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20 Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa You’ll Love

For all the coffee lovers out there, here are the best coffee shops in Ottawa that you’ll adore. These Ottawa cafes serve delicious cups of coffee, espresso beverages, and more. When I traveled to Ottawa, I tried as many coffee shops as I could over the course of a few days.

I hope this list of the best Ottawa coffee shops helps you find a delicious brew. Maybe you’ll be like me and want to drink your way through the city, one cup of coffee at a time. Or perhaps you’ll find one local favourite and stick with it.

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Best coffee shops in Ottawa

You might be visiting Ottawa in the winter and you’re looking to stay cozy with a warm beverage. Or perhaps you’re venturing to Ottawa in the summer and looking for an iced bevvie. Maybe you’re an Ottawa local and looking to try a new cafe in town. Here are my picks for the best coffee shops in Ottawa you need to try.

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa: The Ministry of Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa: The Ministry of Coffee

One of my friends from the Ottawa area recommended that I check out The Ministry of Coffee. He warned me that had a bit of a hipster vibe, but the coffee was great. When you get good recommendations from locals, always take them. The Ministry of Coffee definitely has some of the best coffee in Ottawa.

The Ministry of Coffee

When I entered the shop on Elgin Street, I immediately noticed that it was rather cozy. The tables were all taken up by young people working on their laptops, even though it was a weekday morning. It’s a great environment if you’re interested in getting some work done, although I recommend arriving early so you can get a seat.

The Ministry of Coffee

I ordered an almond milk latte to go. The barista was friendly and the service was quick. The latte was rich, smooth, and delicious. I’m sure their other selections of coffee are great. I’ve heard that the oat milk lattes are super yummy, too.

Ministry of Coffee Ottawa

Since I visited, The Ministry of Coffee has become more vegan-friendly. It’s possible to order a vegan grilled cheese sandwich or a falafel wrap, and all vegan items are clearly marked as such. The Ministry of Coffee has expanded to four locations in Ottawa and they also have two affiliate cafes in Qatar.

Best Ottawa Coffee: Happy Goat Coffee Company

Happy Goat Coffee Company has many locations across Ottawa and they’re also a famous coffee roaster in Ottawa. They provide coffee for over 100 partner restaurants and cafes all over Ottawa, though I recommend visiting one of their coffee shops to try it directly from the source. This is some of the best coffee you’ll find in Ottawa.

Happy Goat Coffee Company is devoted to great tasting coffee and also a sustainability project called the Zero Waste Coffee Project. They take an environmental and economic approach to sustainability. Happy Goat Coffee has a direct relationship with producers, and they aim to have as close as possible to a net-zero impact on the planet. There are 11 locations in Ottawa, including one inside the National Gallery of Canada and the Alt Hotel.

Cafe Morala (Morala Specialty Coffee)

Cafe Morala is the oldest coffee shop in the Glebe, and they proudly serve the locally roasted Happy Goat Coffee. The owner, Miriam, has created a welcoming and cozy environment, often greeting the customers by name. It’s an independently owned cafe, and it’s also a great spot for breakfast and lunch.

They have over 15 coffee beans and blends from all over the world, including an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a Brazilian Peaberry Dark.

Ottawa Cafes: Morning Owl Coffee House

Morning Owl Coffee House was established in 2009, and they offer organic, direct trade coffee. They have four coffee shops in Ottawa, one in Kanata, one in Manotick, and even a mobile coffee van in Japan (how cool is that!). The owners have a passion for high quality coffee, and all lattes come with a foam-painted animal on top.

5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective

If you’re looking to sample something new and innovative, head directly to 5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective. This Ottawa coffee shop is owned by a team that’s passionate about coffee, and they feature some of the best micro-roasters from around the world.

They’re also passionate about sustainability and the environment. 5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective only provides their coffee in reusable cups. You’re welcome to bring your own mug or join their RE-Cup program where you’ll borrow one of their insulated stainless steel cups.

Top Ottawa Coffee Shops: Bridgehead Roastery

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

When I type “Bridgehead” into Google Maps, at least 10 locations pop up in downtown Ottawa. Clearly, this coffee house is an institution in the city. You must give it a try as it is one of the best coffee shops in Ottawa. I can also see why their coffee is so popular as they’ve truly perfected the brewing process.

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

I visited a location right across the street from Parliament Hill. After a trip up to the top of the Peace Tower early in the morning, I was ready for a jolt of caffeine. The cafe itself was warm and inviting, without being too crowded or noisy. They serve baked goods and light meals, so Bridgehead could be a great lunch option, too.

I ordered a coffee that was bold and flavorful. I sipped it as I walked around downtown Ottawa, with the snow lightly coming down. The coffee was comforting on a chilly, winter day.

