and brought back some takeaway from The Glasvegan. It’s the perfect place if you want to dine in or order takeout as it’s a vegan fast food joint. 

Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan
Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan

On our full day in Glasgow (where we enjoyed the city after overcoming our jet lag), Justin wanted to eat another meal from The Glasvegan. I happily obliged as it was so delicious the day before. On the first day, we both ate their “Not-Dogs” – the Mexi Dog was super delicious, as was the Sweet Onion and Roasted Pepper flavor. Don’t miss trying their vegan Mac n Cheese, topped with veggie bacon bits.

Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan
Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan

The next day, we ordered another Mexi Dog, a Chick’n Burger, and a side of nachos to split. We ended up bringing the meal back to our hotel for a little break from walking around the city. Even though we never ended up dining at the restaurant itself, there are quite a few tables there (both indoors and outdoors) if you’d like to eat while you’re there. There are also some mouthwatering desserts and chocolates if you still have room after your meal, too.

Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan
Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan
Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan
Glasgow Vegan: The Glasvegan


 Glasgow Vegan: Stereo

Stereo is a staple in Glasgow’s restaurant, bar, and live music scene for over a decade. By day, it’s a vegan bar and kitchen; by night, it’s a hip restaurant and concert venue. While we didn’t have the opportunity to check out any live gigs, Justin and I did sample the tasty cuisine one evening in Glasgow. It’s certainly one of the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow. From the amazing service to the delicious food, you should definitely check out Stereo when traveling to Glasgow.

The menu selections are created using ingredients that are fresh and in season, so you might find it changing from time to time. When we were there in April, there were intriguing small shareable plates, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, and pasta. Justin ordered the Fettucine with Porcini Mushrooms (mushrooms in a creamy sauce with parsley and crumbled parmesan). I decided to go with one main and one small plate: the Roast Potato Salad (with savoy, red onion, and rocket), and the Baba Ghanoush with sourdough bread. I loved the toasted pumpkin seeds on top of the dip, which added a lovely added crunch.

 Glasgow Vegan: Stereo
 Glasgow Vegan: Stereo
 Glasgow Vegan: Stereo


Glasgow Vegan: Picnic

Picnic is a delightful little vegan cafe in the heart of the Merchant City. You’ll be charmed by its bright and colorful interior design, and wowed by the yummy breakfast and lunch offerings. Justin and I both ate their waffles for breakfast before departing Glasgow. We also bought some bagels with cream cheese and croissants for our road trip up to Stirling. We made a few stops on the way and weren’t sure if we’d be able to find any vegan food on the way. The bagels and croissants were perfect for a “picnic”, not surprisingly!

Glasgow Vegan: Picnic
Glasgow Vegan: Picnic
Glasgow Vegan: Picnic

There are also lots of salads, sandwiches, wraps and more for lunch. As for desserts and treats, you’ll find muffins, cakes, cookies, and more. While I had a coffee to drink, you can also choose from a variety of smoothies and juices. Whether you’re dining for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, I’m certain that you’ll love this Glasgow vegan restaurant just as much as we did.

Glasgow Vegan: Picnic
Glasgow Vegan: Picnic
Glasgow Vegan: Picnic


Mono dates all the way back to 2002, serving up delicious vegan food and drinks. Similar to Stereo (sharing the same owner!), Mono also hosts live music gigs and performances, in addition to its restaurant. On the menu, you’ll find sandwiches, pizza, schnitzel, burgers, mac n’ cheese, hummus, soups, salads, and more. There are also gluten-free options, and they’ll be sure to assist you if you have any other food allergies.

The Flying Duck

In addition to Mono and Stereo, we also have The Flying Duck. Described as a sister space to those venues, as well as The 78, The Flying Duck is a basement bar, venue space, and restaurant. Their restaurants is best described as a vegan diner, serving up “Michigan-sized portions” of southern comfort food.  They’ve also got a pool table, film screenings, karaoke, and trivia nights. The Flying Duck might look like a dive bar, but it looks like an amazing spot to dine and spend your evening in Glasgow.

The 13th Note

The 13th Note is a vegan restaurant, bar, and cafe (aren’t you seeing a trend here among the vegan restaurants in Glasgow?).  While there are some vegetarian items with dairy in them, the majority of the items on both the lunch and dinner menus are vegan. The vegetarian items are specially marked, while everything else is naturally vegan. They also offer exhibition space for artists, as well as gigs for bands and musical acts.

The Project Cafe

The Project Cafe aims to provide an inclusive community space for social exchange, alongside a wholesome menu of vegan and vegetarian dining options. It’s like a social enterprise and plant-based cafe all in one. They describe it as good food that brings people together. You’ll find fresh, local, and organic cuisine here, as well as delicious coffee and tea. Soups, salads, and pizza are among some of the menu selections.

