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70 Vegan Mexican Recipes: The Best Vegan Dishes Inspired by Mexican Cuisine

Vegan Mexican Recipes

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? It’s one of my all time favorites. At my place, there’s always a good excuse for vegan Mexican meals. Taco Tuesday, Nacho Night, Tamale Thursday…okay, maybe I made a couple of those up. No matter what day of the week it is, here are 70 fabulous vegan Mexican recipes to prepare from your own kitchen. Bring the flavors of Mexico home, wherever you are in the world!

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Vegan Mexican Soup

Soup is always a great addition to any meal, and here are a few Mexican inspired vegan soups to start off right. These vegan Mexican recipes for soup are naturally veggie friendly or transform traditional favorites into vegan versions. Sometimes soup can be the main focus of a meal, too, especially if you’re enjoying one for lunch.

Black Bean Soup

Black bean soup - Vegan Mexican recipes

This vegan black bean soup by Krumpli is quick and easy to make. There are a lot of delicious flavors happening all in one bowl from the onion, garlic, red pepper, and corn. Best of all, there’s a little bit of heat from the chipotle adobo hot peppers. Enjoy this one any time of the year, whether it’s a hot or cold day.

Tortilla Soup

Vegan tortilla soup

Tortilla Soup is a traditional Mexican dish and this one is prepared both vegan and gluten-free. This vegan tortilla soup recipe by Sharon Palmer features instructions for the stove top, slow cooker, and instant pot. It’s easy to make and uses ingredients that you likely already have on hand. I can see this one entering my regular rotation of vegan Mexican meals!

Sopa de Fideo (Mexican Noodle Soup)

Sopa de Fideo - Mexican noodle soup

Sopa de Fideo is Mexican noodle soup, and I hadn’t heard of it before this vegan Sopa de Fideo recipe by Vegan Huggs. It only takes 25 minutes to make and uses pantry staples, so you can whip this one up without much effort. It’s possible to make this one without gluten and without oil, too. Try the soup with fresh lime, chopped cilantro, or a dollop of vegan sour cream on top (which you can make from scratch following a recipe later on in this post!).

Quinoa Enchilada Soup

Quinoa enchilada soup

Looking for a protein rich meal? Try this quinoa enchilada soup recipe by Shweta in the Kitchen. It’s one of the most delicious and hearty vegan Mexican recipes that’s quick to make in bulk and freeze for later. Or eat it all now. I won’t judge! You can make this one on the stove or in your instant pot pretty quickly.

Vegan Mexican Salad

Salads get a bad rap among vegans sometimes, especially as we look back to the days where a green salad might have been the only thing available on the menu. Don’t worry, these Mexican inspired salads are delicious and far from boring. These vegan Mexican recipes for salad are a great addition to any meal, or you might transform them into the main course.

Mexican Chopped Salad with Avocado Dressing

Mexican Chopped Salad with Avocado Dressing - Vegan Mexican Recipes

This salad is a rainbow of colors and tastes just as good as it looks. It’s a vegan Mexican chopped salad by Happy Kitchen, and it’s great to enjoy for lunch or as a side salad with dinner. It’s nutrient rich with loads of veggies and black beans. The salad is topped with a yummy avocado dressing, flavored with lime and cumin.

Mexican Lentil Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Mexican Lentil Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

This beautiful Mexican lentil salad by Occasionally Eggs is pleasing to the eyes and the palate. It’s one of the vegan Mexican recipes on this list that manages to be super healthy (lots of veggies and lentils!) and tasty (topped with a zesty lime vinaigrette). It’s also a Mexican salad that doesn’t have avocado in it for those who don’t enjoy them.

Black Bean and Corn Salad

Black Bean and Corn Salad - Vegan Mexican recipes

When I think about Mexican inspired salads, a black bean and corn salad immediately comes to mind. Naturally, I had to include one in this roundup! This black bean and corn salad recipe comes from Food Folks and Fun, and it’s perfect as a side salad, appetizer, or even as a salsa or dip. Besides the black beans and corn, it’s jam packed with red pepper, jalapeno, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, and lime.

