How to Plan Your Own Vegan Miami Food Tour: A Vegan Group Crawl in Miami

Vegan Miami Food Tour

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With so many vegan restaurants in Miami, it’s hard to choose!

As a travel destination, Miami has got it all. There’s the powder sand beaches, a relaxing vibe, artsy neighborhoods, and the vegan food scene is unreal. Even if you only have a limited amount of time in the city, why not plan a vegan group crawl to check out as many as you can? It’s like a pub crawl, but for vegan food. Are you on board? Pack your stretchy pants (or stretchy shorts, anyone?). We’re going to sample a little bit of everything from so many vegan restaurants in Miami. This vegan Miami food tour will take you to some of the best eateries all over town. 

Getting Around

The city of Miami is definitely not a small place. When you’re going there with a group, it definitely pays to be prepared. That means if you plan on being the one drives, or organizing everyone to drive themselves, then things could get tricky. People could get lost, directions could be mistaken, and a whole host of transportation problems. That’s why it might be a wise idea to rent a tour bus in Miami. That way you’d get around hassle-free, and there won’t be a chance of anyone getting lost.

Vegan Miami Food Tour

L’artisane Creative Bakery

The L’artisane Creative Bakery is 100% and fully vegan. It’s often considered the best place to eat if you only have time to visit one place. Their croissants are absolutely delicious, and on top of that they’re pretty big. This is a place that mainly inspired by classic French patisseries. That means you can expect to find sandwiches, bites, and cakes, all with a delicious vegan twist. It’s the perfect addition to your vegan Miami food tour to grab a small bite and move on to the next spot.

Planta Miami Beach

The Planta restaurants come from my home up in Toronto (we have Planta, Planta Burger, and Planta on Queen). Planta has spread to Miami Beach, and their food is so fresh and delicious. One thing that makes the Planta stand out from many other vegan restaurants in Miami is that that they have a rooftop farm from where they collect their own ingredients. The entire ambiance is dedicated to plants and greenery, so you can feel the natural and refreshing vibes simply by sitting there. They serve a variety of dishes, including vegan sushi.

Plant Theory

Plant Theory strives to provide nutritious food for you that’s also great for the animals and planet, by virtue of being vegan. They have a vast menu of eats and treats, from several innovative plant-based burger choices to an ice cream burger! Even if you stop here simply for a smoothie or an empanada, it’s totally worth it. 

Vegan Food in Miami - Plant Theory

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

As always, the best tacos are authentic Mexican ones, as the folks over at Charly’s originally come from Mexico. The tacos themselves are absolutely delicious, but they also serve a few other extras like avocado fries and nachos. They have several options available, and the taco trio is a great way to try them all out. You can split them with your friends on this vegan Miami food tour to save room for the next stop…or have them all to yourself. I wouldn’t judge. Don’t miss this stop on any Miami food tours that you take around the city, vegan or not.

Chef Chloe and the Vegan Café at Roch Market

Chef Chloe is very famous with the vegan community, and once you’ve sampled her food you’ll immediately realize why. Her Vegan Café is located at Roch Market, and she only serves desserts in her stall. However, her desserts are definitely a work of art, as they even look delicious. There you can find desserts like multi-layered vanilla sprinkle, cookies, cupcakes, and even avocado toast. This stall is absolutely a must try as you must grab one of these sweet treats. It’s some of the best vegan food in Miami.

Under the Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree is a very welcoming café that serves amazing Acai bowls. It’s at Miami South Beach. It does have a very hippy vibe to it, and the food served is of impeccable quality. The Acai bowls are nutritious and refreshing. But, you’ll also need to make sure you try the vegan banana cake. Don’t miss this stop on your vegan Miami food tour.

Della Test Kitchen

If you want to try out a spot that makes perfectly balanced bowls, then the Della Test Kitchen is definitely the perfect one. It’s located at Wynwood Yards, and it’s part of the outdoor food court. Even though it’s a little more casual, it’s still one of the best vegan restaurants in Miami. The bowls served here are made from every ingredient necessary to make a perfect meal. They have a grain base and protein, and they’re topped with vegetables and their own sauces. There’s a wide variety of things to eat too, so you’ll be coming back here for more.

Vegan bakeries in Miami - Bunnie Cakes

Bunnie Cakes

This is a bakery whose specialty is gluten-free vegan cupcakes. The owner was featured on Food Network, and her bakery has been proclaimed as the best place for cupcakes by the Miami New Times. The cupcakes might be small, but their flavors are strong and lasting. It’s a great excuse to grab a bunch of them, even if you’re too full and need to save them for later. When I visited Bunnie Cakes, I took a 12-pack to go and brought them on the plane back to Toronto! 

Going on a vegan crawl in Miami is an experience like no other. There’s a great variety of vegan restaurants in Miami to try out, so why not spend the day tasting as much food as possible? Be sure to use any of my above recommendations to form your own vegan Miami food tour.

Have you been to any vegan restaurants in Miami?

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