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Hotel Storchen Zurich: Where to Stay in Zurich

Hotel Storchen Zurich: Where to Stay in Zurich

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“It was only once I’d visited The Storchen that I truly understood why the storks chose to land here.”

No one is certain how the Hotel Storchen Zurich got its name. There’s a legend that a pair of rare black storks once nested on its roof. Whether or not the story is true, the hotel remains an integral part of old town for over 660 years. Though the accommodation has changed and adapted throughout the centuries, this historic home in the heart of Zurich certainly left a lasting impression on my heart when I recall my time there.

Exterior shot of the Hotel Storchen Zurich at the River Limmat, Old Town Zurich.

While the Hotel Storchen Zurich has seen many incarnations over the years, the current hotel was rebuilt in 1938 and continues to stay updated and contemporary. This five star hotel has a historic facade with a modern interior, featuring any amenity you could ever dream about for a comfortable stay. There are 66 rooms in total with views facing the River Limmat or Zurich’s delightful old town.

Hotel Storchen Zurich close-up of the stork on the pink building with flowers lining the balcony. Zurich, Switzerland.


The Hotel Storchen Zurich is within walking distance of the central train station in the city, although it’s possible to take public transit. We enjoyed the summer sunshine and walked with our suitcases in tow to the hotel. Immediately upon our arrival, Justin and I were warmly greeted by the front desk staff. I don’t think it’s possible to have a more friendly welcoming to an establishment! The hotel truly felt like our home away from home right from the start.

Hotel Storchen Zurich - art on one floor of the hotel featuring storks, a theme throughout the hotel. Zurich, Switzerland.


Our spacious and modern hotel room was a relaxing and quiet retreat from the city. There were numerous stylish details throughout the room that exceeded my expectations. Beautiful orchid in the room? Check. Personal smartphone to take with you to use around Zurich? Check. A novella featuring a story about the hotel? You bet!

We stayed in a contemporary three-bed room with views of Weinplatz, the small square by the river. Justin and I were wowed by the views from our window, which opened up into the plaza. The room was luxurious and ultra modern, with elegant furnishings and comfortable spaces to unwind.

Contemporary room at Hotel Storchen Zurich. The bed and the desk. Zurich, Switzerland.

Contemporary room at Hotel Storchen Zurich in old town Zurich, Switzerland.

There’s ample seating areas around the room by a flatscreen TV with satellite channels from around the world. If you’re feeling hungry, the minibar and fridge is always well stocked. We appreciated that there were complimentary bottles of water, and the Nespresso machine made delicious coffee. High quality hotel room coffee is very important to me, and I was content to always have a flavourful cup of coffee within reach.

Seating area with couch and chair at Hotel Storchen Zurich, 5-star hotel in Zurich, Switzerland.

Close-up of the beautiful orchid in our room at the Hotel Storchen Zurich.

Nespresso machine at the Hotel Storchen Zurich, as well as some other goodies.

There was lots of room at the desk to get some blogging work done on my laptop. It’s always great when there are numerous power outlets and USB connections to charge our devices. As I mentioned previously, there’s a smartphone with free national calling and a complimentary Internet connection on the go. This could come in very handy if you need to look up some details on Google Maps when you’re wandering around, or perhaps when you need to book a restaurant reservation on the go. I don’t need to explain why having WiFi in a new city is a fantastic idea! And yes, the Hotel Storchen Zurich even has its own fictional story. Relax and read the story when you stay here.

Hotel Storchen Zurich contemporary room, view of bed and desk.

Hotel Storchen Zurich - the modern desk with smartphone and more.

Hotel Storchen Zurich, a complimentary smartphone with your stay.

The Luck of the Stork, a novel featuring the Hotel Storchen Zurich.

The large bathroom had a huge walk-in shower, as well as just about every toiletry you could need right at your fingertips. If you need a dental kit, a shaving kit, or nail care, the Hotel Storchen Zurich has you covered. I also loved the exclusive cosmetic products and the make-up mirror in the bathroom.

Hotel Storchen Zurich bathroom - huge walk-in shower.

Huge shower in our room at Hotel Storchen Zurich, old town Zurich, Switzerland.

Vanity in the bathroom at the Storchen Zurich Hotel.

Inside the drawer of the bathroom in our room at the Hotel Storchen Zurich.

One more cute detail: don’t want your bed sheets cleaned daily? It’s best for the environment if you keep your sheets and towels from being cleaned until you leave. Notify the housekeeper that you don’t need your sheets cleaned by leaving this adorable stuffed stork toy on the bed when you leave for the day.

Stork toy at Hotel Storchen Zurich, Switzerland.


The scenery surrounding the Hotel Storchen Zurich is so picturesque, I couldn’t help but give it its own section. Our room overlooked Weinplatz, an old town square, with views of nearby buildings, the river, and beyond. I loved looking out this window first thing every morning to watch people start their day. It’s like watching the city wake up. One day, I observed people set up small stalls near the bridge, which transformed the area into a small farmer’s market. People wandered by, walking their dogs, window shopping at various storefronts. I really got used to a morning routine of looking out this window with a coffee in my hand.

Looking out the window of our room at the Hotel Storchen Zurich, Switzerland.

The view from our room at the Hotel Storchen Zurich.

The old town square, view from our room at the Storchen.

Early morning views from our room at the Storchen Hotel Zurich.


There are lots of meeting places at the Hotel Storchen Zurich, whether you’re dining, meeting a colleague for a drink, or simply lounging at the hotel. There are three primary spaces for this: La Rôtisserie, Cigar Bar and Barchetta Bar. La Rôtisserie offers a full menu and drinks, indoors or outdoors on the terrace. Justin and I ordered a beer on the terrace at dusk and savoured those gorgeous river views. We watched boats with tourists drift past, and admired historic buildings as a stunning backdrop.

The terrace on the river at the Hotel Storchen Zurich.

Beer on the terrace with river views at the Hotel Storchen Zurich.

Next, there’s the Cigar Bar with 30 different cigars from various countries. While smoking cigars isn’t our thing, this relaxing space is here for you to enjoy it. Lastly, the Barchetta provides a calm atmosphere to enjoy an espresso, gelato, or original cocktail creation, whether it’s on the patio in the piazza, at the terrace on the river, or indoors in the lounge.

The lounge at the Hotel Storchen Zurich.


The Hotel Storchen Zurich faces the River Limmat in the middle of old town Zurich. It’s only a two minute walk from Bahnhofstrasse, and a short walk from the central station. We were easily able to walk all over town from the hotel without any difficulty. Furthermore, it’s as centralized as you can get, making it the ideal location for your stay in Zurich.

Hotel Storchen Zurich, the perfect location in the middle of the city.


It’s a stunning five star property in the perfect location. You have access to numerous modern amenities at this contemporary hotel. The views of the piazza from our room were outstanding, and we thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of having a drink with a view from the outdoor terrace. Our stay at the Hotel Storchen Zurich made our first visit to Zurich purely magical, and we highly recommend that you stay here when you travel to Zurich. Click here to book your stay and be sure to read more reviews by trusted travellers.

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Thank you so much to the Hotel Storchen Zurich for hosting our stay. Our opinions, as always, are entirely our own.

Have you ever travelled to Zurich and what do you love about the city?

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