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Chester Luggage: Lightweight Carry On Spinner Luggage for the Seasoned Traveler

Update: Chester hasn’t had much stock in some time, although this could change. If you find that Chester luggage is out of stock and you’re in the market for a new suitcase, check out my roundup of the best carry on luggage.

Chester Luggage

I haven’t tested out every carry on suitcase in the world, but I know that this one is a keeper. When Chester asked if we wanted to test out their lightweight carry on spinner luggage, I’m not sure if they knew how reckless I could be with my belongings.

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I took one of these hard shell bags on a recent trip, and I’m pretty sure I bashed it off random walls and hauled it up curbs. I can hardly believe my eyes that it still looks brand new. Chester luggage is the real deal, and I’m going to show you why you need to pick up one of these for your next holiday.

Best Carry On Bag for a Woman

Chester Luggage is Durable and Functional

Chester’s Minima lightweight carry on spinner luggage is the ideal travel companion for you and your belongings. It fits the standards and restrictions of every airline to travel as a carry on bag (it measures 21.5” x 13.5” x 8.5” and meets TSA and IATA cabin guidelines). Weighing in at only 7lbs, it’s more lightweight than aluminum. With a 38-liter capacity, you’ll have lots of extra room to store your things. Skip the extra baggage fees and travel carry on only!

Best Hardside Luggage

Best Hardside Luggage and Cabin Luggage

Even though it’s lightweight carry on luggage, that doesn’t mean that it lacks in durability. The exterior of the bag is made of 100% polycarbonate hard shell, meaning that it’s unbreakable and flexible to store all of your stuff. It’s military grade, water resistant, and it can even survive high falls.

Lightweight Carry On Spinner Luggage

The last thing you want is your hard shell luggage splitting open at the airport. Trust me, I’ve been there! I’ve arrived from a flight between Toronto and Auckland, New Zealand to discover a huge crack in my suitcase. It’s a little unnerving to have your belongings held together with duct tape for a couple of weeks, and keeping your fingers crossed that they survive the journey home. You won’t have to worry about that with Chester luggage.

Chester Luggage - The Best Carry On Luggage

When purchasing a suitcase, you might wonder if it’s best to buy luggage with two wheels or four wheels. Four wheels is definitely the way to go. The Chester luggage Minima has 360 degree silent spinner wheels that glide with ease, even over rough terrain. You’ll zip across the airport in no time with the Minima in tow.

Functional and Compartmentalized

Chester Luggage Lightweight Carry On Luggage

Do you like to keep everything organized? I like everything to have its place. Keeping your belongings organized as you travel really makes it simpler to find everything and lose less of your things on your journey. For instance, you can keep your tech gear in one side and your clothes in the other.

Best Carry On Bag for a Woman

The Chester Minima lightweight carry on luggage has three interior pockets to store both large and small items. Every pocket has its own zipper to ensure that everything stays securely fastened. There’s also a small, water resistant pouch and a removable laundry bag to store your dirty clothes away from your clean ones.

Chester Luggage - The Best Carry On Luggage
Best Carry On Bag for a Woman

It also comes in a range of colors: blue, dark blue, black, gray, light gray, pink, and sand. We chose the light blue and the dark blue Minima bag. Its telescoping ergonomic handle has two locking positions and its perfect for people of any height (like us – Justin is over a foot taller than me!).

Cabin Luggage Keeps Your Belongings Safe

Lightweight Carry On Spinner Luggage

The Chester Minima is the best carry on bag for a woman or a man. No matter your travel style or purpose, whether for business or pleasure, you’ll love this suitcase. Everything you bring with you will be kept safe, and not only because it’s made of the toughest hard shell material.

Built in TSA Lock

Best Hardside Luggage and Cabin Luggage with TSA Locks

Gone are the days where you have to attach your own TSA lock to your bag. Chester luggage has the TSA lock built right into the bag itself. You won’t have to worry about anyone stealing from your bag or rifling through your personal belongings. Everything is safe and secure inside this cabin luggage.

Chester Luggage Lightweight Carry On Luggage

Money Back Guarantee

Chester luggage has a 30-day trial. If at any point during that 30 days you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, they will provide you with a full refund (no questions asked!). In addition, Chester luggage has a 10-year limited warranty. If the suitcase or any pieces on the suitcase break, you can get it repaired or replaced by the company.

Chester Luggage - The Best Carry On Luggage

How to Buy the Best Carry On Luggage

You can buy the Chester Luggage Minima Carry On Spinner Suitcase directly through their website. Chester offers free 2-day shipping and returns: all orders are shipped in two business days. They also offer a regular checked bag if you’d like something a little larger, too.

Plus, if you’re like me and you’ve got a couple of cats at home, they’ll love you for ordering Chester Luggage…because they’ll get to play in the cardboard box!

Chester Luggage - Cardboard box for cats to play in

For the savvy and seasoned traveler, you’ll want to invest in a durable and functional carry on that will withstand all of your worldwide voyages. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best hardside luggage I’ve ever come across. It comes in a range of stylish colors and will last you for years to come. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a frequent flyer for business, or a casual jet setter, Chester luggage is my top pick for the best carry on luggage.

This post is brought to you by Chester Luggage.

Do you travel with a checked bag or carry on only?

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