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Surfing in Bermuda: Our Introduction to Surfing at a Beautiful Beach

Surfing in Bermuda

I have to admit that before traveling to Bermuda, I really didn’t know much about the island. I knew that it was a beautiful, tropical destination in the Atlantic Ocean. That was about it. Thankfully, I did some research ahead of time and discovered some interesting facts about Bermuda (and learned even more while we were there). Furthermore, I had no idea that you could go surfing in Bermuda until close to the trip. Justin tried surfing once before on a family trip to Hawaii, and I’d never set foot on a surf board in my life. There aren’t exactly any prime surfing spots near our home in the Toronto area!

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Traveling is a wonderful thing because it can make you step outside of your comfort zone and try new activities. A Bermuda surfing experience was a little outside of my comfort zone, I’m not going to lie. However, Bermuda is the perfect place for beginner and seasoned surfers alike. Thankfully, we had a fantastic teacher that made the surfing experience even more of a blast!

Surf Lessons with Isolated Surfboards

Views of the ocean at Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

The conditions for surfing were ideal on the day that we decided to try our hand at this water sport. It was quite windy and there were numerous waves rolling in to the shore. We met up with Cullen from Isolated Surfboards at Horseshoe Bay Beach for our lessons. Cullen has 20+ years of surfing experience and teaches people of all ages. He is incredibly patient and kind – the word “patient” being key as we were absolute beginners at the sport. Cullen even designs and customizes his own surfboards. We were thrilled to learn alongside this pro.

Surfing in Bermuda - Surfing lessons with Cullen of Isolated Surfboards

Our lessons started out of the water so we could become familiar with the surfboard itself. Cullen described what would happen in the water. Basically, he would do lots of the work for us. He’d search out the ideal waves while we were flat on our stomachs on the board. Then, he would tell us to start paddling. When we felt the wave pulling at the board, it was time to try to stand up and surf back towards the shore. Sounds easy, right?

Well, standing up is definitely harder than it looks. It takes plenty of agility to stand up on the board, and loads of balance to stay standing! However, we both had no expectations of ourselves other than having fun and trying our best, and we ended up having a total blast.

One Important Surfing Tip…

Surfing in Bermuda - Learning with Isolated Surfboards

Now, this next part is very important for the ladies. Remember this first if you must remember anything at all. Ladies, do not wear a bikini while surfing! No bikinis. Learn this lesson from me. I wore a two-piece bikini while trying to surf. The very first wave that hit me….WHAM! I nearly lost my top. I was fully exposed.

I’m really glad we visited on the brink of low season as there were hardly any people around. After adjusting my bikini top a couple of times and cursing myself for wearing such an impractical bathing suit, I politely asked Cullen if he had some sort of top that I could wear. Thankfully, he had a wet suit tank top that I was able to borrow that was just my size. Oh, thank goodness. Once I was more appropriately clothed, I think that my surfing improved just a bit.

Our Experiences Surfing in Bermuda

Bermuda surfing at Horseshoe Bay Beach

Justin and I took turns riding the surfboard and I am very proud that we were fairly successful on our first tries. I was actually really impressed with Justin’s ability to surf. He has snowboarded in the past so I think this gave him a slight advantage in the balancing department, though water is an entirely different beast than snow. Justin stood up on several occasions and rode the waves towards the shore.

Bermuda surfing at Horseshoe Bay Beach
Bermuda surfing at Horseshoe Bay Beach

I found it a bit more difficult, but I’m fairly persistent (and stubborn). No matter how many times I went flying into the water, I just kept trying. I drank plenty of salt water. My contact lenses were stinging in my eyes (please note that this is one reason that I decided to get Lasik eye surgery!). But, I had a smile permanently on my face.

Horseshoe Bay Beach was absolutely gorgeous, and how could I not be smiling while swimming in those beautiful turquoise waters? It was also satisfying to try something new that was outside of my comfort zone. On my best attempt, I was only able to stand up straight for a fraction of a second before leaping off the board. But, I still did it!

Bermuda surfing at Horseshoe Bay Beach

At the end of our surfing excursion, Cullen showed us a spot along the beach where we could hike up on some rocks for incredible views of the ocean. We walked along huge boulders for breathtaking sights of the beach and the cove.

Horseshoe Bay Beach - The Cove
Horseshoe Bay Beach - Up on the rocks

Where to Go Surfing in Bermuda

While Bermuda might not be the #1 place to go surfing in the world if you’re a professional surfer, it’s fantastic for those looking to have a great day out on the water. Bermuda is an amazing place for first timers and beginners, like ourselves. Plus, anyone who loves surfing will surely have an amazing day in the ocean.

There are several places to go surfing in Bermuda, including many of the picturesque Bermuda beaches. We went surfing at one of the most famous beaches, Horseshoe Bay Beach. You can also catch a wave at Hungry Bay, Grape Bay, Southlands, Tucks (Tucker’s Town), and Castle Island.

Bermuda Surf Report

According to the website, Magic Seaweed, there are five great spots for surfing in Bermuda: Grape Bay, Hamilton, Hungry Bay, Southlands, and Tucks. You’ll be able to find the Bermuda surf report for each location on their website, including the size of the swells, the timings for high tide and low tide, and surf forecasts.

I highly recommend adding an afternoon of surfing to your Bermuda travel plans. We have a fantastic Bermuda travel itinerary to help you plan your adventure to the island.

Looking for more places to go surfing? We had such a fun time surfing in Bermuda that we had to give it another shot when we traveled to New Zealand. Check out our surfing adventures at Muriwai Beach near Auckland, New Zealand.

Where to Stay in Bermuda

Hamilton Princess and Beach Club in Hamilton Bermuda - Best place to stay in Bermuda

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One of the best places to stay in Bermuda is the five star Hamilton Princess and Beach Club in Hamilton, Bermuda. Our stay here was impeccable: the staff go above and beyond, there are amazing restaurants, and the infinity pool is so dreamy. Every suite has a balcony showcasing beautiful views. The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club is close to the town of Hamilton, meaning that you can easily walk right downtown to Front Street. It’s easy to take public transportation all over the island from the hotel, too.

Book Your Stay | Read Our Review | Read More Reviews by Travelers

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Have you ever tried surfing in Bermuda or anywhere else in the world?

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Sara Sets Sail

Monday 9th of March 2015

Great post. It's so funny about Bermuda, because everyone assumes it is so warm and in the Caribbean with lazy beaches but of course it is more in the Atlantic as I you have shown, you can surf there! Was it cold? I have only tried surfing in Portugal and that was a little too hectic for me, so maybe Bermuda would be a good place to try it again.

Mary {The World Is A Book}

Saturday 13th of December 2014

This looks like such a wonderful experience for both of you. Even though I live in Southern California, I have never tried surfing only because I'm so uncoordinated. Glad to see you had a great time!


Thursday 11th of December 2014

Nice job! We've only tried surfing once, and the conditions were pretty bad so it was really hard! I kinda halfway got up, but I think I need to try taking an actual lesson sometime. Looks like it was a lot of fun!!

The Guy

Tuesday 9th of December 2014

I've never tried surfing, it looks like a lot of hard work to get the basics. I dare say it is good fun though and in Bermuda I guess the water is warmer?

Good tip about the bikini as well, another good reason why surfers have wet suits.

Maria from Nerd Nomads

Tuesday 9th of December 2014

Wow, looks like great fun! Congrats on being surfers!! Didn`t know it was possible to surf on Bermuda. Looks like a great place for beginners with small waves. We learned how to surf on Bali. Love it! But it`s quite exhausting and a good work out.

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