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Killarney Mountain Lodge: An Amazing Getaway in Killarney, Ontario

Killarney Mountain Lodge is a peaceful retreat where you’ll truly feel like you’ve escaped it all. It’s a serene sanctuary from city living. As soon as we arrived, my stress levels decreased and any tension that I was holding simply melted away. Ah, a true vacation. Just like with any international trip, you’ll feel like you’ve transported to a completely new place, except Killarney Mountain Lodge is right here in Ontario.

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I’m going to give you all the details about our stay at Killarney Mountain Lodge. You’ll be able to see where we stayed, the outdoor activities we enjoyed, and the resort property itself. Please note that when we visited in June 2021, not everything was open in full force due to our provincial lockdown. There’s a good chance that there will be even more amenities and events when you plan your stay.

Killarney Mountain Lodge

Killarney Mountain Lodge: Covered Portage Suite

Covered Portage Suite

The Covered Portage suites at Killarney Mountain Lodge are the newest choice for accommodations, and they surely don’t disappoint. We spent two nights in a King View Suite with a room facing the Killarney Channel.

Balcony Views

Red Muskoka chairs outside of our room

First, let me talk about the views. From the balcony of our second floor room, they were incredible! With the windswept trees and pink granite rocks lining the waterway, it’s straight out of a Group of Seven painting. It’s easy to enjoy the scenery while relaxing in the red Muskoka chairs right outside of your room.

The Killarney Channel

Please note that it isn’t a private balcony. It’s part of one lengthy deck that stretches across the building, and it’s shared with other guests staying there. However, we didn’t spot anyone out there at the same time as us, so it may as well have been private.

Our King View Suite

Covered Portage King View Suite

The Covered Portage King View Suites are best described as log cabin meets modern chic. There are super high wooden ceilings that match the hardwood floors. The king-sized bed was really comfortable with its ultra plush pillows. We both enjoyed a very restful night’s sleep.

Covered Portage King View Suite
Covered Portage King View Suite

There’s a comfortable seating area with a couch and two chairs, as well as a desk in case you need to get any work done. Please note that the Wi-Fi does not extend to the Covered Portage building. This was one issue that I could see as a blogger – I couldn’t get any work done on my laptop unless I was near the main lobby building. However, if you’re taking a trip to be in nature, disconnect, and unwind, I don’t see it being an issue.

Covered Portage King View Suite
Covered Portage King View Suite
Covered Portage King View Suite
Covered Portage King View Suite

You’ll also notice that there isn’t a TV in the room. This is really a place to remove yourself from electronics and recharge in the Canadian wilderness. It’s a great place to read a good book. The room has air conditioning and a ceiling fan, and there’s also a mini fridge. The bathroom is spacious and has a shower with great water pressure.

Resort Amenities at Killarney Mountain Lodge

Killarney Mountain Lodge

Many resort amenities weren’t available during our stay, but I am certain that they’ll be all ready to go once the province opens back up. There’s a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a sauna. The resort also has a games pavilion (shuffle board, pool, ping pong) and they have bocce ball set up outdoors for you to enjoy.

Killarney Mountain Lodge

Other activities offered at the resort: trivia nights, live music and a painting party. Killarney Mountain Lodge has special events and themed stays around hiking, yoga, forest bathing, parasailing, paddling, and more.

Swings at Killarney Mountain Lodge

I’ll go into more detail about this a little later in the article, but there are complimentary bicycles, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards included with your stay. We love the little extra touches like that!

The World’s Largest Log-Built Conference Center

Canada House Killarney

Canada House is the world’s largest log-built conference center and you’ll only find it at Killarney Mountain Lodge. It’s essentially a 34,000 square foot log cabin made out of 1000 logs! We didn’t spend too much time here, but had the chance to poke our heads into the building to take a look.

Canada House Killarney
Canada House Killarney

The front lobby is rustic and cozy, and it definitely gives off vibes of The Great Northern Hotel from Twin Peaks. The ballroom-sized dining room is massive and stunning, and the views from the waterfront back patio are even more impressive. There’s also a large amount of local, Indigenous artwork on the walls, and the names of each room pay tribute to local communities.

The World’s Largest Paddle

The World's Largest Paddle

And why limit yourself to visiting just the world’s largest log conference center when you can also see the world’s largest paddle? In 2020, Mike Ranta constructed “The Big Dipper”, the world’s largest paddle. It’s right next to Canada House if you’d like to take a look.

The unveiling of The Big Dipper was supposed to be at Killarney’s 200th anniversary celebrations in July 2020, but it got postponed to July 2021. The paddle also serves as a time capsule. An 8″ wide and 50′ long cylinder contains various artifacts. It will be opened 200 years from now in the year 2220.

Killarney Mountain Lodge Dining

The town of Killarney is pretty small. While there are a couple of dining options in town (mainly the Gateway Restaurant & Bakery for lunch and Herbert Fisheries for fish & chips), we relied completely on dining at Killarney Mountain Lodge. You could also pop down to the Sportsman’s Inn if you wanted to try other restaurants.

Since most people will dine directly at the resort, Killarney Mountain Lodge also has meal plan options. You can even get them to pack a lunch for you if you’re going to be hiking all day. Justin and I generally ate a big breakfast, brought some energy bars and snacks out for the hike, and then had a big dinner when we returned. We ate all of our meals at the main dining room out on the patio. We soaked up amazing views of the channel while we ate.

