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Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack: The Ultimate Travel Bag

Standard Luggage

The Standard Luggage carry on backpack is the ultimate solution for one pack travel. As a frequent traveler, I’ve shared lots of packing tips over the years. I’ve reviewed lots of suitcases, luggage, and backpacks that are awesome for many situations. This is the best luggage backpack that allows you to travel with just one carry-on bag in a comfortable and efficient way.

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Why Fly Carry-On Only?

Flying carry on only

There are many reasons why you may choose to fly with only a carry on bag. It’s economical, convenient, and more comfortable to travel with less things. It fits all airline carry-on specifications for size.

I do admit that I find it difficult to travel with just a carry on bag in many occasions due to the amount of camera equipment that I bring with me. However, the Standard Luggage carry on backpack is making this more possible for longer trips. It’s a piece of cake if I’m going on a shorter trip, naturally!

Traveling Carry-On Only Saves You Money

First, you will save lots of money by traveling with just carry-on luggage. There are almost always fees to travel with checked bags. You could save hundreds of dollars in a single trip by flying with only carry on backpacks.

You’ll Save Time

Next, you’ll be able to skip many lines at the airport. You can check-in online and skip the whole part where you need to print bag tags and drop off your luggage. When I traveled to India last year, I waited in a super long and slow moving line at the Toronto Pearson Airport to drop off my luggage.

I seriously waited in that line for almost two hours! While that’s an extreme example, I would much rather be relaxing with a coffee in my hand than standing in a lengthy queue.

You also won’t need to stand at the baggage carousel when you arrive at your destination. Just carry your bags off your flight and continue on with your trip.

Traveling Lighter is More Comfortable

Last, it’s much more comfortable to travel with carry on backpacks only. If you travel with less things, you’ll be able to move around much easier.

Being weighed down by heavy suitcases while boarding trains and public transportation isn’t much fun at all. If you travel light and resist overpacking, you’ll have a much more enjoyable journey.

Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack

Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack

The Standard Luggage carry on backpack has many special features that will make traveling more comfortable and convenient. It’s the ultimate backpack luggage whether you’re flying internationally or taking a weekend road trip. It’s versatile and has so many interesting features that travelers need in a proper suitcase.

Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack

This light carry on backpack is 35L-45L in size and weighs only 3.7 pounds. It’s expandable with zippers that allow for an extra bit of space, just in case you are bringing home some souvenirs. The compartments are all lockable to keep your belongings safe and secure.

3-in-1 Functionality

3-in-1 Functionality

You can wear the Standard Luggage carryon backpack in three different ways: wear it like a backpack, use the shoulder strap to wear it as a shoulder bag, or carry it by the handle like a suitcase. It’s the perfect cabin bag with shoulder straps. There’s also a strap on the back if you’d like to attach your bag to your roller luggage.

3-in-1 Functionality

It has an extremely innovative design. When you don’t want to wear it like a backpack, there’s a zipped compartment where you can tuck away the backpack straps. Not only does the 3-in-1 functionality help you carry the luggage as you like, but it also makes it appropriate for many situations. It’s a suitcase with backpack straps for when you want it to be a backpack.

3-in-1 Functionality

If you’re traveling more casually or for pleasure, the backpack works wonderfully. If it’s a more formal situation or business travel, carrying it with the shoulder strap or as a piece of luggage makes it more stylish. I’ve never seen a suitcase with backpack straps before where the backpack straps tuck away like this.

Useful Features and Design

The Standard Luggage carry on backpack is ergonomic and comfortable for all travelers. The padded back ventilation keeps you cool as you’re wearing it around the airport or at your destination. There are six points of adjustability for all body types, and there’s an optional hip belt to help with stability and weight distribution.

Standard Luggage carry on backpack
Standard Luggage carry on backpack

This backpack luggage has a full perimeter zip that opens more like a suitcase than a backpack. It’s easy to access all of your belongings, especially if you pair the backpack with packing cubes. There’s the right amount of organizational pockets inside the bag for easy access to all of your belongings.

Innovative Laptop Pocket

One of my favorite features of the Standard Luggage carry on backpack is the laptop pocket. There’s a separate sleeve where you can tuck away both a laptop and a tablet. When you go through airport security, it’s a breeze to access your electronics in this separate zipped compartment.

Innovative Laptop Pocket

Then, when you’re on your flight, you can detach the laptop sleeve from the bag if you’d like to use your computer. The laptop sleeve also provides an extra layer of protection for your laptop or tablet.

The laptop sleeve is suspended inside the backpack itself. Not only is there an extra layer of protection, but the laptop won’t rest directly on the bottom of the pack. If you drop your bag by mistake, your laptop or tablet is protected even more than it would be inside any other backpack. It’s a really ingenious design!

More Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack Features

Backpack Features

Some other interesting features include: a water bottle pocket that’s collapsible when you’re not using it, a safety whistle built into a buckle, and a rain cover in case you get into some inclement weather. The bag itself is water resistant and very easy to clean.

There are also interchangeable zipper pulls and luggage tags that come with every bag in orange and turquoise. You can also remove the logo off the front of the bag and use the velcro to stick on your own patch (like a little Canada flag!).

If I have one criticism to make, the luggage tags and zipper pulls are made out of leather, so I will remove the zipper pulls and use my own luggage tags as someone who follows a vegan lifestyle. I would love to see the option for synthetic zipper pulls/luggage tags.

You might be able to request that the bag does not come with any of these leather addons. You definitely don’t need to use them. The bag itself is made from durable 1680 denier ballistic nylon that’s really high quality and completely vegan.

All in all, I’m totally obsessed with the Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack and will be using it for pretty much all of my trips from now on. The website has some excellent sales happening right now with discounts pretty much site wide. I’d take advantage of these discounts right now!

Standard Luggage Day Pack

Standard Luggage Day Pack

I suggest pairing your Standard Luggage carry on backpack with the Standard Luggage Day Pack. It functions as a packing cube and day pack all in one. When you’re in transit, use this as an additional packing cube.

Once you arrive, unpack your belongings and turn it inside out. It turns into an 8L day pack. There are backpack straps and enough room for your camera, a light jacket, and anything else you need to bring with you for the day.

Standard Luggage Day Pack

The day pack even has an internal pocket that’s big enough to hold a 10″ iPad or tablet. There’s an outside pocket for a water bottle, it’s compact, and it’s the perfect size for a hiking trip or a day out to explore a city.

Standard Luggage Packing Cubes

Standard Luggage Packing Cubes

For anyone who frequently travels with only one bag or a carry on bag only, you know why packing cubes are so important. They keep your clothes separated and organized. It’s easier to find things in your bag, and you won’t have to rummage through all of your undergarments to grab one thing out of your backpack.

With that said, you need to get your hands on the Standard Luggage packing cubes. I have never seen such versatile and innovative packing cubes in my life! You’ll want to get a set of the Standard Luggage Packing Cubes, stat. The Standard Luggage packing cubes are a set of three 7L cubes that fit the exact dimensions of the carry on backpack. They have a full length zip and a window on the front so you can see what’s inside.

Standard Luggage Packing Cubes

Here’s where they are so much better than any regular ol’ packing cubes. You can attach all three packing cubes together and they turn into a hanging dresser. Hang the packing cubes from a door hook or closet hanger. If you’re someone who hates unpacking, you’ll never have to unpack again!

Shipping and Warranty

All Standard Luggage products come with free worldwide shipping, so you don’t need to worry about any additional expensive postal charges. There’s also a lifetime warranty on all products, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Thank you so much to Standard Luggage for providing a carry-on backpack and day pack for review. I highly recommend these brilliant travel products.

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