Burano Island in Venice: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day Trip from Venice

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Burano Island in Venice

Burano island in Venice is the perfect day trip.

Updated: July 2019. Could it be one of the most colorful places in the world? It’s certainly one of the best places to find colorful houses in Italy. Burano is postcard perfect and you can easily travel from the main island of Venice to Burano during your Italian adventures.

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Burano Day Trip - Visit Burano for the colorful houses - Rainbow of houses

Of all the Venice islands, Burano is the perfect place to wander and take in the views. The canal is the best place for a stroll. Take in the rainbow of colors before you, both in the homes themselves and their reflections in the water. I can’t imagine not feeling happy here!

History of the Colorful Homes on Burano Island in Venice

Trip to Burano from Venice - Burano island tour

When you’re traveling from Venice to Burano, and even from Murano to Burano, you’ll notice a stark difference in the buildings. Everything is so bright and colorful in Burano, more than any other islands around Venice. So, why are the homes so bright and beautiful?

Murano and Burano Tour - Things to do in Burano Italy

The traditional industry in Burano was fishing, and boats were constantly sailing in and out of its harbors. Legend has it that the houses in Burano were painted such bright colors so the fishermen could see the island more vividly. As fog tends to build up around Burano, this meant that they could avoid crashing their boats into it.

Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice
Bright Yellow House on Burano Island in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice

The tradition of colorful houses continues through the present day, and it’s highly regulated by the Italian government. There’s a consistent color coding system. Many families have had the same colored houses for centuries. If a home owner or business wants to repaint their house a different color, they must send a formal request to the authorities. Then, the government will let them know which colors are permitted in which areas. It’s quite a lengthy process, but it definitely ensures that no two nearby houses will be painted the same pigment.

Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice
Color is like music sign - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice

How to Get to Burano From Venice

Reflections of colorful houses in the canals of Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice

To reach Burano island in Venice, you’ll need to take a vaporetto to the Fondamente Nove stop. Transfer to line 12. You’ll find the boarding area just beyond the Donà Bridge. From there, it’s about a 40 minutes ride. If you’re seeking how to get to Burano from Venice, this is the best option. We highly recommend that you spend part of your day in Murano, too. It’s right along the way and it’s another beautiful island in Venice.

Directions from Murano to Burano

Burano Island in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice

Essentially, you’ll follow the same directions above to get from Murano to Burano. The line 12 vaporetto travels from Venice making stops at Murano, Mazzorbo, Torcello, Burano and Treporti. If you hop back on the line 12 vaporetto in Murano, you’ll head straight to Burano. When you want to head back to Venice, just get back on the line 12 vaporetto and continue your journey back to the main island.

Burano Island Tour

Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice

Looking for a Murano and Burano tour? Most tours combine the two Venice islands or add a third stop in Torcello. We didn’t visit Torcello on our trip as we went to Murano and Burano on our own without a tour. So, I can’t provide you any personal advice on Torcello. If you don’t want to worry about transportation and would like to have a more guided experience, I recommend that you check out either this Burano Island Tour (half day to Murano and Burano) or this Murano, Torcello, and Burano Island Tour (half day to all three islands).

Burano Island in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice
Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice

Things to Do in Burano

Want to visit Burano? Looking for what to do in Burano? Well, this isn’t the kind of place with a million attractions or excursions. It’s all about soaking up the atmosphere. Wander along the canals and snap tons of pictures along the way. It’s really a paradise for photographers. Once you’re finished walking by the canal, walk down all of the little side streets, too. The houses are equally as colorful and you’ll escape the crowds a bit, too.

Burano Island in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice
Cacti in pots - cactus potted plants on purple wall - Burano Italy

Speaking of crowds, I’d imagine that Burano gets quite busy during the summer months. We visited Venice in May (early May) and didn’t find that there were hardly any crowds at all. To combat over-tourism and reduce the stress on the city, I recommend that you travel during the off season or shoulder seasons whenever possible. It’s also a great way to have a more peaceful trip with less people around, too.

Burano Island in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice
Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice

If you’re seeking more things to do in Burano, the island is also known for its lace. Pay a visit to the small businesses on the island and buy some handmade lace products. If things made from lace aren’t your jam, we also found handcrafted ceramics by local artisans. I bought a little purple ceramic house, which incidentally began my collection of little artsy houses from around the world. There are also paintings and prints from Burano for sale in some of the shops. We bought a small canvas print that has some added color, painted by hand.