Bridgehead serves a variety of plant-based milks for coffee, and there are several vegan menu items. For desserts and baked goods, you can find a granola cookie, chocolate macaroon, apple/oat/raisin muffin, and their exceptional loaf. For meals, there’s a quinoa and sweet potato wrap, a beet power bowl, not-tella tasty toast, avocado citrus tasty toast, and the seasonal greens with quinoa cakes.

I Deal Coffee

I Deal Coffee is situated on the outskirts of ByWard Market, and they’ve roasted their own coffee for 15 years. They specialize in dark roast coffee and they roast their beans in small batches. Their beans are sourced ethically from farmers worldwide, though they love fostering relationships with local partners and residents in the community, too.

I Deal Coffee has seven different blends to try, including beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia. They prepare their meals lovingly from scratch, which includes a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. Try the peanut noodle salad if you’re seeking a yummy vegan dish.

Planet Coffee (ByWard Market)

Planet Coffee at ByWard Market is a woman owned coffee shop that was one of the first coffee bars in Ottawa (since 1994). They take pride in their great coffee and customer service. You can be certain that after 25 years in business, they’ve perfected the art of serving the best cup of coffee.

Their coffee comes from Fluid Coffee Roasters, a solar powered coffee company where the owners live and work off the electrical grid. This coffee company uses renewable resources, like the sun and wind, to produce one of the most eco-friendly beans ever.

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa: Arlington Five

Arlington Five is one of the most popular and greatest coffee shops in Ottawa, and you’ll find it within the heart of the city. They proudly serve Lulo Coffee beans and seasonal lemonades in the summer. Don’t miss the bright and colourful mural splashed on the side of the building. It’s the perfect place for a photo opp, coffee in hand!

Cloudforest Coffee

Cloudforest Coffee offers coffee beans grown in a cloud forest valley, nestled in the western slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes. This is some of the best coffee in Ottawa, and you can try it in one of their cafes or order the beans online. It’s a specialty Arabica coffee that’s shade grown at high altitudes that also happens to be bird-friendly.

You can feel good about drinking this coffee. Profits have helped build a school in Ecuador, and they also support a community of local farmers who have been resisting mining companies. Cloudforest Coffee has two locations: their Westboro cafe in Ottawa and their Hull cafe in Gatineau.

Ottawa Coffee Takeaway: Bread and Sons

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

Bread and Sons happened to be around the corner from my Airbnb apartment. I also discovered that they were open really early in the morning, and they also served vegan desserts. Naturally, I had to go there!

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

This isn’t the kind of coffee shop where you hang around for hours on end chatting to your friends. When I visited, it seemed popular for its grab-and-go selections. There was a line up of customers that moved very quickly as everyone knew what they wanted to order. These were mostly professionals on their way to work, picking up a coffee and a light breakfast.

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

While the coffee was good, the freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was amazing. They also sell vegan muffins and vegan slices of pizza. If you don’t come here for the coffee, at least try one of the plant-based treats.

Equator Coffee Roasters

While I haven’t had the chance to frequent Equator Coffee Roasters‘ location in Ottawa, I have visited their flagship coffee shop in the town of Almonte and absolutely adored it. They’ve roasted beans for over 20 years at their Almonte location, just down the road from Ottawa.

Equator has direct relationships with small-scale farming communities. They take pride in being a socially and environmentally responsible business. This is a truly fair trade business that is quite possibly the most ethically sourced cup of coffee in Ottawa. Their location in Westboro is super cozy, and they have an additional cafe at the National Arts Centre of Canada.

Little Victories Coffee Roasters

Little Victories Coffee Roasters is owned by two travel loving friends who wanted to elevate the coffee culture in Ottawa. One is a coffee roaster and one is a barista, and together they strive to create and serve high quality coffee. They source their beans ethically and directly wherever possible, and Little Victories engages in environmentally-friendly practices.

Little Victories has two locations: the flagship cafe on Elgin Street, and a shipping container in the Glebe. They describe their cafes as a “coffee lovers paradise” where you can sample their dedicated single origin or blends as a filter, espresso or milk base. Try your latte or cappuccino with oat milk, almond milk or even macadamia nut milk.

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar is exactly how it sounds: a quirky, cool bookshop with a cafe inside it. It’s a curated, used bookstore that’s a haven for bookworms. And for the caffeine lovers in the crowd, check out the coffee and espresso beverages made from locally roasted beans.

They use Cloud Forest and Little Victories beans, and both roasters are featured within this blog post about the best coffee shops in Ottawa. If you love books and coffee, you absolutely need to check out Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar.

Ottawa Coffee Shops: Manhattan’s Coffee Co

Manhattan’s Coffee Co opened in 2019 and it’s one of the best coffee shops in Ottawa. This Ottawa cafe gets rave reviews online with incredible customer feedback with regards to the owners and the products. Manhattan Coffee Co has coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and more. You can order any of their drinks with plant-based milk.

They also carry Strawberry Blonde Bakery cakes that are 100% vegan and gluten-free. I’ve sampled some of these cakes at my local Farm Boy and the bakery is based in Ottawa. They’re so delicious and the perfect choice to pair with your cup of coffee.

