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28 Vegan Stocking Stuffers and Amazing Vegan Gift Ideas [2022]

Here are the perfect vegan stocking stuffers for your loved ones. These products are all 100% vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free. They’re the perfect gifts to give if you’re vegan yourself (and want to give cruelty-free gifts) or if the recipient happens to be vegan.

You can choose one or several of these items to fill an entire stocking. They’re also fantastic vegan gifts if you’re looking to give something small. I have several categories listed below, including bath and body, vegan treats/snacks, vegan fashion and accessories, vegan things for the home, and vegan travel products.

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Vegan Stocking Stuffers

Quick Summary: What are the Best Vegan Stocking Stuffers?

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here’s the quick list of the best vegan stocking stuffers and vegan gifts featured in this blog post:

Best Vegan Stocking Stuffers: Bath and Body

These are the best vegan bath and body items that are perfect for any Christmas stocking. I’ve included skincare products, makeup products, and bath and shower products. Furthermore, if you love eco-friendly bath and body products, definitely check out our favourite vegan eco-friendly products for home and travel.

Vegancuts Beauty Box

Vegancuts Beauty Box

The Vegancuts Beauty Box makes it so easy to discover new vegan body care and skincare products. Each month, you’ll receive a delivery of four or more deluxe or full-size luxurious vegan skin care and body care products that treat your outside as good as you treat your inside. They specifically don’t include makeup products.

Their expert Beauty Box curator carefully chooses each beauty brand and product to make sure that only conscious items are featured each month. These are innovative and high quality products that are always vegan, cruelty-free, free of harmful chemicals and paraben-free, too.

Sudsatorium Shower Gel

I’ve been a massive fan of Sudsatorium for many years, ever since I came across their booth at a local vegfest. They have so many amazing bath and body products, and the entire line is 100% plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season, and it’s awesome for bath time.

I highly recommend picking up one of their shower gels as they’re the ideal vegan stocking stuffers. They come in a variety of scents and they create wonderful, fragrant suds. Sudsatorium also has fantastic hair care products, deodorants, soaps, lip salts, and so much more! You could literally fill an entire stocking with their exceptional products.

Vegan Lip Balms

These vegan lip balms are made with natural ingredents and don’t contain any animal products (like beeswax). They are moisturizing and nourishing, especially in the winter months when lips tend to get chapped.

This snowy ice cream lip balm is a wintery flavour with hints of marshmallow, white chocolate, vanilla and peppermint. There are lots of other flavours in the shop, too! It’s one of the best small gifts to find in your stocking on Christmas morning.

Vegan Make-up Brushes

Many makeup brushes sadly contain animal fibers, but not these ones! These are vegan makeup brushes that are made out of synthetic fibers and wood. It’s one of the best Christmas gifts for someone who loves to do their makeup, but also loves animals.

There are several brushes in the kit that are perfect for all kinds of makeup. Plus, they’re high quality so you won’t notice any hairs coming out of the brushes or any funky smells. This is also a really cute gift as they come in various pastel shades.

Vegan Zero Waste Soap

Look at these beautiful bars of soap! They are natural, organic, and zero waste as they don’t come with any wasteful packaging. They are one of the most eco-friendly stocking stuffers.

These vegan soaps are handmade and lather up wonderfully. They contain pure ingredients that help contribute to healthy skin. They’re great for those with sensitive skin, too!

e.l.f. Jet Set Hydration Kit

e.l.f. Jet Set Hydration Kit

The e.l.f. (ELF) brand has always been one of my very favourites for makeup and skincare. Their products are (and have always been) 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. Furthermore, they’re high quality and inexpensive, too (always a great combination). It’s a great stocking stuffer for anyone on a tight budget who wants to give a thoughtful gift.

This e.l.f. Jet Set Hydration Kit comes with cleanser, balm, moisturizer, eye cream and night cream in a travel-sized kit, making for one of the most perfect vegan stocking stuffers for lengthy travels, overnight trips and weekend getaways.

Vegan Stocking Stuffers: Yummy Vegan Treats

Who could resist a yummy vegan treat or snack? I’ve included some unique vegan treats that are ready to eat or drink. I’ve also added some that are a little more DIY so the gift recipient can have a fun new activity to try, too.

Vegancuts Snack Box

Vegancuts Snack Box

Wouldn’t you just love vegan treats and snacks showing up at your doorstep each month? The Vegancuts Snack Box is a monthly delivery of the best vegan snacks, meal items, and drinks on the market. The recipient of this vegan stocking stuffer gift will receive at least 10 sweet & savory vegan snacks monthly.

Everything in the box is 100% vegan, super tasty and really unique. Their expert curator scours the globe for the latest and greatest in vegan treats. Everything is cruelty-free and delivers an unforgettable experience each month.

Kokoro Vegan Care Packages

Kokoro Care Packages are boxes of artisanal food products delivered to your door, straight from Japan. This care package would fill an entire Christmas stocking, making it one of the best vegan stocking stuffers. It’s such a unique holiday gift to receive on Christmas morning.

