Why I Fell in Love with Bermuda

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I always figured you were like all of the other tropical islands. The idea of Bermuda conjures up those stereotypical glossy photos in magazines. Palm trees, powdery sand beaches, turquoise waters. Promises of a relaxing vacation in the sunshine where you can leave all of your troubles behind. Bermuda is a favorite across Pinterest boards, boasting its pink sand beaches … Read More

Video – Our Adventures in Bermuda

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We visited Bermuda as semi-finalists of Fairmont Hotel’s #MyDestinationStory contest. When we arrived, we were provided with a GoPro camera and were treated to many different adventures while we were there. Justin and I brought the camera everywhere with us, capturing many amazing moments. After spending a spectacular four days in Bermuda, we returned home and edited our video together … Read More

Bermuda 4 Day Itinerary

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Justin and I spent four wonderful days on the gorgeous island of Bermuda. To say that we fell in love with Bermuda is an understatement. From the sights to the people to the food, we had an incredible getaway. For those in the eastern parts of Canada and the USA, Bermuda should definitely be on your radar for a vacation. … Read More

The Best Beaches in Bermuda

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Bermuda has no shortage of fabulous beaches. If you’re looking for pink sand and turquoise waters, Bermuda’s got them! There are numerous beaches in Bermuda, so you should have no problem finding your own little piece of paradise while you’re visiting. The best time to visit Bermuda for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing is between April and October, otherwise it starts … Read More

Surfing in Bermuda: Learning to Surf with Isolated Surfboards

When planning our Bermuda holiday with Fairmont Hotels as the #MyDestinationStory semi-finalists, the idea of surfing was brought to our attention. Surfing? In Bermuda? I had no idea you could surf in Bermuda. Of course, having never attempted to surf before, we were up for the challenge. It just so happened that the conditions were ideal on the day that … Read More

Scooter Rentals in Bermuda (and Other Modes of Transportation)

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When visiting Bermuda, you will quickly discover that car rentals on the island are non-existent. Only residents of Bermuda are permitted to drive cars, and citizens are limited to owning one car.  As Bermuda has a smaller land mass, there really isn’t too much room for many vehicles. Limiting the amount of cars on the road reduces the volume of … Read More

Hidden Gems Of Bermuda: Our Epic Eco-Adventure

Exploring the hidden gems of Bermuda. Sometimes tours can be hit or miss. You get crammed into a tour bus with dozens of other tourists, carted around from place to place without enough time to explore the sights completely. Thankfully, this was not the case at all with Hidden Gems of Bermuda. In fact, I can confidently state that it … Read More

Explore Crystal Cave, Bermuda’s Subterranean World

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Bermuda is a beautiful place. You can walk along the pink sand beaches, dip your toes into the turquoise waters, and witness some of the most vibrant sunsets imaginable. Did you know that as you appreciate these sensational scenes, you could be standing above an underground cavern? Below the surface, there is a whole other world waiting to be explored. … Read More

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