Vegan Layered Taco Salad

Vegan Layered Taco Salad

It’s tacos and a salad, together at last! This vegan layered taco salad by Yum Vegan Food is perfectly presented in a trifle dish and aims to impress. There are layers of veggies, vegan lentil meat, taco salad dressing and corn chips. It’s all the crunchiness of a taco with some extra greens in the mix.

Jicama Slaw

Vegan Jicama Slaw

Jicama is a root vegetable that’s often eaten raw, and it’s served up in a delightful Jicama Slaw by Vegetarian South. You’ll make this one in a flash as there are only four ingredients. Jicama slaw is great as a side salad or served on top of tacos and sandwiches.

Vegan Tacos

And now for the section that many of you will be eagerly skipping to…tacos! Whether you serve them up in a soft tortilla or hard shell, here are 11 vegan taco recipes to try. You can almost have tacos for two weeks straight if you decide to eat a new one every day…just sayin’! Try my recipe for black bean tacos or any of the following tasty dishes.

Tempeh Tacos

Vegan Mexican recipes - Tempeh tacos

At the heart of this vegan taco lies the tempeh taco meat, which is really easy to make by blending tempeh, taco seasoning, and a couple of other ingredients. Top it all off with chipotle corn salsa, fresh tomato salsa, jalapenos and cilantro. You’ve got a winning tempeh taco recipe by Happy Kitchen.

Tequila Lime Cauliflower Tacos

Tequila Lime Cauliflower Tacos

Can you believe that these cauliflower tacos that burst with flavor only take about 20 minutes of prep time? It begins with giving cauliflower a margarita bath…this is one of the best taco recipes for that reason alone! I recommend making these tequila lime vegan cauliflower tacos with cabbage slaw by A Little and a Lot, stat.

Mushroom Tacos

Mushroom Tacos - Vegan Mexican recipes

Many vegan Mexican dishes will substitute beans or tofu in place of the meat. Well, how about mushrooms? This easy mushroom taco recipe by Thyme & Love comes together in a snap, and they’ve got the perfect amount of flavor and heat. With just a few basic ingredients and low prep time, Taco Tuesdays have never been easier.

Sweet Potato Tacos with Avocado Salsa

Sweet Potato Tacos with Avocado Salsa

Judging by the amount of taco recipes in this blog post, you can see that they’re clearly one of my favorite kinds of vegan Mexican food. They’re so incredibly versatile. Here’s another great one using sweet potatoes as the base. This sweet potato taco recipe by The Rustic Foodie also features a healthy avocado salsa. These tacos are perfect for the health conscious folks in the crowd without sacrificing on the flavor.

Potato Air Fryer Tacos

Potato Air Fryer Tacos - Vegan Mexican recipes

Do you have an air fryer? This recipe is for you! Even if you don’t have an air fryer (there are baking and pan frying instructions for the potatoes), you can make this delicious potato taco recipe by Vegan Huggs. The main ingredients are potatoes, corn tortillas, and spices. They’re easy to make and tasty to boot. Enjoy them with various kinds of salsa and vegan sour cream.

Crunchy Baked Black Bean Mini Tacos

Crunchy Baked Black Bean Mini Tacos  - Vegan Mexican recipes

These crunchy baked black bean mini tacos by Veggie Inspired are perfect as an appetizer, a snack, or a treat to munch on while you watch Netflix. If you make enough of them, have them for dinner, too! They have a super yummy filling of black beans, pickled red onion, and avocado. These mini tacos make great party food and they’re pretty adorable, don’t you think?

Crispy Tofu Tacos

Crispy Tofu Tacos

And now for some amazing Mexican spiced tofu tacos! These crispy tofu tacos by Rhubarbarians will surely be a new favorite in your household. Fill the taco shells with your crispy tofu, favorite veggie toppings and drizzle the spicy cilantro crema on top. There’s a nice little bit of heat from the jalapenos, too.

