Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

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Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Got the need for caffeine? Me too!

When I travel, I love seeking new cafes and coffee shops. Not only do I love drinking coffee, but I love the coffee culture surrounding it all. Cute little cafes and quirky places for a cup of joe are pretty high on my list. I love going on massive walks around new cities, and it’s always necessary to take a coffee break in order to rest, recharge, and refuel.

When I spent 3 days in Nashville, I drank as much as coffee as possible. As Nashville has quite a flourishing coffee scene, there are way more coffee houses in the city than I could try in three days. I’ll provide a list of several other cafes at the end, which are other spots I’d like to visit the next time I’m in town.

Here’s my extensive list of the best coffee in Nashville.


The Frothy Monkey has three locations in Nashville, and I visited the one in the 12 South neighbourhood. This coffee place was super packed on a Saturday and there was quite the line-up for drinks. It’s popular and for good reason: the coffee is delicious.

I ordered a soy latte and it was the perfect afternoon pick me up.

It was an unseasonably chilly day in Nashville, so it was wonderful to stay warm with a hot drink in my hand. From my table at an additional side room of the cafe, I was able to look outside and people watch. It even started to snow at one point, which was pretty rare for a December day in Nashville!

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Frothy Monkey (12 South)

2509 12th Ave South

Nashville, TN


Just down the street from the Frothy Monkey, you’ll find Portland Brew. I checked out this coffee shop on my second trip to the 12 South neighbourhood. I ordered a coffee and spent a little bit of time there to update my social media accounts while in Nashville. 

The staff members were really friendly and the coffee was reasonably priced. This would be a great place to get a little bit of work on done on my laptop, if I was looking to write or blog. The coffee tasted great, too!

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Portland Brew

Nashville, TN


The Well Coffeehouse has four locations in Nashville, and I dropped by the one downtown. You can feel good about visiting the Well, and not only because you’re getting a rich cup of coffee. The Well gives back to communities, both locally and internationally.

The Well is a nonprofit coffee shop that help people around the world gain access to clean drinking water. They provide clean drinking water through their establishment of over 19 wells in several African communities, including villages in Togo, Malawi, Kenya, Congo, Chad, Senegal, and Central African Republic.

When you purchase a large mug of coffee at the cafe, you get unlimited refills. So, you get to drink fabulous coffee and give back to communities in Africa. It’s among the best coffee in Nashville, and you are helping others by drinking it.

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

The Well Coffeehouse


I was lucky because CREMA was right near my accommodation. I walked over on my last evening in Nashville, and I’m so glad that I did. This might be my favourite cup of coffee out of every place I tried.

Although the coffee was a little pricey, it was well worth the extra cost. It was rich, aromatic, and smooth. I savoured every sip.

The decor and the coffee shop itself looks modern and hip, though I took my coffee to go that evening. I’d love to enjoy a freshly brewed mug of coffee with a friend here.

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee



Bongo Java has a couple of locations in Nashville, though I didn’t go to either of them. Instead, I was introduced to their coffee beans at my hotel, SoBro Guesthouse. I had a French press at my accommodation with their coffee beans, so I was able to taste their coffee every morning when I woke up.

Their coffee was the perfect way to start my day. When I return to Nashville, I’d love to drop by their actual location for a drink, too.

Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee

Bongo Java

364 5th Ave S

Nashville, TN


While I think trying five cups of coffee by five different establishments is pretty good for three days in the city, there are way more spots I’d love to try. After all, the best coffee in Nashville goes beyond just five coffee shops. Nashville has an excellent coffee scene, and I have a list of way more cafes to check out. In no particular order…


While I did have cocktails and beer at Pinewood Social, they’re also known as a coffee shop with delicious brewed beverages. I need to go back for coffee!

Pinewood Social


This one seems to top every list of the best coffee in Nashville. I had to add it to mine, even though I haven’t been able to drink it myself (yet!).

8th & Roast

Nashville, TN


It’s a converted pet shop turned coffee house. It’s also a restaurant, so you can dine here and enjoy a coffee after your meal.


Nashville, TN


Dose Coffee & Tea features Counter Culture coffee, single origin chocolate bars, and light fare. It’s a laid back coffee shop and I’d love to meet over coffee with friends here.


Nashville, TN


Situated in a minimalist setting, Steadfast offers a variety of espresso drinks and seasonal menu offerings.

Steadfast Coffee

Nashville, TN


Barista Parlor has some of the best coffee in Nashville. With three locations, I’d love to pop in for a warm beverage. With one location in the Gulch, I’d like to stop by after checking out some of the nearby street art.

Barista Parlor

Nashville, TN


Ugly Mugs is right around the corner from The Wild Cow and Graze, two vegan restaurants in Nashville that I adored. Next time, I’ll stop by Ugly Mugs for an after dinner coffee.

Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea

Nashville, TN


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The Best Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee | Coffee Shop Guide to Nashville | Cafes in Nashville, TN

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Where’s your favourite coffee shop in Nashville…or the world?

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  1. Don - A Life’s Journeys
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    Good to see Frothy Monkey up top. We usually stay at The Hermitage when in Nashville. Frothy Monkey is close by and always a delight to go to.

  2. Ryan Biddulph
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    The culture really is the fun part Lauren. I dig stopping by coffee shops all over the globe for a cup of good stuff and for an even better sight of some better stuff; characters, usually LOL. But the environment in these shops is first rate too.


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