Main Dining Room

First, we advise that you make reservations for all of your meals through the front desk. It was really easy, and we just made them the night before. When we visited, only the patio was open, which means that there were a limited amount of spots.

For breakfast, you can order off the breakfast menu (7am – 11am). It’s very easy to dine here as a vegetarian, and I ordered a variety of side dishes as someone who follows a vegan diet. I got a bowl of seasonal fruit, home fries, and toast with peanut butter or jam. Of course, we got bottomless cups of coffee, too!

Breakfast at Killarney Mountain Lodge

For lunch or dinner, you can order from the Lounge Menu (12pm – 10pm) or the Dinner Menu (5pm – 9pm). There are a few vegan options here (or ones easily made vegan). For an appetizer, we got the truffle frites (without Parmesan), and there’s also a mixed green salad (tomato, cucumber, marinated artichoke, frazzled onion, and a grainy mustard dressing).

Killarney Mountain Lodge vegan options
Killarney Mountain Lodge vegan options
Killarney Mountain Lodge vegan options
Killarney Mountain Lodge vegan options

For the main course, there is a vegan sausage casserole as a featured menu item. It’s really yummy and very filling! The vegan sausage is paired alongside navy beans, green beans, peppers, onions, in a tomato sauce. One evening, I felt more like pasta and the kitchen staff was happy to create a vegan pasta, too! The food here is very delicious and we really enjoyed our meals on the patio.

Curds ‘N Whey (The Cafe)

Curds 'N Whey

There’s a separate little house for the coffee shop at Killarney Mountain Lodge called “Curds ‘N Whey”. They are a small bakery and have lots of coffee and espresso beverages. We unfortunately never had the chance to visit because their hours are only from 7:00am to 2:00pm. Please keep this in mind if you want to visit Curds ‘N Whey.

The Ranch House

The Ranch House is a fine dining restaurant experience over at Canada House, the giant log cabin conference center. It is a steak house with chef-created meals and wine selections. Justin and I didn’t dine at The Ranch House, but it is another option for you. Please note that there is a dress code at The Ranch House to compliment the upscale experience.

Things to Do Near Killarney Mountain Lodge

Muskoka chairs on the Killarney Channel

Killarney is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise! Whether you choose to spend most of your time relaxing at Killarney Mountain Lodge or explore the natural wonders that surround you, you’ll have an amazing getaway. Here are some of the best things to do at Killarney Mountain Lodge at beyond.

Go for a Hike

The Crack Killarney

There are so many amazing hiking trails at Killarney Provincial Park, just outside of Killarney. The provincial park is only a short drive away, and I’m sure this is where you’ll spend much of your time if you love to hike.

Fortunately, there’s a great hiking trail right from the property at Killarney Mountain Lodge if you want to walk somewhere straight from the hotel. The Lighthouse Trail is a wonderful place to wander along the coastline and through some short forested areas. You’ll eventually make your way to the Killarney East Lighthouse. Along the way, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the Killarney Channel and Georgian Bay.

Killarney Lighthouse

Of course, Killarney Provincial Park is the best place to go hiking near Killarney, Ontario. The most famous trail is The Crack trail where you’ll scramble up some rocks to The Crack, a crevasse with tall rock walls on either side of the trail.

Killarney Provincial Park

Once you get through The Crack, you’ll be able to admire the most incredible scenery of the surrounding forest and deep blue lakes. There are a few other trails at Killarney Provincial Park, including the 80km La Cloche Silhouette Trail. You could spend weeks exploring them all.

Sailing or Boating at Killarney Mountain Lodge

Sunsets at Killarney

There’s a fantastic waterfront and marina at Killarney Mountain Lodge. Some guests opt to bring their own boats, but you can also rent or charter boats while you’re there. There are half day and full day boat rentals available.

There are also boating excursions available at the resort. We didn’t have the time to take a boating trip, but it’s something to do for the next time we visit. Justin and I chose to relax on the dock instead, and we enjoyed many spectacular views from the red Muskoka chairs.

Go for a Bike Ride

General Store in Killarney

There are complimentary bike rentals at Killarney Mountain Lodge on a first come, first serve basis. They’re right outside of the main lobby, so you can take one out for a spin whenever you like. Justin and I went for a bike ride around town one day. Another suggestion is to ride bikes out to the Killarney Lighthouse using the main road instead of hiking the coast.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Killarney Channel

Canoes and kayaks are always available for guests at Killarney Mountain Lodge, and they’re complimentary with your stay. It’s also possible to book a paddling excursion. Activity coordinators at the resort organize guided sunset paddles and you can also learn how to canoe if you haven’t done it before (or need a refresher course).

Wander Around Killarney

Boardwalk into Killarney

While Killarney, Ontario is not a big place by any means, you can go for a walk through town quite easily during your stay. Killarney Mountain Lodge sits at the edge of the town. You can walk across a short boardwalk right onto the town’s main street from the lodge.

There are a few places in town to visit like the general store, a fish and chips restaurant, an ice cream place, a cafe, and the Sportsman’s Inn (the sister hotel to Killarney Mountain Lodge) is on the opposite end of town. While Justin and I rode bikes around town, you can just as easily walk around, too.

The two of us thoroughly enjoyed our getaway to Killarney and the Killarney Mountain Lodge. Please feel free to visit the official website for more details, and you can also read more reviews on Tripadvisor.

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We were hosted at Killarney Mountain Lodge in exchange for our review. However, these are our 100% honest opinions and we highly recommend staying here as we had a wonderful time.

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