Pecan Pinto Bean Taco Lettuce Wraps

Pecan Pinto Bean Taco Lettuce Wraps - Vegan Mexican recipes

Here’s a bean based taco recipe that uses a lettuce wrap in place of a taco shell (feel free to sub in a tortilla or hard shell taco if you prefer!). These pinto bean pecan taco lettuce wraps by Rhubarbarians could be one of the top vegan Mexican recipes that you make from this list. They’re healthy, quick to whip up (15 minutes!), and super yummy.

Eggplant Carnitas Tacos

Eggplant Carnitas Tacos - Vegan Mexican recipes

As I was mentioning previously, there are all sorts of ways to substitute beans and veggies in place of the taco meat. This is one of the most creative vegan Mexican recipes that subs in eggplant to make vegan eggplant carnitas tacos. Posted over at Rhian’s Recipes, these vegan tacos won’t have you missing the meat one bit. If you’re looking for Mexican vegan dishes to serve to your omnivore friends, give this one a try.

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme (Taco Bell Inspired)

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme (Taco Bell Inspired)

Missing Taco Bell? Make your own vegan version of the crunchwrap from home, thanks to Instant Veg! Layer your burritos with vegan taco meat, crunchy tostadas, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, and some veggies. Grill each side or use a sandwich press and you’ve got one of the tastiest vegan Mexican meals.

Nopales Tacos with Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Nopales Tacos with Corn and Black Bean Salsa

So, what’s the primary ingredient in these vegan nopales tacos by The Baking Fairy? Cactus! To find fresh cactus, you may have to go to a Hispanic grocery store as it’s not typically found in many grocery stores. You might be able to sub in canned cactus, but I’d try to find it fresh, if possible. It’s a great opportunity to try a new ingredient, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked!

Vegan Mexican Bowls

Love the filling from tacos and burritos? Why not make it into a meal with these vegan Mexican bowls! Here are some vegan Mexican recipes that are hearty, satisfying, and delicious.

Summer Harvest Burrito Bowl

Vegan Mexican Recipes - Summer Harvest Burrito Bowl

This picture perfect summer harvest burrito bowl by Occasionally Eggs features all the colors of the rainbow. Like many burrito bowls, rice will be your base. Load in all kinds of colorful veggies and prepare the spicy black bean recipe. Voila! And you’re done.

Black Bean Sweet Potato Quinoa

Black Bean Sweet Potato Quinoa

How much do you LOVE one pot recipes? I love them simply for having to wash less dishes. This is one of the easiest vegan Mexican recipes because you prepare all of the ingredients into one pot, cook using the directions provided, and serve. Check out this one pot Mexican black bean sweet potato quinoa by Flavor the Moments to make this one for dinner tonight.

Easy Taco Bowls with Tempeh

Vegan Mexican Recipes - Easy Taco Bowls with Tempeh

It’s always nice when the word “easy” is in the recipe title. This easy vegan taco bowl recipe by The Baking Fairy will be finished in a snap. It’s got all of the makings of tasty vegan and vegetarian Mexican food: fajita vegetables, Mexican spiced tempeh, rice, black beans, and other toppings. Yum!

Vegan Enchiladas

Enchiladas are tortillas with a filling inside them, and then covered with a savory sauce. Naturally, there are many ways to prepare vegan enchiladas at home to create tasty Mexican vegan dishes for the whole family. Here are a few that will inspire you to make some enchiladas right away!

Potato and Roasted Poblano Enchiladas

Potato and Roasted Poblano Enchiladas

This is surely one of the vegan Mexican recipes that you’ll love. These potato and roasted poblano enchiladas by Thyme & Love feature a filling of mashed potatoes and roasted poblano peppers. They’re topped with salsa verde, cashew crema, and toppings of your choosing. Cilantro and lime juice are a must (unless you’re one of those people who don’t care for cilantro. I am not one of those people!)