The Vegan Shojin Ryori Zen Care Package is a 100% vegan/plant-based food gift from Japan. These Japanese ingredients are used in Buddhist vegan cuisine that’s been around for several centuries.

It includes an English brochure with descriptions of each food product, as well as recipes you can try at home. It’s one of the best vegan gifts for those who love traveling and experiencing different cultures through food.

DeliciousDoor Healthy Treats Box

Delicious Door Healthy Treats Box

Smarter snacking is here! DeliciousDoor offers a monthly snack box of delicious and nutritious treats. Everything is 100% plant-based, premium quality, and health focused. They feature unique finds, including rare and artisanal brands.

Every snack box contains 12 full-size items, a combination of “discovery” items and trusted fan favourites, and a wide variety of items for every taste. Salty snacks, sweet treats, pantry staples, on-the-go bites, fruit and nut nibbles…they’ve got you covered!

*** Use coupon code JUSTINPLUSLAUREN to receive $18 off per snack box! (Between November 22nd and November 29th, 2022, you will only receive $5 off per snack box, but there will be amazing Black Friday deals included, too!)

Vegan Vanilla Fudge

Vegan Fudge - Vegan stocking stuffers

From my experiences, vegan fudge is next to impossible to find, so I’m delighted that it’s available online! This sweet indulgence has rave reviews in their shop. Vegans, you’ll be able to enjoy this sweet treat once again, free of all animal products.

Here’s a vanilla flavour of vegan fudge, and there are several other treats as well in the online shop. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves sweet treats and vegan candy.

David’s Tea

David's Tea

David’s Tea is my absolute favourite, and almost every variety is vegan (their labels are very clear as a couple of blends include dairy products). Forever Nuts is one of my favourite kinds of tea (it’s an apple almond tea), though they have hundreds of flavours for every taste.

A tin or two of David’s Tea is an absolute must as it’s one of the best vegan stocking stuffers out there. Loose leaf tea is a classic stocking stuffer that will never go out of style.

Kombucha Starter Kit

Kombucha Starter Kit

Kombucha is such a delicious beverage, but buying bottles of it all the time can get expensive. It’s so easy to make yourself at home! This kombucha starter kit is one of the most awesome vegan stocking stuffers. It’s such a fun project that yields delicious results.

It contains all of the essentials to brew your own kombucha at home. This kit uses high quality ingredients and tea, and it’s also shelf-stable meaning that you can ship it and wrap it with ease. The instructions are fool proof, too! It’s a great gift idea for the person who has everything.

Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

It’s the perfect vegan stocking stuffer for holiday cheer! Let your loved ones enjoy warm and comforting mugs of hot cocoa with this vegan hot chocolate mix. Dairy products are replaced with creamy coconut making for a delicious dairy-free alternative. This hot chocolate mix comes in four flavours: original cocoa, toasted marshmallow cocoa, peppermint cocoa, and salted caramel cocoa.

Vegan Stocking Stuffers: For the Home

Looking for practical vegan stocking stuffers for the home? These will are useful vegan gifts that are great to use around the house or wherever you end up visiting. Many of them are easy to transport if you’re away on a trip, too.

Waypoint Candles

Waypoint Candles

Waypoint Candles bring aromas from around the world right into your home. Scents can evoke many memories, so why not have a candle that reminds you of your trip to Paris or Havana? And if your vegan friend has always dreamed of visiting Hawaii, this is an affordable option that you can give as a gift until he or she makes it there. Waypoint Candles are a great gift for any home or office.

Aeropress Coffee Maker (and Coffee Beans!)

Aeropress - Vegan stocking stuffers

An Aeropress portable coffee maker is one of the best ways to make coffee at home or on the road. This portable coffee maker could fit right into a Christmas stocking. Add some coffee beans in the boot of the stocking and you’ve got some amazing vegan stocking stuffers.

Pair this Aeropress with some coffee beans from around the world to create a vegan coffee lovers gift basket. You can also add a coffee travel mug and some vegan coffee creamers (Silk makes some yummy flavoured ones!). Hellooooo, coffee themed vegan stocking stuffers!

Vegan Suede Highland Cow Pillow

Vegan Suede Highland Cow Pillow

This artwork of a Highland Cow is printed onto faux suede soft fabric with edge to edge print. Highland Cows (or “Heilan Coos”) are so adorable and it’s a cute decorative item for the home that any animal lover will adore.

A pillow of a Highland Cow is one of the best gifts vegan stocking stuffers (pillow case only to fit inside the stocking / wrapped Christmas gift with the pillow case). It’s a lovely and unique holiday present for vegans.

YETI Rambler Tumbler

Yeti Tumbler

Keep your drink hot or cold with the spill-proof and splash-proof YETI Rambler Tumbler. It keeps ice frozen for twice as long as regular tumblers, and it works equally as well for hot beverages. Whether your vegan pal loves coffee and tea, or perhaps is a bigger fan of iced tea, the YETI rambler tumbler will quickly become his or her favourite travel mug.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

I used to be one of those people who vowed only to read physical paper books. After investing in a Kindle Paperwhite, I realize just how wrong I was. It’s an amazing device that stores thousands of books that you can bring everywhere with you. It’s also really eco-friendly by saving so much paper. A Kindle is the perfect vegan stocking stuffer, especially if you load it up with books about vegan activism and nutrition.