Coffee and Vegan Treats at Little Jo Berry’s Bakery

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa: Little Jo Berry's

Little Jo Berry’s makes an excellent cup of coffee; however, they might be known even better for their selection of baked goods. This establishment is also 100% vegan, although you’d never know it. It’s extremely popular in town, and I’m sure that many of their customers don’t even know that it’s a vegan place!

From handmade pop tarts to brownies, and burgers to pizza slices, you’ll find yummy treats and savory meals. I recommend doing what I did – buy a coffee, and bring back a container full of desserts. Some of them made it home as a surprise for Justin. Many of them didn’t make it out of my Airbnb. A girl’s gotta have a late night snack, right?

Little Jo Berry's
Little Jo Berry's

As for caffeinated beverages, you’ll find only plant-based milks on the menu: soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. They have coconut whipped cream, too. There are a variety of espresso drinks, including specialty beverages like a vanilla chai, a matcha latte with agave, and hot chocolate.

Red Door Provisions

Situated in the East End of Ottawa, Red Door Provisions all began in a farmer’s field in Chelsea, Quebec. At the time, they exclusively focused on handmade preserves and pickles. Eventually, they moved from farmers markets to their own space where you’ll still be able to buy their freshly prepared jams and marmalades.

However, Red Door Provisions is an adorable little coffee shop. They serve a rotating roster of Canadian coffee roasters, like Pilot Coffee Roasters, Dispatch, Phil & Sebastian, De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters, Little Victories, Detour and more. They have a seasonal food menu and a rotating display of pastries and baked goods. This is one of the best coffee shops in Ottawa, and I know you’ll just love it.

Beandigen Cafe

Beandigen Cafe is a brand new establishment in the city, and one of the newest best coffee shops in Ottawa. It’s an Anishinaabe owned and operated cafe. In addition to coffee, it’s also a hub for Indigenous business and culture.

Beandigen Cafe is focused on creating a welcoming space for the community, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to engage with Indigenous culture. Right now, it’s a pop-up shop in Lansdowne, and hopefully it will soon become a permanent fixture in the neighbourhood.

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa: Figaro Coffee House

Figaro Coffee House is a Canadian company that roasts their beans right here in Ottawa. They purchase the finest Arabica coffee beans from around the world. It’s one of the top places in Ottawa to experience a variety of exotic coffees using freshly roasted beans.

Figaro Coffee House has two locations in Ottawa, and they also sell their coffee beans on site. Stop by for a bite to eat or a delicious cup of coffee. It’s one of the newest cafes in Ottawa, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best coffee shops in Ottawa, too.

Feline Cafe Ottawa

Feline Cafe Ottawa

Looking for something a little bit different? If you love cats and coffee, definitely stop by the Feline Cafe for some rich brews and kitty cuddles. It’s described as a “coffee shop for cat lovers”, and it’s one of the best Ottawa coffee shops.

You’ll need to book a reservation to visit the cat lounge. All of the cats are rescued cats and up for adoption, looking for a loving home. This is a cozy, comforting and happy space where you can interact with cute cats. Maybe you’ll even fall in love with one of them and welcome them into your family.

In between visits to the best coffee shops in Ottawa, here are some other places to check out in Canada’s Capital City:

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Renuka Walter

Friday 18th of October 2019

Great list! I'm also just too fond of coffee. Wherever I go, I look for a good cafe


Monday 25th of September 2017

Thanks for the post. The last time I visited Ottawa I had quite the terrible experience at a nice coffee shop. Fortunately, it is not one of the ones you've listed. I will be sure to open this compilation the next time I'm in Ottawa and in need of a cup of joe.


Friday 12th of January 2018

I'm so sorry you had a bad experience! There are so many wonderful place to get a cup of coffee in Ottawa, so I hope you visit one of these listed ones next time :)


Friday 5th of May 2017

I looooove Little Jo's! I don't drink coffee, but their baked goods are incredible!


Friday 12th of January 2018

I'm still dreaming about Little Jo's baked goods. YUM!


Thursday 27th of April 2017

Thank you for sharing the great list of Coffee shops...


Friday 12th of January 2018

You're welcome!

Simon MacDonald

Monday 24th of April 2017

If you are in the Little Italy/China Town area then you'll want to check out Happy Goat Coffee. For variety you'll also want to swing by the Bridgehead Roastery on Anderson off of Preston to see where they roast all of the coffee locally and finally the Morning Owl location on Rochester.

Downtown on Dalhousie you can hit I Deal Coffee and BlueBird.

But if you are the Westborough area then you need to hit their Ministry of Coffee location for a Nutella Latte and then walk down the road to Suzy-Q's donut shop. If you feel like a soup and sandwich then Bread By Us has good food and an amazing pour over.


Friday 12th of January 2018

Thank you so much for your insights! I know where I'll be going next time for sure.

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