Easy Vegan Enchiladas

Vegan Mexican Recipes - Easy Vegan Enchiladas

Looking for one of the simplest vegan Mexican recipes out there? Try making these easy vegan enchiladas by Delicious Everyday. You can make it with only six ingredients and there’s not much prep other than putting it all together. These ingredients are easy to find at any grocery store. It’s so easy that it’s almost like taking a night off from cooking!

Vegan Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Vegan Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

For an enchilada recipe that requires a little more prep than the last one (but still not too much), here are vegan enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce by The Cheeky Chickpea. The “beefy” filling uses Gardein beefless ground as a base with veggies and spices. Next, you’ll make your own enchilada sauce and vegan cashew cheese sauce. It’s one of the most classic vegan Mexican dishes, and extra delicious as you’ll be making almost everything from scratch.

Vegan Burritos

Ah, burritos. I make burritos at least once a week as it’s easy to make a whole bunch of them at once, and they’re pretty healthy (and filling!). Here are some vegan burrito recipes so you can change things up now and again. I know that I’ll be replacing my go-to vegan burrito recipes with these ones over the next while.

Easy Breakfast Burritos

Vegan Mexican recipes - Easy Breakfast Burritos

Start the day off right with these vegan breakfast burritos by Veggie Lexi. Savor this mixture of tofu, black beans, avocado and spices all rolled up into a delicious wrap. Make it gluten-free by using gluten-free tortillas. Once you have these, you won’t settle for a boring bowl of cereal for breakfast again.

Chili Chickpea Burritos

Chili Chickpea Burritos

This is one of the most tasty vegan Mexican recipes that will keep you away from that fast food counter. This vegan chili chickpea burrito by Plants Dish is quick and easy to make, whether you’re making tonight’s dinner or you’re meal prepping. It’s also possible to serve these as a burrito bowl if you don’t feel like wrapping them up. And would you believe that there are only 7 ingredients required?

Vegan Bean Burritos

Vegan Mexican recipes - Vegan Bean Burritos

Check it out: Nutriciously has all kinds of ideas to make vegan bean burritos. There’s even a method for making your own flour tortillas! There are ways to create classic vegan burritos, along with several other takes on this. The classic method sounds good to me: black beans, rice, salsa, green onion, avocado, corn…I’m sold! It’s one of the staple vegan Mexican recipes that needs to find a way to your dinner plate.

Better Than Chipotle Vegan Burrito

Better Than Chipotle Vegan Burrito

Have you tried the vegan burrito at Chipotle? I’ve gotta admit, the sofritas are pretty darn tasty. However, you’ll want to try this better than Chipotle vegan burrito by The Cheeky Chickpea to make all of your Chipotle dreams come true…from home! And it’s even better than the original one.

More Mexican Main Courses

Here are even more vegan Mexican recipes to prepare as the main course. They didn’t fit into any of the other categories above. But, they’re equally as fabulous when it comes to making vegan Mexican food at home.

Cauliflower Ceviche

Vegan Mexican Recipes: Cauliflower Ceviche

As I was raised vegetarian, I never tried a ceviche in my life. When Justin and I went to a boutique resort in Mexico, they prepared beautiful vegan dishes for us and I tried a coconut ceviche for the first time. This recipe looks equally as pretty and tastes great, too. It’s a cauliflower ceviche by Veggies Save the Day, and it’s a great way of getting those veggies into your diet.

Black Bean Tostadas

Black Bean Tostadas

Look at these vegan black bean tostadas by Haute and Healthy Living! They’re visually stunning. But, they’re also easy to make (especially if you soak the cashews ahead of time), customizable, meal prep friendly, and full of flavor. You might even end up with a little leftover vegan queso that you can use for many other recipes in this roundup.

