Spectacular Things to Do in Heidelberg Germany

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There are so many unique and magical things to do in Heidelberg, Germany! Heidelberg was the last stop on our European jaunt where we visited cities in France, Switzerland, and Germany. While it’s too hard to pick favourites, a part of me thinks that we left the best city to last. It’s easy to fall in love with enchanting, romantic, … Read More

25hours Hotel The Goldman: Artsy Place to Stay in Frankfurt

25hours Hotel The Goldman will boost your spirits with its colourful personality. Just as the Ostend neighbourhood in Frankfurt has undergone a creative renaissance, 25hours Hotel The Goldman carries those modern, artsy themes throughout its rooms and hallways. This boutique hotel felt more like a design museum at times than a place to stay in Frankfurt. There aren’t many hotels … Read More

Bamberg Vegan Restaurant and Travel Guide

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Bamberg vegan travel guide: finding the best plant-based eats in Bamberg, Germany. Enchanting scenes from Bamberg, Germany captured my attention from the start. When I saw photographs of this quaint German town, I knew that we had to visit. It was so charming and picturesque, as though it were straight from a fairy tale. I pictured myself wandering down the … Read More

Neighbourhoods in Berlin You Need to Explore

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Discover the city of Berlin, one neighbourhood at a time. Berlin is a city in constant flux. It’s a vibrant and expansive place that’s continually evolving. Exploring Berlin, especially for the first time, is a massive undertaking when you only have a few days, it helps if you break it down into its unique neighbourhoods. Justin and I tackled a … Read More

Vegan Berlin Guide – Places to Eat Vegan in Berlin

It’s easy to be vegan in Berlin! An essential vegan Berlin travel guide. Did you know that Berlin is considered to be the vegan capital of the world? That’s right, veganism is taking over the German capital city. When Justin and I traveled to Berlin, we could easily see why that was the case. Whether we were walking around the … Read More

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