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Fun and Exciting Surf Lessons in Auckland with Muriwai Surf School

Fun and Exciting Surf Lessons in Auckland with Muriwai Surf School

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Surf lessons in Auckland was the perfect end to our New Zealand trip.

The weather in Auckland was unpredictable when we visited in the springtime. It was sunny one moment and pouring rain the next. While driving from Auckland to Muriwai Beach, the sun managed to peak out from behind the clouds a couple of times, as if teasing us. Once we changed into our wet suits and headed down to the beach, the foreboding clouds overtook the sunshine, ushering in the rain.

While the conditions were less than ideal, that means that it’s more of an adventure, right? Justin and I had gone surfing in Bermuda once before, but that was several years ago. We really had no idea what we were doing. Thankfully, we had plenty of guidance and assistance at Muriwai Surf School.

Learning how to surf at Muriwai Surf School near Auckland, New Zealand

Introduction to Surfing

Justin and I were greeted right away by our instructor, Dylan. Muriwai Surf School is a family owned and operated business, and Dylan has surfed his entire life. We knew we were in good hands!

Our surf lessons in Auckland started with learning the appropriate techniques on dry land. After putting on our wet suits, we had a practice run on solid ground before heading down to the water. Dylan showed us how to properly stand up on our surfboards, mimicking the motions on the grass first. Then, we took our knowledge down to the beach and attempted to ride the waves. Muriwai Surf School provides you with all of the equipment to go surfing. Just bring your bathing suit and they’ll provide the surfboard and wet suit, if required.

Muriwai Beach - Where to go surfing in Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand Surfing Video

Here’s a short video of our surfing adventures at Muriwai Beach. As you can see, we had our fair share of falling off the board and tumbling into the waves. But, you’ll see that we did manage to stand up a few times on the surfboards. Justin was a little more talented when it comes to surfing than me! We both had an absolute blast, giving it our all with every opportunity to rise up on our boards. Check out our video for the full experience!


Surf Lessons in Auckland

Muriwai Beach is the closest beach for surfing to Auckland; it’s about a 30 minute drive from the city center. Our introductory surf lessons in Auckland lasted a little over two hours in total.

Dylan led us down to Muriwai Beach and chose an acceptable spot to surf where the waves weren’t too intense. With that said, the conditions were a little bit unsettled and choppy, which made for some pretty epic waves. There were more than a couple of times that I managed to drink some salty ocean water, and I was a little concerned that I was going to lose my contact lenses. It’s all part of the experience!

Surfing in Auckland at Muriwai Beach with Muriwai Surf School

Surfing at Muriwai Beach

On this cloudy and rainy day, the beach was angrier than usual. The water were challenging to walk through and the tide often pushed me back to where I started. The surfboard almost flew out of my hands a couple of times as I tried to position myself closer to the waves. Thankfully, Dylan was a fantastic instructor, pulling me along on my surfboard on several occasions, making it easier to catch the waves.

Even though the wind picked up and the rain was coming down, we barely noticed. We were so completely focused on the task at hand. Plus, the wet suits kept us dry and warm, so the weather was barely a factor.

Surfing in New Zealand at Muriwai Beach

At the beginning, Justin and I were both punished by the waves. I realized that I was either trying to stand up far too early or much too late. When we both got the timing right, surfing became easier. The two of us both stood up and surfed towards the shore more than once, though Justin was rocking it. He stood up on the surfboard several times, and he was loving every moment. 

Fun and Exciting Surf Lessons in Auckland with Muriwai Surf School

Justin and Lauren, with our new friend from the USA and Dylan, our teacher

The Verdict

By the end of the day, we were thoroughly exhausted, but had huge smiles plastered on our faces. Going surfing in New Zealand is a bucket list activity that you need to try, especially if you love outdoor adventures like we do. Justin and I were already planning our next surfing trip on the car ride back to our hotel in Auckland. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be in New Zealand this time around as we were flying back to Toronto the next day. I imagine we’ll be back on the surfboards once again as soon as possible.

We highly recommend Muriwai Surf School for your surf lessons in Auckland, especially if you’re a first timer or new to surfing like us. Dylan was an extremely patient teacher, and we had such a fun time splashing around in the sea.

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We partnered with 100% Pure New Zealand and Muriwai Surf School to receive a discount on our surfing lessons. We’re always completely honest with our reviews and we highly recommend planning your surfing trip with Muriwai Surf School!


Fun and Exciting Surf Lessons in Auckland with Muriwai Surf School - Surfing in Auckland, New Zealand at Muriwai Beach

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Have you ever gone surfing and where? Tell me your surfing stories!

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Sunday 13th of January 2019

This just looks like alot of fun, even with the wipeouts! Loved the video!


Tuesday 15th of January 2019

Thanks so much! It was a ton of fun (even with the wipeouts)!

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