Northern Style Bean Tamales

Vegan Mexican recipes - Northern Style Bean Tamales

Have you ever tried Tamales de Frijol Norteños (or Northern Style Bean Tamales)? This recipe by Mama Maggie’s Kitchen is made 100% vegan as the traditional dish is made with lard. Although there’s a lengthy prep and cooking time for these tamales, they’re well worth the time spent and they require very few ingredients. I’ve only ever bought vegan tamales at the local farmer’s market, so I’d love to prepare these ones in particular in my own kitchen.

Vegan Mexican Casserole

Vegan Mexican Casserole - Vegan Mexican recipes

Nothing beats a satisfying casserole dish, and this one combines the best of both worlds: Mexican food and casseroles! This vegan Mexican casserole by Simply Stacie piles in all of those delicious Mexican flavors, and you’ll have enough food to feed the whole family (or have a good amount of leftovers!). This blog post also demonstrates which kinds of wine to pair with the meal.

Vegan Tortas with BBQ Seitan Ribs

Vegan Tortas with BBQ Seitan Ribs

Have you ever tried a Mexican torta? It’s a sandwich that’s pretty much a cross between a sandwich and a taco. You can pile in refried beans and salsa as toppings, just like a taco. Like a sandwich, there’s a bun and some sort of protein in the middle. Usually, this is a meat dish, but Yum Vegan Food has veganized this popular dish by placing BBQ seitan ribs in the middle. Yum indeed!

Refried Black Bean and Roasted Veg Quesadillas

Refried Black Bean and Roasted Veg Quesadillas

I always feel it’s pretty easy to find vegan tacos and burritos at restaurants, but vegan quesadillas are a little tougher to track down. So, let’s make our own vegan Mexican recipes for quesadillas at home! The Cheeky Chickpea has this vegan quesadilla with refried beans and roasted vegetables recipe that you seriously need in your life.

Chickpea Fajitas

Chickpea Fajitas - vegan Mexican recipes

Looking for another easy breezy meals? This chickpea fajitas dish by Little Sunny Kitchen is a pan sheet meal, meaning that you prepare it all on one baking sheet. Place chickpeas and veggies on the baking sheet, dusted in fajita seasoning. Bake and you’re done! Roll these babies up in tortillas or eat them as is. I’m sure you could even craft these into tacos, bowls, burritos…the world is your oyster!

Mexican Side Dishes

Want some side dishes to spruce up a dish? You can also use some of these recipes as a base to make other main courses (such as the rice recipe, black bean recipe, and the homemade tortilla chips).

Cilantro Lime Rice

Cilantro Lime Rice - Vegan Mexican Recipes

Why use plain ol’ boring rice when you can spruce your meals up with cilantro lime rice? This cilantro lime rice by This Wife Cooks is one of the most versatile vegan Mexican recipes because you can use it in so many meals. Try it out with many of the recipes listed here, or you can create a delicious Mexican vegan side dish of beans and rice.

Black Beans with Scallions

Black Beans with Scallions

Pair this one with the rice dish listed above or eat it all on its own! This is a black bean with scallions recipe for your slow cooked by It’s a Veg World After All that you can make in bulk to use in so many different meals. The beans are perfectly seasoned for use in tacos, bowls, and so many more. It’s freezer friendly, so you can save any leftovers for later.

Healthy Homemade Tortilla Chips

Healthy Homemade Tortilla Chips

Store bought tortilla chips, move over! You can make your own homemade, healthy, baked tortilla chips in your own kitchen. Make your own nachos with these chips or use them for dipping in salsa or guacamole. After making these, you’ll likely never want to go back to the kind made in a factory. Check out this healthy tortilla chip recipe by Eat Plant Based.

