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Best Flight Delay Compensation Company: Click2Refund and How to Get Paid

Click2Refund Review

I’m sure we’ve all experienced flight delays in Europe. It’s exhausting enough to navigate your way through security, spend hours at the airport and on the plane, and deal with jet lag. Throw a delayed flight into the mix, and you’ll spend even more of your precious time at the airport waiting and waiting. As a passenger flying through Europe, you have rights and you may be entitled to receive EU flight compensation. I’m excited to tell you about the best flight delay compensation company, Click2Refund.

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Am I Entitled to Receive Flight Delay Compensation?

Airport terminal : EU flight delay compensation

European Regulation Air Passenger Rights EC261/2004 has rules regarding compensation that protects the rights of passengers in case their flight gets delayed, canceled, or overbooked. You may be entitled to receive EU261 compensation up to 600 EUR per passenger if you experience delays, missed connections, denial of booking, or outright cancellations.

If you’re flying with an EU airline or one that has departed from a European airport, you might be eligible for an EU flight compensation. Here’s a short video that explains your passenger rights if you should experience delays, denial of booking, cancellations, or missed connections.

EU261 Compensation: Your Passenger Rights

Most passengers are not aware that they have these consumer rights. In fact, only 1.5% of passengers take advantage of this EU regulation on flight delays. This regulation exists to hold the airlines accountable and protect your rights as a passenger and customer. After all, flight delays and cancellations are extremely inconvenient and take up your precious time, so you should be compensated for this.

You are protected if you’re flying with a European Union Carrier or using any carrier departing from the EU. You might be eligible to receive EU261 compensation under the following circumstances:

  • Your flight is delayed more than 3 hours
  • The flight is cancelled less than 14 days before your scheduled departure
  • You miss a connection
  • You are denied boarding due to an overbooked flight

EU Flight Delay Compensation

Waiting at the airport - How to claim EU flight delay compensation

What are the rules for flight compensation? First, the airlines should pay you in cash, electronic bank transfer, a bank order, or by cheque. The airlines will likely try to offer you vouchers first. Don’t accept the voucher if you’d rather have money.

As for a monetary amount, it depends on the flight distance and the length of the delay, not what you paid for the ticket. If you’re travelling between Europe and North America, it’s likely that you will be entitled to the full €600 per person. You do not need to be a EU citizen to receive compensation. You can receive a flight delay compensation if you are from the USA, Canada, and beyond. Here are the specific amounts that you can claim:

  • Up to 1500km and 3+ hours delay: €250
  • 1500km-3000km and 3+ hours delay: €400
  • Over 3000km and 3-4 hours delay: €300
  • Over 3000km and over 4 hours delay: €600

In accordance with the EU regulation for delayed flights, there may be extraordinary circumstances where you cannot receive any compensation. These extraordinary circumstances can include weather conditions, terrorist attacks, industrial strike, and sabotage. However, once the extraordinary circumstances are over, the airline needs to resume the flights. Also, you may still be entitled to a refund even if there are extraordinary circumstances.

The Best Flight Delay Compensation Company

Click2Refund review - flight claim companies

Now, the airlines are not going to reach out to you to offer you any kind of compensation. Most passengers who experience delays and cancellations don’t receive any compensation at all. It’s up to you to claim your EU flight delay compensation.

However, these situations can be complicated. Sometimes you’re flying with multiple airlines and you’ll miss a connection. You may have booked your flight through third party booking sites, making it more difficult to receive any compensation. It’s possible that you’ll spend hours on the phone waiting to get through. Then, it may be a whole process of speaking to various different agents. They may try to offer you a voucher instead of a refund, and you may spend hours without any results.

Your time and effort is valuable. I personally don’t have the time to wait hours on hold, listening to elevator music that could drive you mad. It’s even more difficult to get through on the phone during these current global circumstances. That’s where flight claim companies prove to be helpful. Click2Refund is the best flight delay compensation company out there. They’ll fight on your behalf to track down your refund, and they have a fantastic “no win no fee” policy. You’ve got nothing to lose!

How to Get Paid Using Click2Refund

Airplane seats - EU261 compensation

First, check out the Click2Refund website. They have a really easy flight delay compensation calculator at the top of the page where you can input your flight details. If you’ve had any issues going back three years (six years in the UK), Click2Refund is willing to fight on your behalf so you can get paid.

Making a claim on their website is simple and takes under two minutes. Once you’ve made your claim, leave the rest up to Click2Refund. They’ll make all of the phone calls on your behalf, and their expert lawyers will even take your case to court if it’s necessary.

Click2Refund is the best flight delay compensation company with a high success rate. When individuals complain, the airlines might try to make excuses or outright reject these claims. For eligible cases, Click2Refund has a 98% success rate in enforcing passenger rights and claiming the compensation you’re entitled to receive.

Airplane in flight - Flight claim companies

You have nothing to lose. Click2Refund offers a no win no fee service, which means that you pay nothing up front. You don’t have to give any credit card information or provide any advance payment. Once Click2Refund settles your case, they will deduct a 25% service fee from your compensation. From my personal research, this is much less than other comparable flight claim companies, making Click2Refund the best flight delay compensation company for this reason alone.

When you browse their website, they have dozens and dozens of fantastic reviews from happy customers. You can be confident that Click2Refund will fight for your passenger rights and help you receive the money that you deserve.

Click2Refund Frequently Asked Questions

Airplane at sunset in flight - Click2Refund review

Here are the answers to some questions that you might have regarding EU flight compensation and flight claim companies.

Does my flight qualify for compensation under EU261/2004?

Click2Refund has a handy calculator on their website to determine if your flight qualifies. Your flight may qualify if you were delayed for over 3 hours and your flight involves a European airport or a European airline carrier.

What does it cost to use Click2Refund?

There is no cost up front. Click2Refund offers a “no win no fee” service. Once Click2Refund settles your claims, they take 25% of your compensation.

Do I need to be a European citizen to receive flight delay compensation?

No. If you travel with a EU airline or depart from a European airport, you are entitled to receive flight delay compensation. This applies to Canadians, Americans, and others, too!

How long does it take to receive compensation from Click2Refund?

For the most part, you will receive your refund within 90 days. However, it may take longer if the claim ends up going to court.

Can I ask for any compensation for extra expenses incurred during the flight delay or cancellation?

Yes! You can ask for compensation for food and accommodations within reason. This won’t include any alcohol or luxury hotels, however.

What if I am only offered vouchers by the airline?

You can reject the vouchers because you are entitled to receive cash. If the airline refuses to pay you in cash, this is a great opportunity to use a flight compensation company, like Click2Refund.

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