Where to Stay in Bermuda: Living in Luxury at the Pink Palace, Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Where to stay in Bermuda: The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Choosing the perfect hotel when you travel is very important. It’s more than where you rest your head at night. Picking the proper Bermuda accommodation makes your hotel part of the dream holiday, especially when there are fabulous restaurants and pools attached to the stay. If you’re looking for where to stay in Bermuda, we recommend the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, managed by Fairmont Hotels.

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Known around the island simply as “The Princess” or “The Pink Palace”, it is one of the most famous and oldest hotels. In fact, it is the oldest hotel in the Fairmont family, originally opening in 1885 (here are some more facts about Bermuda that I bet you don’t know!). It is also one of the largest hotels in Bermuda, with 410 guest rooms. This pink palace overlooks the Hamilton Harbor in Pembroke Parish. Justin and I stayed for three nights at one of the best places to stay in Bermuda, the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Allow us to take you on a journey inside Bermuda’s only luxury urban resort.

Best Area to Stay in Bermuda

Front Street Bermuda

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is centrally located in the city of Hamilton, Pembroke Parish. This is the best area to stay in Bermuda for ease of access to everything on the island. It’s only a five minute walk to reach downtown Hamilton to all of the shops and restaurants on Front Street.

Taking the bus in Bermuda - public transportation in Bermuda

It’s also a short walk to the main ferry terminal and bus station in Hamilton. There’s also a scooter rental company right next door to the hotel. We could easily walk to the main ferry terminal and the bus station in Hamilton. There was a place to rent scooters right next door to the hotel as well. Take your pick: rent scooters or take public transportation to get everywhere in Bermuda.

The ferry between the Hamilton Princess and Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda

Furthermore, The Princess offers a free ferry service between this property and the other Fairmont hotel on the island, the Fairmont Southampton Princess. This hotel really feels like it is close to everything. And as for the places that are farther away (like the pink sand beaches), they are easily accessible by either the ferry or the bus. Public transportation in Bermuda is very easy to navigate, so no worries there! When looking for where to stay in Bermuda, location is a very important factor. So, the Hamilton Princess is one of the best places to stay in Bermuda for this reason.

Bermuda Lodging with Spacious Rooms

Where to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Justin and I stayed in a newly renovated One Bedroom Suite overlooking the infinity pool and the harbor. Yes, there’s an infinity pool! I was pretty stoked to discover that. The suite is both gorgeous and comfortable. It’s decorated with plenty of Bermuda-themed artwork, and the walls are a soothing shade of ocean blue. After walking through a small hallway with a huge front closet, there’s a living space with a sectional couch, a flatscreen TV, and a very large desk. Wi-Fi is available for free for Fairmont President’s Club members, so makes sure that you sign up for the loyalty program.

Hamilton Princess: Living Space in the Suite

Best Place to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

The living room is separated by a set of doors that leads into the bedroom. The king-sized bed is very comfortable and left us feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning. There’s another flatscreen TV in the bedroom, though we never tend to watch television while we’re on holidays.

Bermuda Accommodation: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

I also loved the huge amount of storage space in the room. There are two side tables with drawers, a large dresser with three drawers, the closet in the hallway, and additional other spaces. You will easily be able to store all of your belongings and keep everything organized. We always returned to an immaculate room, plus the hotel staff offers turn down service in the evening.

Best Area to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton and Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

This suite has just about everything you could possibly need. There is a Keurig coffee maker with coffee pods and tea pouches, and two small fridges (one being a fully-stocked mini fridge). When I’m looking for where to stay in Bermuda, a good coffee maker is pretty high on my list, and I’m happy to report that you can get good hotel room coffee here.

Hamilton Princess: Bathroom in the Suite

In this Bermuda accommodation, the bathroom is incredibly spacious. There is a bathtub and a shower. It is very well lit with a huge mirror, and there’s a large counter top and shelves for all of your belongings. You don’t need to worry about bringing your own toiletries from home either. These ones smell great!