Vegan Conchas

Vegan Conchas - Vegan Mexican recipes

Conchas is a type of pan dulce, a sweet bread that’s typically served at breakfast time in restaurants. You’ll receive a basket of pan dulce to your table. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t vegan as they’ll have either eggs, dairy, or lard (or a combination of all!). Conchas are breads with a sugar topping, and Thyme & Love has some vegan conchas that we can create at home. While they’re perfect to have for breakfast with your morning cup of coffee, you can really enjoy these any time of the day.

Roasted Mexican Potatoes

Roasted Mexican Potatoes

These aren’t your average roasted potatoes. These Mexican roasted potatoes by The Organic Kitchen are baked in spices. Then, they’re tossed in a gremolata comprised of cilantro, lime zest, and minced garlic. Serve alongside any dish or prepare a huge batch of them for lunch or a snack. They’re naturally vegan and gluten free.

Mexican Quinoa

Vegan Mexican Recipes - Mexican Quinoa

I’m sure you’re very familiar with Mexican rice. Now, how about Mexican quinoa? It’s a take on a traditional Mexi-rice recipe, subbing in quinoa for the rice. Enhance Your Palate has all of the spices just right in one of the best vegan Mexican recipes for side dishes (or to sub in for rice in any meal). You could easily put this dish up in the “Mexican bowls” section of this blog post as it stands alone quite well. It’s packed with protein, and you can eat it all on its own for a meal or devour as a side dish.

Mexican Style Street Corn

Mexican Style Street Corn

Have you ever bought corn on the cob from a street vendor in Mexico before? This Mexican street corn dish by Veggie Lexi emulates the flavors of that classic treat. You can bake this corn in the oven wrapped in foil or cook it on the grill. The corn is topped with onion, garlic, spices and lime. It’s wonderful as a snack, a side, or a full meal if you make enough of them.

Easy Vegan Refried Beans

Easy Vegan Refried Beans

Refried beans is an absolute classic and a must in so many vegan Mexican recipes. While you can buy a can of refried beans from the grocery store, it tastes so much better if you cook them from scratch. This easy vegan refried bean dish by Mama Likes to Cook produces refried beans in no time. You’ll never want to go back to the canned version after you make your own flavorful meal on the stovetop. It uses two kinds of beans and coconut oil for a healthy take on this Mexican staple.

Healthy Loaded Nachos

Vegan Mexican recipes - Healthy Loaded Nachos

Oh, nachos. I’m a little bit obsessed with you. You don’t have to feel quite as guilty munching on these healthy loaded nachos by Veggie Lexi. The homemade tortilla chips are oil-free, you’ll make the nacho cheese sauce from scratch, and the tofu topping is protein packed. With all kinds of veggies piled on top, you’ll elevate the plain old nacho dish to something amazing. It can function as a side dish, an appetizer, a snack, or even the main course.

Mexican Dips and Sauces

Dips, sauces, salsas…they add so much to vegan Mexican recipes. While many of the recipes posted here will ask that you add salsa or sauce, some of them don’t have their own recipe posted or ask that you use a pre-made version. Spice up your everyday vegan Mexican recipes by using these dips, salsas, and sauces that are made from scratch.

Vegan Sour Cream

Vegan Sour Cream - Vegan Mexican recipes

Sure, you can buy vegan sour cream at the grocery store. But, everything is always better made from scratch. Plus, this recipe is great for those times that you might not have vegan sour cream on hand. This vegan sour cream by A Little and a Lot uses soaked cashews and almond milk as a base. While it’s best served within 48 hours, you can use it for up to a week when kept in the fridge. Use it in just about all of the vegan Mexican recipes in this article!

Vegan Green Chile Cheese Sauce

Vegan Green Chile Cheese Sauce

Mmm…cheesy sauce! This cheese sauce is elevated by green chiles for an extra zip. This Wife Cooks has a fantastic recipe for vegan green chili cheese sauce that you’ll pour on all kinds of vegan Mexican food. You can simply use it as a dip for your nacho chips, too. It’s possible to get creative with this creation, such as making your own taco pasta or Mexican inspired lasagna. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Spicy Green Chile and Chorizo Queso

Vegan Mexican recipes - Spicy Green Chile and Chorizo Queso

This is a dip that eats like a meal! You’ll use spicy chorizo style seitan as the basis of this spicy green chile and chorizo queso by This Wife Cooks. The queso is made out of potatoes, tofu, miso, spices, and lemon juice. You’ll top it all off with green chiles. This dip is the perfect snack to enjoy while watching TV or bring it to the next party you attend!

