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Best Vegan Food in Billings MT: A Complete Veg-Friendly Guide

If you’re looking for vegan food in Billings MT, we’ve got you covered. It’s not the easiest place in the USA to go vegan. Sadly, the only 100% vegan restaurant that I visited when I was in Billings has since closed down (The Grotto, and not due to a lack of popularity, but other circumstances). Billings, I’m really rooting for you – I hope that someone is able to open a new vegan place there soon!

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In the meantime, I didn’t find a lack of vegan food in Billings, Montana. There weren’t many 100% vegan or vegetarian spots, but there were a few restaurants that had vegan dishes on the menu without any modifications required. Here are the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Billings where I enjoyed some very delicious meals. If you’re looking for cafes and coffee shops, I have an entire separate post devoted to the best coffee in Billings, including all of the plant-based milks available at each one.

Vegan Billings Montana

Vegan Food Billings MT: Well Pared

Well Pared is a juice bar and cafe in Billings with two locations. They aren’t a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but their food is mostly vegetarian with vegan options. There are salads, wraps, whole grain bowls, acai bowls, smoothies, and juices.

Vegan food in Billings MT: Well Pared
Vegan food in Billings MT: Well Pared
Vegan food in Billings MT: Well Pared
Vegan food in Billings MT: Well Pared
Vegan food in Billings MT: Well Pared

I made sure to order a bowl and a smoothie, which was the perfect healthy combination. The dining environment is relaxing and casual, and the restaurant was overflowing with plants and greenery. I enjoyed Well Pared so much that I went back for a smoothie on a second occasion! It’s one of the best places to find vegan food in Billings MT.

Veg-Friendly Restaurant in Billings: Guido’s Pizza

Guido's Pizza

I got so excited when I saw the menu at Guido’s Pizza. While it’s not a 100% vegan restaurant, it’s always so nice when pizzerias add lots of vegan options to the menu. Guido’s Pizza offers some of the best vegan food in Billings MT. As I didn’t have a car for a portion of my stay, I was thrilled that they offered delivery to my hotel room. What’s better than curling up with delicious Italian food in your hotel room at the end of a busy day?

Guido's Pizza

Guido’s Pizza has the following vegan options: vegan garlic breadsticks, vegan spaghetti and meatballs, a vegan meatball appetizer, vegan bruschetta, vegan calzone, vegan stromboli, vegan lasagna, and vegan pizza options. I ordered the vegan fettuccini alfredo (no longer available, it seems) and the garlic breadsticks, and both were amazing.

Plant-Based Food in Billings: Walkers Grill

I popped by Walkers Grill on a whim one evening in Billings. As I traveled to Billings on my own (and the restaurant was really busy!), I dined at the bar. The staff was really welcoming and it was great to have a chat with them. There are a few vegan dishes on the menu at Walkers, and they are clearly marked as such. For those following a gluten-free diet, Walkers has a separate gluten-free menu.

Tofu curry at Walkers Grill

The dishes on the menu with a V are vegetarian and all of them can be prepared vegan. You can choose from: snap peas in a Thai sauce (small plate), the beet salad, a tofu curry (that’s what I ordered!), and there look to be a couple of other dishes that could be veganized (but you’d have to inquire). The tofu curry was really delicious and flavorful.

Vegan Options at Cham Thai Cuisine

Cham Thai Cuisine

Cham Thai Cuisine is a very vegetarian and vegan-friendly Thai restaurant in Billings. You’ll be spoiled for choice, and it’s some of the best vegan food in Billings. The staff members know what it means to be vegan, so you’ll be sure that there’s no added animal products if you ask for it the dish to be prepared vegan.

Cham Thai Cuisine
Cham Thai Cuisine

Some menu items that are vegan include: the fried tofu, mushroom soup, tofu salad, pad see-ew (without egg), pad kee maw tofu, Thai chow mein vegetable, and mixed vegetables curry (red, green, or yellow). The service was very fast and the food was tasty (and inexpensive!).

More Vegan Food in Billings MT

If you want even more options, here are some more vegan-friendly restaurants in Billings that I’d love to check out when I someday return to the city. If you’ve visited them before, you’ll have to let me know what you think!

Ohana Poke Company

I feel as though the Ohana Poke Company opened after I visited Billings because I would have been all over this place! They offer fantastic sushi bowls and this is one place where you can find awesome vegan food in Billings MT.

First, choose your base (white rice, brown rice, or spinach). Then, you can choose a wide variety of veggies to add to the bowl. For a protein, the vegan option is the “Hokie Poke Tofu”. You can add toppings and sauces, but you’ll need to ask which ones are vegan.

The Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse focuses on food that’s sustainably sourced and use the freshest ingredients possible. While the menu isn’t super veg-friendly, the staff are very aware of what it means to order a vegan meal, and I truly feel like they’d try to modify any vegetarian dishes into vegan ones.

The vegan options on the menu are the roasted artichoke dish, Brussels sprouts (with cashew and nutritional yeast, you may have to omit the aioli), and you might be able to order the risotto if you omit the cheese (see if they can prepare a vegan version).

Where to Stay in Billings

I had the pleasure of staying at two Billings hotels during my trip: the Billings Hotel and Conference Center and the Best Western Plus Clocktower Inn. I can strongly recommend that you stay at either of these hotels, depending on the purpose of your visit.

Billings Hotel and Conference Center

Billings Hotel and Conference Center

I spent a few nights at the Billings Hotel and Conference Center while I was attending a travel conference. There are many conferences and events in this space, making it a really popular spot to stay in town. Even if you’re not attending a conference, you’ll find that the rooms are comfortable and the staff is warm and inviting.

Billings Hotel and Conference Center

The hotel has fantastic amenities, such as an indoor swimming pool, lightning fast Wi-Fi, and a gourmet coffee shop on site. Parking is free and plentiful. The hotel is affordable by comparison to other properties in town. I recommend staying here if you have a car. Otherwise, it’s a little far from downtown Billings and Ubers are a bit expensive here as well.

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Best Western Plus Clocktower Inn

Best Western Plus Clocktower Inn

I spent one night at the Best Western Plus Clocktower Inn after my conference. This location is right in the middle of downtown Billings, and you can easily walk all over the downtown core. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and there’s lots of free parking.

Best Western Plus Clocktower Inn

The hotel offers an outdoor pool, a sauna, and a complimentary airport shuttle. There’s also fast and free Wi-Fi, and every room has a mini fridge and cable TV. You’ll even receive a complimentary breakfast at Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery on site.

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