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Pickering Museum Village’s Haunted Ghost Walk is a Ghostly Good Time

Pickering Museum Village has many fun events throughout the year, and their Haunted Ghost Walk is well worth a visit. Located just outside of Toronto in Durham Region, Pickering Museum Village is a historic pioneer village come to life. Through their Haunted Ghost Walk, you’ll learn about the history of the village and Pickering’s past, as well as the spirits that continue to haunt its homes to this day.

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts and hauntings, Pickering Museum Village’s Haunted Ghost Walk is engaging and intriguing. You’ll quickly become invested in these ghost stories through the captivating narrations by your tour guide. It’s fun for the whole family, and it’s a fantastic idea for a date night near Toronto.

Pickering Museum Village

All About the Pickering Museum Village

Pickering Museum Village is the largest living history museum in Pickering, just a short drive from Toronto. There are 19 heritage buildings, including an old school house, general store, a chapel, a blacksmith’s shops, and historic homes.

Duffin's Creek General Store
Haunted houses of Ontario

This reenactment village has costumed characters that illustrate what life was like over 100 years ago. Through fun and educational tours, families and people of all ages are offered a glimpse into the past at the Pickering Museum Village.

Haunted Ghost Walk at Pickering Museum Village

Pickering Museum Village

The Haunted Ghost Walk is a guided walking tour of Pickering Museum Village, including stops at each building that’s reported to be haunted. Your tour guide will tell you the creepy stories of the spirits that continue to inhabit each site.

Lantern and a spooky haunted house
Pickering Museum Village
Lauren entering a door

You’ll learn about the paranormal investigations that have taken place at some of the sites, and spooky tales of past hauntings. For example, a man’s voice once told a security guide of one house to “get out”, and a child once saw the ghost of a child peeking out from the curtains of a second story window.

Pickering Museum Village
Old typewriter
Pickering Museum Village

I won’t give too much away. You’ll have to attend for the full experience. The Haunted Ghost Walk is fun for kids of all ages, and it’s a really entertaining date night for couples. Justin and I had a really enjoyable time and we’d love to return to this pioneer village for more events in the future.

Plan Your Visit

Walking tours near Toronto

The Haunted Ghost Walk is one hour long, and there are several tours throughout the evening. It runs on Saturday nights throughout the summer, and Thursday to Saturday nights in the fall.

Pickering Museum Village Haunted Tour

The Haunted Ghost Walk operates right up until Halloween. Take a look at the events page on the official website for more details.

More Fun Events at Pickering Museum Village

Historic places in Durham Region

There are lots of awesome events throughout the year at the village. Here’s a small sampling of the experiences you can have when you visit.

1920s Prohibition Escape Room

Who loves escape rooms? Justin and I think they’re an absolute blast, and we’d love to return to the Pickering Museum Village to try their 1920s Prohibition Escape Room. There’s a rumor of a speakeasy operating out of the Brougham Hotel, and you’ll need to find the moonshine within 45 minutes.

Pickering Museum Village

Bounty of the Harvest

Do you love fresh produce, herbs, and cooking? Check out the Bounty of the Harvest event. You’ll embark on a garden tour, a hands-on harvesting (depending on what’s in season), recipes (both heritage and modern), and a prep session. There’s a new featured ingredient each week for a brand new experience each time.

Pickering Fairy Tour

Greenwood Conservation Area

Pickering Museum Village is on the northern edge of Greenwood Conservation Area, an idyllic and beautiful forest. While this forest is home to amazing flora and fauna, there are also some magical creatures living there, too. Learn about the local fairies, elves, and folklore. It runs during the day in October and in the evenings in November (it’s lit up at night!).

Wreath Making Workshop

Make your home even more magical for the holidays with a beautiful handmade wreath…made by you! Attend the Wreath Making Workshop to create a wreath using fresh greenery, pine cones, ribbons, and other materials. You’ll learn about the history of the materials and how they’ve been used over the decades as Christmas decorations.

Haunted places in Ontario
Haunted places in Ontario

Haunted Things to Do in Ontario

Looking for even more haunted events in Ontario? Here’s more spooky and ghostly fun that you can have in the province, especially in the fall close to Halloween.

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