How to Spend a Long Weekend in Bermuda: 4 Days in Bermuda Itinerary

Bermuda Itinerary

Justin and I spent four wonderful days on the gorgeous island of Bermuda. To say that we fell in love with Bermuda is an understatement. From the sights to the people to the food, we had an incredible getaway. For those in the eastern parts of Canada and the USA, definitely put a weekend in Bermuda on your vacation radar. Located east of the South Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a quick flight, especially for those living in Toronto or New York City. A weekend in Bermuda will give you a great taste for the country, but extending your stay to 3 or 4 days is ideal.

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Weekend in Bermuda: Our 4 day itinerary for Bermuda

Here’s our Bermuda 4 day itinerary, which you can condense into 2 or 3 days by choosing the highlights that interest you most. Justin and I visited Bermuda in October, although you can use this itinerary for many months throughout the year. April through October is the best time of year to visit Bermuda. Once you reach the winter months, it does tend to get a little cooler there. However, this can mean less crowds and cheaper prices. I thought that Bermuda in October was a great mix of both: the weather wasn’t as hot as in the summer, but there were less crowds and we could still enjoy the beach.

Bermuda Itinerary Day 1: Arriving and Exploring

We flew in to Bermuda with Air Canada from Toronto Pearson Airport. From there, we took an airport taxi to our hotel, the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Justin and I were pretty tired from waking up so early for the flight. We primarily spent this first day relaxing by the pool and exploring our immediate surroundings. Plus, we ate food. Eating is important!

Where to Stay: Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Where to Stay: Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Bermuda

One of the best places to stay in Bermuda is the luxurious Hamilton Princess and Beach Club in Hamilton, Bermuda. It’s formerly known as the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, though it’s still currently managed by Fairmont Hotels. We absolutely adored staying at this five star property. The staff go above and beyond, there are fantastic restaurants on site, and the infinity pool is simply fabulous. Every suite has a beautiful balcony with spectacular views.

If hotel location is important to you, consider staying at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club. It’s located along the Hamilton Harbor, meaning that you can easily walk into the downtown area of Hamilton with many shops and restaurants. You can also easily take public transportation from Hamilton all over the island.

Book your stay at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club with free cancellation and no prepayment necessary. Check out more reviews by fellow travelers who have experienced this hotel.

Stop for Lunch at Cafe Eden at ABC Natural Foods

Cafe Eden at ABC Natural Foods - Vegan in Bermuda

Cafe Eden is a smoothie bar and cafe nestled inside a small health food store called ABC Natural Foods. They serve breakfast and lunch, and conveniently update their menu daily on their Facebook page. We ate veggie burgers and tasted some of the most delicious tropical fruit smoothies.

It is an all-vegetarian cafe so if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or love healthy foods, this is the place for you. ABC Natural Foods has lots of prepared vegan meals and snacks, ideal for residents and visitors alike. If your accommodation has a kitchenette or cooking space, stock up on delicious ingredients and meals from ABC Natural Foods. You can discover all of the vegan and vegetarian options in Bermuda at our Vegan Guide to Bermuda.

What to See in Bermuda: Front Street in Hamilton

What to see in Bermuda - Front Street in Hamilton

After settling in to your hotel, venture out to explore the city of Hamilton, Bermuda. Front Street is the place to be. It’s the main road in Hamilton that runs right along the harbor. There are many brightly colored buildings, boutiques, and restaurants on Front Street. A weekend in Bermuda would not be complete if you didn’t spend at least a small amount of time wandering around Front Street and Hamilton, by day or night. Check out more details and photos of Front Street here.

Dinner at 1609 Restaurant and Bar

1609 Restaurant and Bar in Bermuda - What to eat in Bermuda

The 1609 Restaurant is right on site at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Hotel. It’s a convenient and delicious choice for anyone staying at the hotel. Of course, visitors from outside the hotel are welcome to dine there, too. Smart casual attire is recommended, and I also suggest that you call the hotel for dining reservations.

Back when we visited, it was easy to enjoy a yummy vegan meal that was specially prepared for us by the chef. Back in 2014, we had to mostly request vegan meals, which was absolutely no problem. The chef can cater to any dietary restrictions. However, upon viewing their current menu, there are several vegetarian and vegan offerings. There are vegan tacos, Beyond Burgers, and even a Beyond Meat kebab.

It’s refreshing to see that half of the menu is vegan or vegetarian. 1609 ranks as one of the top hotel restaurants in Bermuda by Fodor’s Travel. Definitely dine at 1609 Restaurant if you have the opportunity during your weekend in Bermuda.

Weekend in Bermuda Day 2: Island Eco-Tour

Weekend in Bermuda - Island eco-tour exploring caves, beaches, and more

We embarked on a full day tour of Bermuda with Ashley of Hidden Gems Bermuda. It’s an island tour exploring the lesser known gems of the country, and we can’t say enough good things about our experience. Ashley has lived in Bermuda for her entire life and knows all of the best spots. She took us around to places we wouldn’t have known about on our own.

It’s an all-inclusive, fully interactive, island eco-tour that’s kind to the environment and supports local businesses. Some of the places we visited:  Tom Moore’s Jungle, the Blue Lagoon, Subway Cave, Walsingham Cave, the Black Horse Tavern for lunch, St. David’s Lighthouse, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, Long Beach, and Admiralty House Park.

3 days in Bermuda - Admiralty House Park for cliff jumping and caves

If you don’t want to invest an entire day in a tour and you’re looking for other things to do in Bermuda, here are some great tour ideas for you that are a few hours in length:

Dinner at Marcus (Hamilton Princess & Beach Club)

When we dined at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, we went to Intermission Restaurant inside the hotel. Nowadays, Marcus is open (by world class chef, Marcus Samuelsson) so we recommend that you dine there. While the menu is always changing, the vegan options on the menu include a BBQ Butternut Squash Bowl, the Beyond Burger, and a few salad options.