Vegan Stocking Stuffers: Fashion and Accessories

These vegan stocking stuffers are beautiful and practical as well. They’re fashionable and functional accessories and clothing items that also are free of any animal products.

Versatile Scarf for Travel and Home

Versatile Scarf for Travel and Home

A travel scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can own, and these travel scarves by Waypoint are the best ones around. They’re perfect to wear at home and abroad, and they’re ideal gifts for women who travel.

Made out of lightweight bamboo and cotton, they’re super stylish and functional. There is a secret storage pocket where you can stash your important belongings, like your passport, keys, and cash.

Hand Knit Winter Hats and Scarves

Lost Mitten Knits

If your vegan buddy is going to any cold weather destinations, a warm hat and scarf are a must. Lost Mitten has 100% vegan hand knit hats, scarves, fingerless gloves and more. Plus, everything is 100% vegan and handmade by me! Yes, I love to knit, so of course I had to include my own handmade goodies in this vegan gift guide.

Friends Not Food Tote Bag

Friends Not Food Tote Bag

This is the perfect tote bag for someone who follows a vegan lifestyle and loves animals. It shows images of a cow, pig, goat and chicken and reads, “Friends Not Food”. Your vegan friend can use it as a grocery bag, a shopping bag or a shoulder bag in place of a purse.

It’s made from 100% cotton and it’s machine washable. Check out this Friends Not Food tote bag and there are also many more awesome vegan stocking stuffers available in this handmade shop.

Sea Glass Necklace

Sea glass necklace - Vegan stocking stuffers

Sea glass is glass from our lakes and oceans which has been tumbled and worn down by the sea and sand. These pieces of sea glass were collected by the artist from Scottish beaches. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry for that favourite vegan in your life, a sea glass necklace is perfect. The glass is a reused and recycled piece of art that’s eco-friendly and super pretty.

Christmas Hammock Pouch Underwear for Men

Christmas Hammock Pouch Underwear for Men

What’s more festive than a pair of festive underpants? Shinesty has literally got you covered with their unique hammock pouch underwear in a variety of hilarious Christmas patterns. Some of them are quite naughty – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Shinesty has a vast collection of Christmas clothing, and everything on their site is vegan. They’ve got Christmas suits, holiday dresses, Christmas sweaters, underwear for men and women, and so much more.

Vegan Stocking Stuffers for Travel

As this is a travel blog, I couldn’t resist including a few vegan travel items in this list of the top vegan stocking stuffers. These are amazing goodies that come in small packages, which make them perfect to wrap up in a Christmas stocking. For even more awesome vegan travel gifts, check out my vegan travel gift guide.

SleepPhones: Comfortable Headphones for Air Travel

SleepPhones: Comfortable Headphones for Air Travel

This is one of the best vegan gifts for travel lovers and one that I personally use every time I fly abroad. SleepPhones are the first headphones designed for comfort. The headphones are inside a cozy fleece headband, making them the perfect headphones for sleeping and resting. I wear them on a plane when I’m trying to sleep or simply relaxing.

Zero Waste Vegan Travel Kit

zero waste travel kit

A zero waste travel kit is a must for anyone who spends any amount of time abroad. This one is also 100% vegan! Included in the kit: bamboo cutlery, bamboo toothbrush and travel case, shampoo bar and travel tin, and a wooden comb.

You can choose from three different scents, too. This vegan travel kit is lightweight and perfect to throw into your carry-on bag. Plus, it creates so much less waste than typical travel-sized products. This is one of the best eco-friendly stocking fillers.

Tinggly Travel Gift Box

Tinggly Gift Boxes

Tinggly Gift Boxes offers amazing travel experiences from all over the world for that vegan traveller in your life. The vast majority of these experiences are vegan-friendly. It’s one of the best vegan stocking stuffers as you’re giving the gift of travel.

Why is this one of the best vegan gifts for travel? The recipient gets to choose their own adventure, no matter where they’re going in the world! Whenever they are ready to travel, they can choose from hundreds of experiences, tours and adventures worldwide.

We’ve used Tinggly gift boxes to travel in the past and we’ve gifted them as well. We chose to take a cocktail cruise in Amsterdam and a gondola ride in Venice.

Vegan Passport Cover and Luggage Tag

Vegan stocking stuffers

Passport covers and luggage tags are pretty essential for travel, yet it can be difficult to find ones that are free of animal products. This faux leather passport cover and luggage tag set comes in a variety of colors and designs. Not only are they vegan leather, but they’re super durable for any adventures. It’s one of the best vegan gifts for travellers.

Vegan Travel Journal

Vegan travel journal

This vegan travel journal is one of the best vegan stocking stuffers. It’s a beautiful, faux leather journal that’s really well made. If your friend is vegan and loves travel, it’s the best way to keep track of all of those travel memories. This vegan travel journal is also personalized, so you can add the recipient’s name to the bottom of it. It comes in 12 different colours, too!

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