Mango and Black Bean Salsa

Mango and Black Bean Salsa

Mango and black bean salsa is a classic Mexican dish, and you’ll love this version by A Taste For Travel. There are an abundance of mangos in Mexico and the Caribbean, depending on the time of year when you visit. While it might be impossible to replicate just how fresh the mangos are in Mexico, you can bring those flavors home with this refreshing salsa. The addition of lime, red onion and cilantro makes the salsa even better.

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa Verde

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa Verde

Why settle for store bought salsa? You can whip up this tomatillo avocado salsa by Veggies Save the Day in minutes by using your food processor or blender. It’s vegan, oil-free, gluten-free, and can be part of the Mediterranean diet. You’ll get your share of veggies and healthy fats from the avocado. Pair it with some baked tortilla chips and you’ll have the perfectly healthy snack.

Roasted Salsa

Roasted Salsa - Vegan Mexican recipes

Hilda’s Kitchen Blog has a roasted salsa recipe that’s a little smoky, a little spicy, and oh so tasty. It features one key ingredient, the charred Arbol chile peppers. Combine it with onion, roasted garlic, and tomatoes for one exceptional salsa.

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Prefer green salsa? Hilda’s Kitchen Blog has another delicious salsa recipe, coming right up! This roasted tomatillo salsa is spicy from the serrano peppers and creamy from the avocado. Of course, there are plenty of tomatillos, along with garlic, onion, lime, and more. Why not create a chip platter featuring both this tomatillo salsa and the roasted salsa for the best of both worlds?

Smoky Cilantro Lime Bean Dip

Vegan Mexican recipes - Smoky Cilantro Lime Bean Dip

For a slightly more filling chip dip, try this smoky cilantro lime Mexican bean dip dish by Veggie Inspired. It’s a fabulous appetizer or a healthy snack, featuring tons of beans, corn, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, and spices. Mix it up with some salad greens for a fresh salad topping. Use it on top of burrito bowls or other vegan Mexican recipes. There are so many great possibilities with vegan Mexican meals that you can combine many of them together for new creations.

Persimmon Pineapple Salsa

Persimmon Pineapple Salsa

I have to admit that I’ve never prepared any dishes with persimmon before. However, this persimmon pineapple salsa by Blend With Spices gives me the perfect excuse to give it a shot. This bright and refreshing salsa is a wonderful twist to the traditional tomato salsa. Serve it up with tortilla chips or nachos.

Easy Pico de Gallo

Easy Pico de Gallo

What would a vegan Mexican recipes roundup be without a pico de gallo dish? It’s such a classic Mexican creation that’s naturally vegan and vegetarian. I have made pico de gallo countless times, especially when I had fresh tomatoes readily available in my garden. Key to my Lime has a brilliant pico de gallo recipe that you’ll keep making over and over again.

Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Vegan Mexican recipes - Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Let’s change things up a little bit with a tropical salsa. Vintage Kitty offers an interesting twist on salsa with this grilled pineapple salsa. It’s much like a pico de gallo with grilled pineapple in place of the tomatoes. It’s sweet and zesty with a great added zing from the jalapeno peppers. Try it on top of tacos or simply as a chip dip.

Easy Guacamole

Vegan Mexican recipes - Easy Guacamole

One of the most memorable times that I ever ate guacamole was at a restaurant that prepared it table side. You could specify if you wanted more or less of some ingredients, and watch the guac being prepared before your eyes. It was so fresh and tasty. And it wasn’t exactly in Mexico (shhhh!), but it could have been and I wouldn’t have known! It’s clear that the best guacamole is made from scratch, and you can make your own using this easy guacamole recipe by Melanie Cooks. This one is super easy to make and you’ll be chowing down in no time flat.