Rose & Grant’s

While Rose & Grant’s isn’t a vegan or vegetarian establishment, they pride themselves on catering to vegans. It’s a deli that boasts about their delicious vegan square sausage, as well as their vegan breakfast and brunch options. From sandwiches to cakes to oat milk lattes, it’s easy to see that there are an abundance of vegan options at Rose & Grant’s deli and cafe. 

Saramago Cafe

At the Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Saramago Cafe offers an entirely vegan menu with the exception of serving cow’s milk as an option for beverages. There are tantalizing small plates, sandwiches, pizzas, and a huge variety of main entrees. You’ll see Sri Lankan curries, pasta dishes, udon noodle bowls, vegetarian haggis, a Mezze platter…there’s truly something for every taste here.

The Red Onion

The Red Onion is an omni restaurant with a separate vegan menu, as well as a vegan tasting menu. There are many innovative selections on the menu, like haggis bon bons, a crispy bean cutlet, truffle macaroni, and banana fritters, that set this restaurant apart from so many others. While I tend to stick to entirely vegan restaurants when I can, I’d love to check this one out the next time I’m in Glasgow.

West End of Glasgow - Ashton Lane

Glasgow Vegan: West End

The West End of Glasgow has hip coffee shops, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and more. The University of Glasgow is located in this end of town. With a high student population, you’ll notice some trendy cafes, themed vegan restaurants and popular eateries. 

Soul Food Kitchen

Soul Food Kitchen is one of the 100% vegan restaurants in Glasgow, where you can be certain to find entirely vegan meals on the menu. They focus on serving up healthy and hearty meals, like soups, bowls, burgers, juices, kombucha, raw cakes, coffee and tea. Soul Food Kitchen even offers a special vegan afternoon tea on occasion.

Serenity Now

Inspired by that famous Seinfeld phrase, the Serenity Now cafe is one of several entirely vegan places in Glasgow. It’s a fabulous vegan brunch spot, with classic faves like French toast, pancakes, avocado toast, seitan chicken and waffles, and huevos rancheros. There are also sandwiches and a mac ‘n cheese bowl for lunch time. We were a little too late to dine here due to poor planning choices, but we’d love to check out Serenity Now on a return trip to Glasgow.

In Bloom

In Bloom was one of the vegan restaurants we were most excited to visit, but they were closed when we walked up to the cafe. Boo-urns! Anyway, it’s a Nirvana themed cafe with loads of lunch options and desserts that look absolutely delicious. Did I mention that we were really excited to try this one, and they were unexpectedly closed? Next time, we’ll be back for sure.

The 78

The 78 Bar and Restaurant was a Glasgow vegan restaurant that I was really excited to try, but I ran out of time and stomach space. They’ve got a special breakfast plate, small plates (like grilled cheese and patatas bravas) and big plates (like burritos, burgers, and spaghetti carbonara). There are even some sweet treats, like vegan churros, so be sure to save room for dessert!

The Hug & Pint

The Hug & Pint is yet another vegan restaurant meets music venue in Glasgow. This Glasgow vegan eatery focuses on Asian-inspired cuisine with a rotating menu. They have an intriguing concept on weekends called a “Boozy Brunch”. For a flat rate, you’ll enjoy three dishes from the kitchen and three drinks to wash them down. They even have a coffee drink to help cure your hangover called The Reviver. As for the food, it’s creative, modern, and will comfort you, much like a hug.


Do you love brunch and coffee? You’ll definitely need to check out the vegetarian cafe, Mayze. They’ve got loads of vegan choices, such as nachos with vegan cheese, tofu eggs, burritos, a vegan breakfast, and plant-based milks for your coffee. They’ve got lots of gluten-free choices, too.

Tchai-Ovna Tea House

The Tchai-Ovna Tea House is a popular spot in Glasgow’s West End, but it’s worth seeking out on your trip to Glasgow. They’ve got tea from all over the world, as well as a small vegetarian menu and vegan cakes. All of the vegan items are marked with a “v” on the menu. It might be difficult to choose one type of tea from their massive menu, and be sure to pair it with a yummy slice of cake.

The V & V Cafe

The V & V Cafe was originally named for being vegetarian and vegan, but they’re now just down to one ‘V’ as they’re 100% vegan. As one of the top vegan restaurants in Glasgow, they have a variety of home cooked meals. Try their breakfast items, toasties, soups, pakoras, and curries. It’s also a wonderful spot to stop for coffee and cake. 

