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Lennox and Addington County Road Trip: Ultimate 3 Day Itinerary

Lennox and Addington County is a lesser known destination in South Eastern Ontario that you need to add to your Ontario road trip bucket list. Make your home base in Greater Napanee and explore several nearby areas, like Loyalist Township and Stone Mills Township.

Napanee has a quaint downtown core with fantastic shopping and dining. You can walk everywhere in Napanee, including a stroll to a waterfall in the middle of town on a riverfront boardwalk. Then, hop on board a pontoon boat for a cruise on the Napanee River.

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Lennox and Addington County

Visit one of Ontario’s quiet islands, Amherst Island, perfect for birdwatching and immersing yourself in nature. Bath, Ontario, is a cute small town in Ontario with little shops and cafes. Then, take a trip to the countryside to mingle with friendly goats and donkeys, plus go hiking across the rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield while admiring the twinkling sapphire waters of nearby lakes.

Where to Stay in Lennox and Addington County, Ontario

23 Market Square Airbnb Napanee

When you travel to Lennox and Addington County, I suggest making Napanee your home base to explore the region. I stayed in a delightful Airbnb right downtown called the Town Hall Suite. It’s facing out into Market Square and it’s right across from Napanee’s historic town hall building.

Greater Napanee Town Hall

The kind and welcoming hosts, Darlene and Sarah, will make you feel right at home in Napanee. If you have any requests at all throughout your stay, they will go above and beyond to assist you.

Napanee Airbnb
Napanee Airbnb
Napanee Airbnb

This apartment invites you to kick back and savour small town living. Walk straight from the apartment all over town. There’s free parking, so leave your car behind while shopping and wandering around town.

Napanee Airbnb
Napanee Airbnb
Napanee Airbnb

Located on the second level of a heritage building, there’s the perfect mix of thoughtfully selected antiques with modern comforts. There are modern appliances (like a washing machine that also dries your clothes, mind blown!), a fridge with retro vibes, and handpicked curios sprinkled throughout the apartment.

Napanee Airbnb
Napanee Airbnb
Napanee Airbnb

I loved the exposed brick wall in the bedroom, and the bed is so comfortable. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. The apartment is very quiet, so I had a very restful night’s sleep. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Darlene and Sarah’s Town Hall Suite apartment, and I wouldn’t hesitate to return in the future.

More Places to Stay in Napanee

Do you want to see more places to stay in Napanee? Here are hotels and accommodations displayed on a map. Enter your travel dates and compare prices, locations, and more.

Lennox and Addington County Day 1: Greater Napanee

After you get settled in at your hotel or accommodation, it’s time to experience Greater Napanee. This first day in Lennox and Addington County is all about wandering around downtown Napanee. Dine at local restaurants and cafes, indulge in retail therapy at the local shops, and enjoy the beautiful nature that’s right in town.

Lunch at the Loaf N’ Ale Pub

Loaf N Ale Pub Napanee

For lunch, check out the Loaf N’ Ale Pub in downtown Napanee. It’s a British pub with a spacious patio out front. There’s an expansive menu with something for everyone. I sat on the patio and enjoyed a vegan veggie stir fry on rice.

Go Shopping in Downtown Napanee

Downtown Napanee, Lennox and Addington County

Downtown Napanee has many unique boutique shops that are locally owned and operated. Be sure to take a stroll down the main strip (Dundas Street West), as well as Market Square. Here are some of the shops that I really enjoyed:

  • Starlet: Locally made goods, clothing, bath and body, jewelry, unique gifts
  • Black Barn Co: Curated home decor, accessories, candles and more
  • AYS Accessories: Handbags, hats, accessories and more
  • Convenient Candy Shop: Canadian and imported candy, any kind of candy you could think of!
  • Napanee Blooms: A flower shop that also has houseplants, candles and gifts
  • Ellena’s Cafe and Bakery: This is a cafe and bakery, but it also has a large retail shop with things for the kitchen and home. Browse the shop and then grab a coffee and treat.
Black Barn Co - Lennox and Addington County
Black Barn Co
Starlet - Lennox and Addington County
Convenient Candy - Lennox and Addington County
Convenient Candy
Ellena's Cafe and Pantry - Lennox and Addington County
Ellena’s Cafe and Pantry
AYS Accessories - Lennox and Addington County
AYS Accessories
Napanee Blooms - Lennox and Addington County
Napanee Blooms

Cafes in Napanee

Greater Napanee has many cozy cafes with delicious caffeinated beverages and desserts. Make sure you pop by Coffee Cravings for that afternoon pick me up, the Bakery and Bistro Spot for some European-style breads and baked goods (they have vegan donuts and cupcakes), and Ellena’s Cafe and Bakery for a coffee and a sandwich.