Bermuda Itinerary Day 3: Take a Beach Day

Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda - Best beaches in Bermuda - pink sand beaches

You can’t visit a place like Bermuda without enjoying the beaches. While in Bermuda, we tried a brand new sport for us…surfing! We had so much fun surfing in Bermuda, that we’ve since tried it in a few other countries around the world, too. If surfing isn’t your thing, you can try stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, or snorkeling. There are so many water activities to try in Bermuda. There’s always the option of simply relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Visit one of the numerous beaches in Bermuda.

Lunch at the Jasmine Lounge (Fairmont Southampton)

Jasmine Lounge at Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda

We enjoyed a light lunch at the Jasmine Lounge inside the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. From the Hamilton Princess, we took a complimentary ferry ride across to the Fairmont Southampton right near Horseshoe Bay Beach. Then after lunch, we took a complimentary shuttle from the hotel to the beach. The restaurants at the Fairmont hotels are some of the best places to eat in Bermuda for fine dining.

Surfing with Isolated Surfboards at Horseshoe Bay Beach

 Surfing with Isolated Surfboards at Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

Justin and I had a total blast going surfing in Bermuda. Our instructor was with the local company, Isolated Surfboards. We met up at Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches that I’ve ever seen. It was the perfect place to try surfing for the first time as there were varying sizes of waves crashing to shore. If you’re looking for a different water sport to try during your weekend in Bermuda, give surfing a shot. Though I did plenty of falling on my face, it was a lot of fun to try a new sport. Justin ended up being quite good at it!

Snacks at the Frog & Onion Pub (Royal Naval Dockyard)

We worked up quite the appetite after surfing and had lunch at the Frog & Onion Pub after a taxi ride to the Royal Naval Dockyard. The veggie burgers, fries, and onion rings really hit the spot. Take a stroll around the Royal Naval Dockyard while you’re there, too.

Bermuda Fun Golf

Bermuda Fun Golf - Mini Golf - Weekend in Bermuda

Our main reason for visiting the Royal Naval Dockyard area was to play mini putt at Bermuda Fun Golf. It’s one of the greatest mini golf courses we’d ever experienced. The holes were modeled after professional golf course holes. It takes the idea of mini putt to the next level. If you’re into fun and games (who isn’t?), be sure to add Bermuda Fun Golf to your Bermuda itinerary plans.

Dinner at The Terrace on Front Street

When we visited Bermuda, we dined at Red Steakhouse and Bar. It was quite funny that two vegans ended up dining at a steakhouse, but the chef prepared such delicious meals for us. As it turns out, Red Steakhouse no longer exists and the owner has transformed the establishment into a spot called The Terrace.

I checked out their menu and they’ve got a few vegan offerings: Jay’s Curry (veggies and chickpeas with a coconut curry sauce), vegetable risotto, beet salad, garden salad, and pizza. The vegan items are clearly marked on the menu.

Bermuda Weekend Trip Day 4: Crystal Caves, Scooters, and More

Public transportation in Bermuda - Weekend in Bermuda

Alright, so you might decide to spend 3 days in Bermuda, but I hope you’re able to extend your stay to a fourth day. We ended up leaving on the fourth day, but our flight was later at night. That way, we were able to explore the island for one more day before traveling back home. Whether you’re using this blog post to plan your Bermuda 3 day itinerary, a long weekend in Bermuda, or four full days of fun, I’m sure you can take advantage of these following activities, too.

If it isn’t windy or raining outside and you’re comfortable with riding a scooter, I highly recommend that you rent one and ride it around the island. Tourists aren’t able to rent cars, but you can easily get around with a scooter and a map. If you aren’t comfortable with renting one and don’t want to spend a small fortune on taxis, there are many public transportation options in Bermuda that are easy to use.

Crystal Caves

Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave in Bermuda - What to see in Bermuda

It’s possible to reach the Crystal Caves easily by public bus. The public transportation system in Bermuda is excellent. You can also travel there by scooter, if you wish. At Crystal Caves, there are actually two caves at this site: the Crystal Cave and the Fantasy Cave. It’s possible to buy tickets to either caves right on site when you arrive without any reservations. However, if you like to plan in advance, you can book a tour to Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave that comes with transportation (a great option of if you’re visiting Bermuda from a cruise ship).

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit both caves, but you should check them both out if you get the chance. It’s one of the best Bermuda attractions and it’s one of the best caves I’ve ever seen. Definitely check out Crystal Caves if you love taking a peek underground to witness magical scenery.

Renting Scooters in Bermuda

Renting Scooters in Bermuda - 3 days in Bermuda Itinerary

There are many scooter rental places in Bermuda. We used the one located right next to our hotel – Smatts Cycle Livery. You can rent them by the day. We only used ours for a couple of hours, but we could see how this was the best option for exploring Bermuda on our own. Even though we only rode around on scooters for a short while, it was a highlight from our Bermuda itinerary.

Bermuda Travel Map: Where to Eat, Play, Sleep

Here’s a visual representation of everywhere we visited in Bermuda. On this Bermuda travel map, you’ll find where we stayed, ate, and the Bermuda attractions we checked out.

Whether you’re spending a weekend in Bermuda, a longer weekend or 3 days in Bermuda, 4 days or a week (or even longer!), there are so many things to do in Bermuda. It’s such a gorgeous little island and we completely fell in love with it. I’m sure you will, too! Please let us know if you visit Bermuda and what you loved the most.

Have you taken your Bermuda weekend trip yet?

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