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Tiffany Falls in Winter is a Magical Frozen Wonderland

Witnessing Tiffany Falls in winter is really something special. While this Hamilton waterfall is beautiful all year long, it’s a really memorable experience to see it in the winter months. It easily tops my list of the best waterfalls in Hamilton to visit in the winter, and it’s in close contention for that coveted first spot.

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It’s amazing how a waterfall transforms from season to season. In the city of waterfalls, the ones in Hamilton change their appearance between summer and winter. It’s hard to believe you’re stepping foot into the same place.

Tiffany Falls Winter

With over 150 waterfalls to explore, you could spend a lifetime discovering every waterfall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. And you should definitely hike to each of them at least once in the summer and once in the winter.

Tiffany Falls is no exception. In the summer, it’s a 21 metre high ribbon waterfall, with a gentle cascade of flowing water. In the winter, it’s a frozen, enchanting wonderland. Transport yourself into a winter wonderland at Tiffany Falls.

Tiffany Falls in Winter: Location and Parking

Bruce Trail side trail

Located just off the Bruce Trail and a small parking lot off Wilson Street in Ancaster, Ontario, it doesn’t take long to reach the falls. On the Tiffany Falls side trail, it’s only 360 metres from the parking lot to the waterfall.

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area - Hiking in winter

The trail crosses two short bridges and continues along a short path to the main attraction. It takes only about five minutes to reach Tiffany Falls by foot. It’s a big reward for very little exercise, which usually isn’t always the case!

The parking lot isn’t very big and it might be difficult to find a parking spot as this natural marvel grows in popularity. If you do manage to snag a spot, it’s $5 a day to leave your car there. The last time I visited, there was a parking limit of one hour. You shouldn’t need any longer than an hour unless you plan to hike to other nearby waterfalls, like Sherman Falls.

Hiking to Tiffany Falls in Winter

Viewing platform for Tiffany Falls

While Tiffany Falls can dry up in the summer months, you’re nearly guaranteed a glimpse of this frozen scene in the winter. In fact, the Hamilton Conservation Authority allows ice climbing here if you’re feeling adventurous. Ice climbers must take a class with OneAxe Pursuits or be a member of the Alpine Club of Canada to climb here.

For the rest of us, we can enjoy Tiffany Falls in winter from the base of the waterfall. This year, it’s completely frozen due to the unseasonably cold temperatures in southern Ontario.

There’s a wooden viewing platform for a higher vantage point, or feel free to walk right up to the waterfall itself. The ground is a sheet of ice. Be sure to wear proper footwear so you don’t slip.

Viewing the Frozen Waterfall

Tiffany Falls in Winter - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ancaster)

Here’s a collection of photos that I took at Tiffany Falls in winter. It’s fascinating how the water freezes into gigantic clumps of icicles. The waterfall could be covered in a light dusting of snow, depending on the weather.

Tiffany Falls in Winter - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ancaster)

Some of the ice varies in colour. You’ll see shades of orange and blue. Edges of the escarpment peek out from behind the waterfall, topped with tall trees that miraculously grow out of solid rock.

Tiffany Falls in Winter - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ancaster)
Frozen waterfall in Hamilton
Frozen waterfall in Hamilton

When to Visit Tiffany Falls in Hamilton

Frozen waterfall in Hamilton

While this waterfall is a great place to hike all year long, the water flows the most during the spring as the ice thaws. And of course, it’s absolutely stunning during the wintertime. As soon as the temperature drops below the freezing mark, the waterfall freezes, too.

Tiffany Falls in winter is marvelous and totally Instagrammable. Grab your camera and your favourite hiking buddies to check out this beautiful natural wonder. Looking to see more waterfalls in Hamilton? Check out my list of the best Hamilton waterfalls and waterfall hikes.

If you loved seeing Tiffany Falls in the winter, I’m sure you’ll love visiting Niagara Falls this time of year. While Niagara Falls doesn’t completely freeze over, it transforms into a magical winter wonderland. The Falls become surrounded by snow and ice, and it looks brilliant. Here’s our guide to visiting Niagara Falls in winter.

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Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Wow, the falls are so pretty in the snow and I bet they're even more beautiful in the summer!

Kalyan Panja

Monday 22nd of January 2018

Nice reading your adventures in tiffany falls. In winter it looks heavenly. Lovely captures too.

Medha Verma

Thursday 11th of January 2018

I have never seen a frozen lake or a frozen waterfall and this looks absolutely stunning! Just the pictures are making me feel cold. Haha. I can only imagine how much it must be freezing at this time when you visited and took these pictures. I am not much of a winter person but I'd definitely visit a frozen waterfall sometime. Tiffany Falls look perfect for a winter visit :)


Wednesday 10th of January 2018

I remember seeing pictures of Tiffany Falls in the summer! I didn't know it is accessible in winter as well. It really is a cool photo spot!


Tuesday 9th of January 2018

This would be my husband's dream. He's a waterfall fanatic and I don't believe he's ever seen a frozen one. Nor have I for that matter. Tiffany Falls just looks like a winter wonderland. I would love to give ice-climbing a try as well!

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