Coffee Cravings - Lennox and Addington County
Coffee Cravings
Bakery and Bistro Spot - Lennox and Addington County
Bakery and Bistro Spot
Ellena's Cafe and Bakery - Lennox and Addington County
Ellena’s Cafe and Bakery

See the Napanee Waterfall and Local Parks

After you’ve done some shopping, take a coffee to-go and go for a walk by the waterfall in Napanee. Springside Park has a boardwalk trail on the Napanee River, as well as a place to easily view Napanee Falls (also known as Springside Park Falls).

Napanee Falls
Napanee Falls and Springside Park

This waterfall is a gently flowing cascade that’s 30 to 40 metres long and 10 metres wide near the mouth of the Napanee River. The Napanee River is one of two places in the world that experience “seiche”, which is a change in tide due to the wind.

Boardwalk on the Napanee River
Napanee Conservation Park
Public art in Napanee
Public art in Napanee

From the north end of Springside Park, walk south past the waterfall on the boardwalk towards the Napanee Conservation Park. This is a relaxing walk with lots of pretty scenery. There’s also lots of interesting public art on this walk (and all over town) using repurposed industrial wooden pallets.

Take a Pontoon Boat River Cruise

Norman Paul River Cruise on a pontoon boat in Napanee

For a one of a kind experience, spend your evening taking a Norman Paul River Cruise from the Waterfront River Pub and Terrace. It’s a fully licensed 45 foot pontoon boat that gently drifts down the Napanee River to the entrance of Mohawk Bay.

Norman Paul River Cruise on a pontoon boat in Napanee
Norman Paul River Cruise on a pontoon boat in Napanee

You can pre-order food to enjoy during your sailing, and there’s also a bar on board with wine and beer. I ate a delicious falafel wrap and salad along with some locally brewed beer (from Mackinnon Brothers Brewing in Bath). You can ask for the falafel wrap to be prepared vegan.

Norman Paul River Cruise on a pontoon boat in Napanee
Norman Paul River Cruise on a pontoon boat in Napanee

The tour itself takes 1.5 hours and the pontoon travels 16km roundtrip. There are beautiful river views all around. Unwind and soak up your surroundings. I highly recommend the Norman Paul Boat Tour as a different way to go out for dinner, and also as an Ontario attraction that you’ll only experience in Napanee.

Lennox and Addington County Day 2: Bath and Amherst Island

Today, we’re travelling to Loyalist Township to visit Bath and Amherst Island. On day two of this trip to Lennox and Addington County, stop in the village of Bath, Ontario. You might have heard of Bath in England, but there’s also a Bath in Ontario! Then, spend the rest of the day at tranquil Amherst Island.

Visit Bath, Ontario

Bath Ontario Lennox and Addington County

The village of Bath is such an underrated destination in Ontario. It’s really tiny, yet really adorable. You should spend the morning in Bath before venturing across to Amherst Island. Bath is a village right on the waterfront. Take a walk over to Centennial Park (South) to the water for a serene start to your day. Watch as Canadian geese and ducks from a park bench on the shore.

Bath Ontario Lennox and Addington County
Bath Ontario Lennox and Addington County

Shops and Cafes in Bath

All of Bath’s shops and cafes are located on Main Street. Anderwood Studio and Lakeside Studio Gallery are owned by a mom and daughter team, and these two separate stores are connected through an interior hallway.

Anderwood Studio - Lennox and Addington County
Anderwood Studio - Lennox and Addington County

Anderwood Studio features gifts, home decor, and locally handmade gems that you’ll be pressed to find anywhere else. There are thoughtful displays and even though the shop isn’t very big, you could spend a good amount of time browsing this beautiful store.

Lakeside Studio Gallery - Lennox and Addington County
Lakeside Studio Gallery - Lennox and Addington County

Lakeside Studio Gallery is a collection of original art specializing in emerging artists. It’s a fantastic way to spruce up your home with some new paintings while supporting local artists. There are so many colourful and magnificent pieces of art all in one place.

Books on Main - Lennox and Addington County
Books on Main

Books on Main is another shop you need to frequent when you’re in Bath. It’s a local bookshop with something for everyone. There are the bestsellers, books by local authors, Indigenous reads, young adult books, and Canadian history books. You’ll also find board games and gifts here, too.

