Here’s Why Bermuda Fun Golf is the Best Mini Golf in the World

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Bermuda Fun Golf

“You’re going down.” I met my competitor’s gaze and stared intently into his eyes. My fierce expression of determination would surely intimidate any opponent. There was no material gain or prize on the line. It was all for the triumph of succeeding, the glory of winning, and the honor of being declared the champion. Losing was not an option. After carefully studying my surroundings, I was adamant that I would be victorious at a round of miniature golf at Bermuda Fun Golf.

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Alright, so maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic. But, Bermuda Fun Golf isn’t any typical mini golf course. After all, it’s the best mini golf in the world, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. You won’t see any windmills here. While you still play with putters, each of the eighteen holes is modeled after a famous one from either Bermuda, the United States, or Scotland. You will see small scale versions of holes from Pebble Beach, Augusta, Glen Eagles, and St. Andrews. Watch out, as you’ll be faced with sand traps, hazards, and ponds on your journey.

Awesome Mini Golf Modeled After Famous Courses

Putt putt course in Bermuda

You’ll find Bermuda Fun Golf right on the waterfront at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish. It only makes sense that the best mini golf course in the world comes with an epic view of the ocean. You can also catch a glimpse of the fortification walls that overlook the sea.

Bermuda Fun Golf - Mini Golf in Bermuda
Bermuda Fun Golf - Mini Golf in Bermuda

Bermuda Fun Golf was designed by Hogan Lindgren who designed similar golf courses in Denmark and Sweden. While these may be the best mini golf courses in the world, Lindgren thinks that this one in Bermuda is the top one yet. It was two years in the making, and the final result was worth the wait. Lindgren based this putt putt course on the holes from real golf courses around the world: six from Bermuda, six from the USA, and six from Scotland.

Holes at Bermuda Fun Golf

Around the world mini golf

For all of you die-hard golf nerds out there, here is a list of the miniature versions of the famous holes that are featured at Bermuda Fun Golf.

Bermuda Golf Holes

  • Hole 01 – Mid Ocean #5
  • Hole 02 – Belmont GC #18
  • Hole 03 – Port Royal #16
  • Hole 04 – Ocean View #1
  • Hole 05 – Riddles Bay #8
  • Hole 06 – Tuckers Point #9
Mini golf course based off famous golf courses

United States Golf Holes

  • Hole 07 – Sawgrass #17
  • Hole 08 – Riviera Golf Club #6
  • Hole 09 – Pebbles Beach #9
  • Hole 10 – Oakmont #3
  • Hole 11 – Pine Valley #13
  • Hole 12 – Augusta National #12
Mini golf course based off famous golf courses in Bermuda, USA, Scotland

Scotland Golf Holes

  • Hole 13 – Glen Eagles Kings Course #13
  • Hole 14 – Royal Troon #8 (the “Postage Stamp”)
  • Hole 15 – Royal Aberdeen #8 (the “Ridge”)
  • Hole 16 – Muirfield #13
  • Hole 17 – Turnberry #9 (“Bruce Castle”)
  • Hole 18 – St. Andrews Old Course #17

Our Experiences at the Best Mini Golf in the World

Best Mini Golf in the World

This fun mini golf course was unlike any that we’ve played before. It’s more difficult than it looks! While the bunkers weren’t actually filled with sand, these spots differed from the regular astro turf on the green. When your golf ball ended up in one of these hazards, it was tougher to hit it out of there.

Bermuda Fun Golf - Best mini golf courses
Bermuda Fun Golf - Best mini golf courses

I also had the tendency to hit the golf ball too hard, which sent it flying into the rough. Some of the holes had more difficult bunkers where you would be forced to hit the ball backwards in order to get it back on the green. While it was definitely challenging, I did manage to get a hole-in-one at one point during the game.

After we played through all 18 holes, we tallied up the scores. Though I was playing really well in the first half, Justin gained momentum later in the game as my golf ball seemed to keep landing in those nasty sand traps. He ended up winning, but only by three. It was a really good game and the attraction surely lived up to its name – we had tons of fun!