Photos and paintings in Burano - Burano Island in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice
Man painting in Burano - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice

And naturally, on an island with the population of 2200, there are bound to be some cats roaming around, right? We met a friendly neighborhood cat on our day trip to Burano. No guarantees on cat sightings, but you might be lucky like us!

Cat in Burano - Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice
Burano Italy Cat - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice
Petting a cat in Burano Italy - Colorful painted houses in Venice
Adorable cat in Venice - Murano and Burano Day Trip from Venice

Venice Travel Tips and Plans

As you can see, a Burano day trip is always a good idea. If you’re looking for more ideas about how to spend your days in Venice, check out our 3 day Venice itinerary. We’ve got all kinds of suggestions for the best attractions and activities throughout your stay.

Looking for where to stay? We didn’t spend the night in Burano; however, we did spend three wonderful evenings at an apartment in Dorsoduro on the main island of Venice. Dorsoduro is a quiet neighborhood that’s within walking distance of many attractions. Book your stay at Warm Hospitality Apartments or check out more reviews of this accommodation by fellow travelers.

We highly recommend that you check out Burano island in Venice. In fact, you should definitely make a half day trip out to see both Murano and Burano. It’s one of the most memorable parts from our trip to Venice. Burano Italy is one of the most colorful and charming places in the world that you need to see with your own eyes.

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Besides Burano Italy, what are your favorite colorful places in the world?

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    Such a pretty place – I have fond memories of walking all around Burano till my feet hurt – or as I call it, the washing island as everyone seemed to have stuff out on the washing line! Thanks for reminding me that I want to go back here soon!

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    I am headed to Italy next Saturday and have 2 days in Venice! Been soaking up your venice posts and definitely want to do this one :-)

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    Great photos of Burano! It looks like a lovely town. Thanks for sharing some tips on how to get there!

  7. Agata

    I totally agree with you! Burano is a must! I loved every second I spent there. I’m so happy that you made it even though you sent in Italy only a few weeks. Well done guys!

  8. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    This post has come in perfect time for me, as I’m going next week for the very first time!! Your pics are beautiful and I’m really looking forward to seeing it in person!

  9. Natasha Amar

    Great photos! I imagine it must be lovely to walk around in such a quaint and colorful neighborhood.

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    fun photos! I just caught the #weekendwanderlust chat late – I contributed but missed the beginning. I’d love to join next time!

  11. Jolanta aka Casual Traveler

    Wow, this town is REALLY colorful! Kind of cheerful, actually. I wonder what happens if someone wants to change the color of his house. Do they have to have a new color approved by the neighbors?

  12. Ruth - Tanama Tales

    What a beautiful place! I am always attracted to colorful places. Any tips for avoiding the crowds? I see a lot of people on some of your pictures but then, it looks like you had some spots to yourself.

  13. RobRob

    That looks so quaint and inviting! A really good friend of ours was in Burano last winter and raved about it. She was all about the lace and crafts – no pictures of the houses. Now that we’ve seen your awesome photos, it’s obvious that we need to add this city to our To Do list! Thanks for sharing.

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    SO beautiful! I adore Venice but I’ve only ever taken the day trip to Murano, not to Burano. You’ve just given me the perfect excuse to go again… :)

  16. Andrea

    I love Burano! I was last there close to 15 years ago though. It was so pretty and unique.

  17. Valeria @ Rome, New York, London, World

    I LOVE THIS GUYS!!! Can you believe in the many times I visited Venice I never thought of going to Burano as well. It kind of reminds me of the houses in Notting Hill (London).
    PS the picture with the two of you is beautiful, you should make a canvas of it :)

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    I cannot believe that I still haven’t been to Burano especially considering I’ve been to Venice more than once, my bad! I absolutely love the colorfulness of these houses, it puts me in a good mood! :)

  19. Fairlie

    Burano is so photogenic! In addition to the coloured house walls, I loved the striped curtains which hung at many of the doorways. It was warm when we were there, and the doors behind the curtains were wide open. I remember there being a lot of cute cats which entertained my daughters too!

  20. Shere

    we loved Burano!! it was our first holiday together :)

  21. Will @ Bottled Air

    Great photos guy! I love pastel coloured houses. They remind me of Europe and North Wales…ha

  22. Chris Boothman

    Love the vibrant colors guys!! I could sit here and just look at this post over and over again and never get tired of seeing how colorful this is. So I could only imagine what it is like in person! Reminds me of a street I saw in Quebec City which was equally as vibrant. I can’t imagine that locals are ever in a bad mood here when there is so much color to brighten their days!