Glasgow Tiger Mural

Glasgow Vegan: Southside

While Justin and I didn’t make it to Glasgow’s Southside, there are a few vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in the region. I’d love to pop down next time, even if it’s only to sample the food.


MalaCarne is both a vegetarian cafe and a dog-friendly establishment. You can find lots of vegan choices on the menu, like pancakes, smokey chickpeas, avocado toast, and a tofu club sandwich. There are also lots of delicious coffee and tea beverages to sip with your choice of plant-based milk.

The Glad Cafe

The Glad Cafe has vegan and vegetarian brunch, made by the team behind the Asian inspired menu at The Hug & Pint. In addition, the culinary staff of The Hug & Pint also create meals for the cafe’s evening dinner service. You can expect pan-Asian vegan mains and small plates. The Glad Cafe is also a performing arts venue featuring musicians, comedians, film screenings, and small theatre productions.

Ranjit’s Kitchen

If you’re seeking delicious and hearty Punjabi food, head straight to Ranjit’s Kitchen. The menu is completely vegetarian and there are many naturally vegan dishes on the menu. They’re also willing to make many of the dishes vegan upon request. Be sure to try the comforting curries and the roti when you’re there!

Wee Plate Cafe

The Wee Plate Cafe is a cozy vegetarian and vegan cafe in Glasgow’s Southside with salads, soups, and vegan mezze plates. You can also try Turkish coffee and tea, as well as a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Glasgow Cafes with Vegan Options

Who loves a great coffee shop, especially when there are vegan treats to nibble on as you sip your cappuccino? Here are a few Glasgow cafes that have vegan offerings, including plant-based milk and desserts.

Riverhill Coffee Bar

Glasgow Vegan: Riverhill Coffee Bar

I stumbled upon Riverhill Coffee Bar because I noticed there was a donut shop next door to it. After asking about vegan treats at the donut shop (they didn’t have any), one of the employees told me to go next door. Indeed, Riverhill Coffee Bar had a selection of vegan baked goods, and even a veggie roll. The woman working behind the counter also happened to follow a vegan diet herself, so she quickly pointed out every plant-based treat. I’m always surprised (and delighted!) on how many occasions I ask a staff member about vegan items, and they happen to follow a vegan diet, too. 

Glasgow Vegan: Riverhill Coffee Bar
Glasgow Vegan: Riverhill Coffee Bar

I couldn’t resist trying one of the tahini brownies with my Americano. If you’re into lattes or cappuccinos, they have a few kinds of plant-based milks. The brownie was super rich and delicious, providing a sugary boost to further wanders around the city. Riverhill Coffee Bar is pretty cozy with limited seating. You might be able to find a spot to sit in the cafe, although it’s possible you’ll have to take your snacks and drinks away with you.

Glasgow Vegan: Riverhill Coffee Bar

Papercup Coffee Company

 Glasgow Vegan: Papercup Coffee Company

Justin and I walked from the City Centre to Glasgow’s West End, hoping to pop into In Bloom. Sadly, it was closed for the day, earlier than the hours stated. We were thinking about hopping into Serenity Now, but they were also closing up shop by that time. Thankfully, it was Papercup Coffee Company to the rescue! They were still open and they had soothing and savory beverages and treats on hand. 

 Glasgow Vegan: Papercup Coffee Company

While I ordered an Americano, I didn’t end up getting any treats. However, I noticed that they did have vegan desserts and baked goods on hand. Be sure to take a look when you go there as you’ll likely be able to pair a treat with your hot beverage. I loved the mural splashed across one of the walls. It’s a quaint and cozy spot in town, so don’t miss this one if you’re a coffee lover.

 Glasgow Vegan: Papercup Coffee Company
 Glasgow Vegan: Papercup Coffee Company

Vegan Food at Grasshoppers Hotel

Glasgow Vegan: Breakfast at Grasshoppers Hotel

We could have dined at even more vegan restaurants in Glasgow if it weren’t for our hotel being so fabulous. We aren’t complaining! Grasshoppers Hotel offered a delicious breakfast with many vegan options, like baked beans, bread, fresh fruit, cereal with soy milk, coffee, and tea. Next, the staff at Grasshoppers puts out plates of sausage rolls in the afternoon, including vegan ones! Furthermore, Grasshoppers does offer vegan-friendly options at their restaurant for dinner, although we didn’t personally experience it. You can make a reservation ahead of time and request a vegan meal without any issues.

Glasgow Vegan: Breakfast at Grasshoppers Hotel
Glasgow Vegan: Breakfast at Grasshoppers Hotel

Have you ever tried any of these vegan restaurants in Glasgow?

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