Plan Your Visit

Bermuda Fun Golf - Best mini golf in the world

Bermuda Fun Golf opens daily between April and the middle of November. During the off season (between mid-November to April), it’s open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can easily reach Bermuda Fun Golf via scooter or public transportation. Definitely make some time to enjoy a round of around the world mini golf when you’re in Bermuda. It’s the perfect addition to any Bermuda itinerary whether you’re traveling as part of a couple or with your friends and family.

Be sure to enjoy a beverage or two at the Caddy Shack bar while you’re there. Take your drinks up to the outdoor patio for a panoramic view of the golf course and the ocean. This is a great spot for watching the sunset!

Looking for more details about planning your Bermuda getaway? Take a look at the best beaches in Bermuda, how to go surfing in Bermuda, an epic eco tour, and facts about Bermuda to know before you travel there.

Where to Stay in Bermuda

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  1. Dennis L. Ward
    | Reply

    Mini golf is really fun, I setup a mini golf court in my home it costs me around $1000 but I’m happy that I can pass my free time by playing golf in my home. My wife also love to play with me she isn’t professional golf player but to pass my time she is great.

    Thanks for your post.

  2. Jennifer
    | Reply

    You captured some great shots! The view is absolutely amazing! I honestly hate those pesky bumpers lol! The course already looks difficult even if they weren’t there. I’d love to try it out for myself.

  3. Achal Ghai
    | Reply

    Woww… really a nice place to play a Golf. But Here i can also Suggest one more place to Visit and play Golf. that is Emirates Golf Club. Emirates Golf Club is the first grass course in the region and there is an 18 hole Golf course in Dubai. The Emirates Golf Club remains at the forefront of golfing development in Dubai. they are also Providing teaching Facilities.

  4. michael
    | Reply

    with this golf course int his post “Bermuda Fun Golf – The Best Mini Golf in the World” maybe this is the most beautiful golf course I knew. In the near future I will come to here :)

  5. Jamie
    | Reply

    Wow, I had no idea this mini-golf existed in Bermuda. My wife and I stayed at the Fairmont Southampton about 5 years ago and enjoyed playing their executive course. I wish we had known about this mini golf though as we always enjoy going to Myrtle Beach SC and playing all of those mini-golf courses. This one looks incredible. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Bob
    | Reply

    There is a course very much like this – minus the beautiful ocean views – at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

  7. Jenna
    | Reply

    I love mini golf! This looks like a really cool course and a really pretty setting, but I have a soft spot for obstacles, lol :) Sounds like a great day!

  8. Mary {The World Is A Book}
    | Reply

    That is a very impressive mini golf course and I can see why it’s considered the best just for the views alone. I know nothing about gold but I know my husband would enjoy this. We were in Bermuda a few years ago and missed this one. Beautiful photos!

  9. Chris Boothman
    | Reply

    Ah I always love reading about other travelers experiences with my ultimate passion – golf! Of course, I love to play the ‘real’ courses but mini golf is always a blast and Heather and I generally have pretty good competition. This looks like an AWESOME course and I love how the holes are replicas of the real holes in the world of golf.

  10. Sammi Wanderlustin'
    | Reply

    Ha! This looks like a lot of fun! My Dad and brother would love this, they’re both golf aficionado’s. Such a shame you came second ;)

  11. Sarah Ebner
    | Reply

    I would absolutely love to try this. What a brilliant find – and great pics. So want to go now!!

  12. Tamara Gruber
    | Reply

    Mini golf is one of the few sports I’m good at (can you call it a sport?) I’d love to play on such a beautiful course. What a view!

  13. Tam Gamble
    | Reply

    There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition or wanting to win – I think I would be exactly the same. Although seeing the course I don’t think I would be in with any chance of winning especially as it looks far more complicated than any I have attempted before. I think I would probably be better off watching from afar, enjoying the views from the Caddy Shack!

  14. Megan Claire
    | Reply

    Love the photos! Looks like a super fun day! I love mini golf – my husband is a pro golfer and min golf is the only sport I can beat him at!!! Congrats on the hole in one – that’s awesome!

  15. Anna
    | Reply

    Wow! What a mini golf course, and more importantly – what a view!! I like that this mini golf course doesn’t have the cheesy kiddie windmills and stuff. It really is like a mini version of real world-famous courses. Now, that’s golfing I can get behind. And congrats on the hole-in-one!

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