The Lodge Coffee House
The Lodge Coffee House - Lennox and Addington County

As for dining in Bath, I highly recommend checking out The Lodge Coffee House. It’s a cute little coffee shop that also has a window outdoors where you can place your order. They have handcrafted, espresso beverages and they even make their own sugar syrups from scratch. Walk around town with your coffee or sip your drink in their peaceful back garden.

Welborne Commons - Lennox and Addington County

For a meal, dine at the restaurant next door to Books on Main, Welborne Commons (one of the owners owns both the bookshop and the restaurant). I ordered the summer citrus salad as a lighter offering, though I’d love to return for their Sunday Brunch to try the avocado smash.

Ferry to Amherst Island

Ferry to Amherst Island - Loyalist Township

To reach Amherst Island, drive a couple of minutes outside of Bath to Millhaven to take the ferry. The ferry crossing time is 20 minutes. It departs from Millhaven on the half hour, and from Stella (Amherst Island) on the hour.

To take your car across to Amherst Island, it costs $10.00 from the Millhaven side. You don’t have to pay again going back to the mainland. There is no charge for pedestrians looking to cross without a vehicle. Amherst Island is somewhere you absolutely must travel in Lennox and Addington County, and one of the best islands in Canada.

Lunch at The Back Kitchen

The Back Kitchen, Amherst Island

When you reach Amherst Island and drive off the ferry into the village of Stella, take the first righthand turn to reach the Back Kitchen. This is a casually eatery serving burgers and fries. There’s a Beyond burger for the vegetarians and vegans, which I enjoyed paired with a side of fries.

Drive Around Amherst Island

Amherst Island - Lennox and Addington County

Amherst Island measures 20km in length at its widest point across, so it’s easy to drive around the island making stops on the way in about an hour or so. The population of Amherst Island is only about 400, but it grows to nearly 1000 during the summer tourist season.

 Sand Beach Conservation Area, Amherst Island

Amherst Island has a pretty little beach at Sand Beach Conservation Area. Let the hours calmly drift away as you soak up the sun and listen to the sounds of crashing waves. The weather was overcast and even a little bit rainy when I visited, but people were still making the most of their beach days.

Amherst Island - Old Barn
Amherst Island - Deer
Amherst Island
Amherst Island

The island is best known as a birdwatching destination. The spring marks the return of the birds during migration season. There are numerous species of birds, like woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, osprey, Baltimore orioles, herons, and more. Hundreds of birds breed in Ontario and hundreds more migrate through Amherst Island. In the winter, Amherst Island is best for owl watching. Photographers flock here to take pictures of the owls against a stark winter backdrop.

Hike at Topsy Farms

Topsy Farms, Amherst Island

Topsy Farms offers a rural experience like no other. It started as a hippie commune in the early 1970s. Nowadays, it is primarily a sheep farm with locally made wool products that you can purchase on site. I was fortunate enough to be treated to a tour of the front vegetable and flower garden where I sampled some peas and asparagus picked before my eyes.

Topsy Farms, Amherst Island
Topsy Farms, Amherst Island
Topsy Farms, Amherst Island

Topsy Farms has many events and experiences, like forest therapy, forest bathing, and walking trails. I went for a hike at Topsy Farms where there are about 4km of trails. I saw lots of wildlife during my hike: rabbits, wild turkeys, and deer.

Topsy Farms, Amherst Island
Topsy Farms, Amherst Island
Topsy Farms, Amherst Island

David’s Graveyard is a really interesting trail to explore. There’s old farm equipment and rusted out old vehicles on the path. There’s another trail called the Sugar Shack trail which has an old building that was once used to make maple syrup. Many of the surrounding trees are sugar maples and they collect sap from the trees in the spring to make maple syrup.

Lennox and Addington County Day 3: Stone Mills Township

For our last day in Lennox and Addington County, we’ll be driving to Stone Mills Township to visit tiny towns, the countryside, and a conservation area. Breathe in all of the fresh air, relax, and enjoy visiting these lesser known destinations in Ontario.

Breakfast at StoneCorner in Camden East

StoneCorner in Camden East, Stone Mills Township

StoneCorner is a quaint cafe inside a historic building, dating back to 1845. It’s a favourite place to meet and have coffee within the local community. It’s a bright and airy cafe with shelves upon shelves of colourful dishes and a variety of mugs.

StoneCorner in Camden East, Stone Mills Township
StoneCorner in Camden East, Stone Mills Township

I ordered a toasted sesame bagel with peanut butter for breakfast, as well as a delicious coffee. The staff is super friendly and welcoming, and I’d go here again for a coffee or breakfast in a heartbeat. Take a detour through Camden East if necessary simply to stop at StoneCorner.

