Things to Do in Salzburg – 3 Days in Salzburg Itinerary

Things to do in Salzburg: How to spend 3 days in Salzburg, Austria. Thinking about travelling to Salzburg? You chose correctly! I adored this Austrian city, especially the Old Town pedestrian area and both sides of the river, Salzach. While I highly recommend wandering around, drinking coffee, and exploring every little side street, there are quite a few things to … Read More

Why You Must Visit the Seaweed Baths in Enniscrone

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Treat yourself to a traditional seaweed spa when visiting Ireland. I never knew that bathing in seaweed was a thing until I travelled to Ireland. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to climb into a tub filled with slimy seaweed? Well, seaweed baths are actually a centuries-old practice in Ireland. Dating back to the 12th century, monks … Read More

Vegan Restaurants in Dublin – Dublin Vegan Guide

Dublin is a very vegan-friendly city – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Before travelling to Dublin, I kept hearing that Ireland was not a great country for vegans to visit. I heard numerous times that I wouldn’t be able to find much to eat. In doing my research before my trip, I discovered that Ireland isn’t just an … Read More

Things to Do in Sligo Ireland – One Day in Sligo

Don’t miss Sligo on your adventures through the Wild Atlantic Way! Sligo is the perfect pit stop on an Ireland road trip. Nestled between Donegal and Galway, it’s the 2nd largest city in western Ireland. With that said, it’s not crowded or overrun by tourists by any means. Surrounded by mountains and picturesque countryside, the drive to Sligo (as with … Read More

Neighbourhoods in Berlin You Need to Explore

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Discover the city of Berlin, one neighbourhood at a time. Berlin is a city in constant flux. It’s a vibrant and expansive place that’s continually evolving. Exploring Berlin, especially for the first time, is a massive undertaking when you only have a few days, it helps if you break it down into its unique neighbourhoods. Justin and I tackled a … Read More

Top Things to Do in Donegal Town, Ireland

Not only is Donegal Town an excellent base, it’s a charming city to explore. The early morning sunlight ignited the trees across the river. The leaves flickered like golden embers, radiating across the horizon. A mirrored reflection magnified this brilliance in the shallow waters beneath the shore. Donegal Town was silent, except for the occasional caw of a circling seabird. … Read More

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