Bermuda Lodging: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

The Balcony of the Hamilton Princess One Bedroom Suite

When you’re looking for where to stay in Bermuda on a tropical getaway, it’s great to book a hotel that has special features. Now, we absolutely loved this feature of the room. Both the bedroom and the living room have massive floor to ceiling windows that double as sliding patio doors.

Best Hotel in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club
Where to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club
Where to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

While the bedroom patio door could be slid open to admire the view outside and let a fresh breeze inside, the living room doors lead to a large outdoor balcony. There’s a table with chairs and a lounger to relax and soak up the view. And what a view! The balcony overlooks the infinity pool, the Hamilton Harbour, and the 1609 Restaurant where we dined on our first night in Bermuda. It also provided a view of “Bermudiful” sunsets.

Where to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club - Sunsets
Where to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club - Sunsets

Please note that we visited Bermuda only a couple of days after they had a disastrous hurricane tear through the island. This is why the palm trees don’t look quite as lush as they usually do. Years later, I’m sure this hotel property looks even prettier! Thankfully, the hotel was completely spared in the hurricane, except for a few palm leaves here and there.

Best Place to Stay in Bermuda for the Amenities

Being a hotel on a tropical island, we were hoping that the Princess had a great swimming pool. The infinity pool was everything that we had hoped for. There are loungers out in the middle of the pool where you can relax, read a good book, or get lost in the views of the harbor. There’s also a hot tub beside the pool, which is a great spot to unwind and soak. When deciding where to stay in Bermuda, booking a fabulous hotel pool is key. You will love the infinity pool at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

Best Place to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club - Infinity Pool

There are several small shops inside the hotel, as well as a coffee shop that unfortunately closed at 2:00pm so I didn’t get to try it out. The hotel has two restaurants on the property: 1609 Restaurant and Marcus (by chef Marcus Samuelson). Learn more at our Vegan Guide to Bermuda, so you can see the food we ate. The hotel was incredibly receptive to our vegan dietary requests, and we were very happy with the meals that were prepared for us.

Where to Stay in Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Best Hotel in Bermuda: The Staff

We were delighted with the staff members from the moment that we arrived as they made us feel right at home. Each day, we were greeted with a smile and plenty of friendly conversations. Everyone went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and fulfilling.

Our VIP Concierge, David, arranged absolutely everything for us, from tours to transportation, with our plans changing from moment to moment at times. Yelena, the Marketing & Communication Manager was helpful and knowledgeable as someone who has lived in Bermuda all of her life. We were treated like royalty and we thoroughly appreciate that.

After spending four days in Bermuda, we were contemplating how we could move there permanently. While we wouldn’t be able to live at the hotel forever, that would be the dream, wouldn’t it? The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club is beautiful Bermuda lodging and was part of the reason why we instantly fell in love with Bermuda. From top notch service to spacious rooms and public areas, it tops my list of where to stay in Bermuda. We feel that it’s the best place to stay in Bermuda, and we’d love to stay at this Bermuda accommodation again in the future.

Check out hotel prices and book your stay at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club. Be sure to read more reviews of the hotel by fellow travelers.

Have you ever traveled to Bermuda?

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    Looks like a wonderful place to stay! Take me with you next time :P

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    Looks very nice! I had the luxury of staying at the Fairmont in Vancouver last spring and it was pure bliss, much different than camping!

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    Wow this really does look like Paradise – what a view!!

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    That looks really amazing! I’d love to spend few days there and just relax – it seems to be a perfect place for that!

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    Aaah, this looks absolutely lush! BTW… I never got the whole ‘scales in hotel bathrooms’. I don’t want to think about my weight ever, let alone whilst on the road ;-)

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    I’m a big fan of Fairmont hotels having stayed in a few over the past few years. This one looks just as good as the others I have stayed in. I especially love the look of that shower (I have a crap shower as home so I love trying out new showers) and the view.

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    What a great suite,very spacious and you can’t beat the location. The infinity pool looks very inviting too.

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    Looks like paradise indeed! Awesome photos and great review!


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