Donkeys and Goats at Barking Goat Farms

Barking Goat Farms - Lennox and Addington County

Barking Goat Farms is a family owned and operated hobby farm in Centreville, Ontario. It’s an excellent way to visit a local small farm and interact with the resident goats and donkeys. This is the perfect activity for adults and children alike, and one of the best things to do in Lennox and Addington County.

Barking Goat Farms  - Lennox and Addington County
Barking Goat Farms - Lennox and Addington County

Deborah and Brent are truly fantastic people and I really enjoyed getting to know them and why their started their small farm. Their daughter has special needs and they originally started the farm as therapy for their daughter. While their daughter didn’t end up taking to the goats as much as they thought, Barking Goat Farms offers tours for other children with special needs as interacting with the animals can be very therapeutic.

Meeting the Goats and Donkeys

The goats, donkeys, and other residents (chickens and cats) are a part of Deborah and Brent’s family. Every animal has a name, they all have ample room to roam about, and the animals live out their natural lives at the farm. No animal is ever culled (male goats are often seen as “useless” on farms and killed). No animal is ever used for meat.

Barking Goat Farms  - Lennox and Addington County

Deborah told me a story about one of the goats who sadly passed away. She got a little bit emotional telling me the story (which in turn, made me a bit emotional!). When the goat died, they placed its body so all of the other goats could mourn its death. Each goat walked up to the goat who had died and bowed before it. It’s so important to let animals grieve, too.

Barking Goat Farms - Stone Mills Township, Ontario
Barking Goat Farms - Stone Mills Township, Ontario
Barking Goat Farms - Stone Mills Township, Ontario

I also met the resident donkeys, as well as a miniature horse. The mini horse was rescued with one of the donkeys who were in poor shape at another farm. Thankfully, Barking Goat Farms is taking great care of these gentle creatures. These donkeys are the protectors of the farm. If coyotes or foxes try to approach the farm to get the goats, the donkeys make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Barking Goat Farms - Stone Mills Township, Ontario

Barking Goat Farms is hoping to open a little cabin on their property where you can spend the night (it’s coming soon!). You can also book a guided tour to meet the goats and other animals, and there’s also an introduction to donkeys experience where you can learn how to properly groom a donkey.

Lunch at the Black Cat Cafe in Tamworth

The Black Cat Cafe, Tamworth

The Black Cat Cafe is located inside the historic Tamworth Hotel where you can savour a delectable homemade meal on their covered deck or beautiful garden area. It’s a wonderful spot in Stone Mills Township, as well as Lennox and Addington County to go for lunch.

The Black Cat Cafe, Tamworth

There’s always a vegetarian/vegan offering on the menu, and they write their daily specials on a chalkboard. I got to try a new curried chickpea wrap that was super yummy. I loved the added crunch of the pumpkin seeds. It came with a salad of my choice, so I opted for a pasta salad. You’ve also got to try the lime soda when you visit. It’s so refreshing!

Browse the Tamworth Book Shop

Tamworth Book Shop - Lennox and Addington County

When in Tamworth, you can’t miss going to the local Book Shop. Simply called Book Shop or the Tamworth Book Shop, it’s owned by local Tamworth residents who used to have a bookshop in Toronto. They moved to Tamworth many years ago and reopened their bookstore in an old Victorian coach house. People come from all over to browse their shop with two floors of intriguing finds.

Tamworth Book Shop - Lennox and Addington County
Tamworth Book Shop - Lennox and Addington County

They sell quality second hand books that are all in excellent condition. You won’t find any musty old books that are falling apart here. There are bestsellers, newer releases, books about local history, travel books, and books with just about every theme imaginable. There are shelves and stacks of books everywhere, but it’s all very organized by theme. It’s easy to spend hours here!

Hike at Sheffield Conservation Area

Sheffield Conservation Area

Before the end of your three days in Lennox and Addington County, don’t miss taking a hike at Sheffield Conservation Area. If you stick around until nightfall, Sheffield Conservation Area is also the site of the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Preserve, one of the best places to go stargazing in Ontario.

I went for a hike on the main loop trail, starting at Little Melon Lake. Trek across the flat rocks of the Canadian Shield, eventually arriving at amazing viewpoints over Haley Lake. You’ll walk through the forest, across marshlands, and over rocky surfaces. It’s a moderate hike at a conservation area that doesn’t get too busy. It’s a tranquil hike through nature, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Thanks so much to Lennox and Addington County for hosting my stay. I had an amazing time and highly recommend that you visit as soon as possible.

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