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Travel Price Comparison Websites To Save Money: Booking the Cheapest Flight and More!

Travel Price Comparison Websites to Save Money

I’m pretty sure that we all want to travel more, and that’s where travel price comparison websites are helpful. I know I’m always itching to see more of the world. One of the main reasons that’s preventing us from traveling more often is a lack of funds. Travel is mostly perceived as expensive or a luxury in life, but it doesn’t have to be. However, there are many ways we can jet from place to place at a reduced cost. It doesn’t have to be expensive or a luxurious thing we can only afford once in a blue moon. By using travel price comparison websites, we can save money on travel expenses. There are ways to get cheap flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. All you have to do is your research.

With travel price comparison websites, it doesn’t take a lengthy amount of time to get awesome deals. You don’t need to spend weeks researching numerous websites to find the best prices. These sites collect the information all in one place to save you time and money. I’m truly grateful because without these websites, I know I wouldn’t be able to travel nearly as much. Here’s how I use the travel hack of price comparison websites to my advantage.

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How to Find Cheap Flights

One of the most expensive parts of a trip can be the flight. I live in the Greater Toronto Area, which can be a very expensive starting point for a trip. We don’t get the insanely cheap flight deals like you can find within Europe. I hear about these crazy deals in the USA from time to time that makes me wish that I could fly on the cheap. However, I’ve managed to score some pretty awesome deals by using travel price comparison websites when planning a holiday. I’ve even jumped on deals at the spur of the moment, like the one I found between Toronto and New Zealand (round trip with only one stopover for $800 CDN!). It’s even possible to find error fares where there’s a mistake in the pricing, and you reap all the rewards.

Needless to say, using these sites can make or break whether you travel or not sometimes. My favorite website for comparing flights is Skyscanner. Have you heard of Skyscanner before? It’s become quite popular and for excellent reason. Skyscanner provides numerous ways to scour the web for the best savings on flights and travel, across airlines and third party sites. It’s the best way to go about booking the cheapest flight.

 Travel Price Comparison Websites To Save You Money

Booking the Cheapest Flights

Have a specific flight and dates for your trip? Enter them into Skyscanner’s search bar. Are your dates flexible? You can search by month to see the cheapest days to fly. Multiple destinations? No problem! You can search for flights that bounce around from city to city.

Don’t have a particular destination in mind? Search for a flight going everywhere to find the cheapest places to visit. It’s such a versatile website and I’ve found some of the cheapest flights by looking them up on Skyscanner. You can also find a collection of Skyscanner’s daily flight deals by clicking here. Who knows, maybe their top travel deals of the day will inspire you to plan your next vacation!

 Travel Price Comparison Websites To Save You Money

Travel Price Comparison Websites: Hotels

Hotels are a big travel expense, too. Depending on the duration of your trip and the type of accommodation you seek, these overnight stays can quickly add up. That’s why I always look for my hotels on I can quickly search for the city or town I’m visiting and see the price of every hotel. Plus, I can book the hotel without any strings attached. If I need to cancel my stay, I can do so without any additional costs. I love the flexibility of

And it isn’t just for hotels! You can search for apartments, resorts, villas, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), and guesthouses. Don’t limit yourself to just staying at a hotel when there are so many other options available to you. We love staying in an apartment with a kitchen so we can cook our own food to save money. Once you find a fantastic hotel, be sure to compare it to the reviews on Tripadvisor to make sure you’re staying in a highly recommended accommodation.

 Travel Price Comparison Websites To Save You Money

Travel Insurance Comparisons

Ah, travel insurance. A necessary evil. Don’t leave home without your travel insurance because you never know what could happen overseas! I recently fractured my ankle on a trip. Even though I was out of province, I was still within Canada and could use my health insurance at the hospital. If I was in another country, I would have to pay out of pocket if I wasn’t insured. And trust me, you do not want to end up with unnecessary medical expenses when traveling abroad. It’s easy to compare plans for travel insurance. You can compare every travel insurance plan to the other to find the most affordable, comprehensive plan that’s suited exactly to your needs.

 Travel Price Comparison Websites To Save You Money

Finding the Cheapest Car Rental

Did you know that you can use travel price comparison websites for car rentals, too? Renting a car for epic road trips spanning a couple of weeks can cost thousands of dollars. Thankfully, you can search for car rentals on Skyscanner just as you would for flights. Type in your pick up location and choose from popular brands and companies for your car hire, such as Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and more. You can also try Discover Cars to search for a car rental. They compare prices for you to provide the cheapest and most reliable options.

If you aren’t planning to rent a car but need a lift to and from the airport, I suggest booking your airport taxi in advance for a better deal. There are over 500,000 different transfers available, so I am certain that you’ll be able to find your airport ride. It’s nice having everything planned out ahead of time. After an exhausting overnight flight, the last thing you want to do is figure out airport transportation services. I’ve also got an excellent road trip packing list here for you, too!

 Travel Price Comparison Websites To Save You Money

Save on RV Rentals

Thinking about renting a home on wheels rather than a car? You’ll save tons of money without having to pay for overnight stays. Plus, it’s more comfortable than camping and you’ll have a whole new adventure in an RV!

With these travel price comparison websites at your disposal, you can save money and travel more often with your savings.

Have you found any deals using any of these websites before?


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