Vegan Mexican Instant Pot Meals

Do you own an instant pot? You’re likely pretty hooked on using it for every meal because it’s just that easy! If that’s the case, you likely skipped right to this section of the blog post, and I totally would not blame you for that. Here are some vegan Mexican recipes using the instant pot.

Instant Pot Refried Beans

Instant Pot Refried Beans

Sandhya’s Kitchen has the best refried beans recipe that you can make from scratch quickly and easily in your instant pot.

Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice

Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice

It’s another winning vegan Mexican dish from Sandhya’s Kitchen! This time, it’s a cilantro lime rice made in the instant pot. I feel like you could easily pair this one with the previously mentioned refried bean instant pot recipe.

Instant Pot Mexican Rice

Vegan Mexican Rice

Want to make a Mexican rice instead? Try this instant pot Mexican rice meal by Cooking Carnival. It’s quick and simple to make with yummy flavors and spices.

Instant Pot Mexican Rice and Beans

Mexican Rice and Beans

Want to make the rice and beans all in one go? Try this instant pot rice and beans dish by Belly Rules the Mind. It’s the perfect base for any burrito or burrito bowl, or eat them all on their own.

Instant Pot Vegan Burrito Bowl

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Did you know that you can make a burrito bowl completely inside the instant pot? Try this instant pot recipe for vegan burrito bowls by Belly Rules the Mind and it will become an instant favorite.

Instant Pot Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Vegan Mexican recipes - Instant Pot Tomatillo Salsa Verde

How about making a salsa inside the instant pot? It’s possible with these directions on how to make roasted salsa verde by Belly Rules the Mind. While it can be used as a dip for chips, you can also use it as an enchilada sauce or as a condiment for tacos and burritos. You can even add a little to chili and soup for some extra zip.

Instant Pot Charro Beans

Instant Pot Charro Beans

A typical recipe for charro beans requires a lot of time, including soaking the beans overnight. But, with this instant pot charro beans dish by Belly Rules the Mind, you won’t need to wait overnight for the beans to be ready. You’ll use dried pinto beans and a variety of other tasty ingredients. Cook them all in the instant pot for about 45 minutes and you’re done! No overnight soaking required.

Instant Pot Arroz Verde (Green Rice)

Instant Pot Arroz Verde (Green Rice)

Arroz verde means “green rice” and it quite literally means cilantro rice. It’s a vibrant shade of green and has a rich flavor. Cooking Carnival has a great arroz verde instant pot recipe that you can make in about 15 minutes total. Added spinach will make the rice even more green, and the serrano pepper adds a nice bit of spice.

Instant Pot Mexican Quinoa

Instant Pot Mexican Quinoa

This is a fantastic Mexican quinoa instant pot recipe by Recipes From a Pantry where you can dump all of the ingredients into the instant pot and save a lot of time. It’ll taste like you spent hours creating this one! For those who don’t have an instant pot, there are regular stove top directions, too.

Desserts and Drinks

It’s the perfect end to every meal…dessert! I’ve also included a traditional Mexican drink that can be a sweet treat, too. Which one will you try first?

Hojarascas (Mexican Shortbread)

Hojarascas (Mexican Shortbread) - Vegan Mexican recipes

Hojarascas are Mexican shortbread cookies, and this is the vegan version of the traditional recipe by Mama Maggie’s Kitchen. You’ll use shortening in place of the lard, and they’re topped with cinnamon sugar. Cut them into any shapes that you desire. Indulge your sweet tooth with this sweet Mexican treat.


Chocobananas - Vegan Mexican recipes - Dessert chocolate bananas

Chocobananas (chocolate bananas) are a treat that we enjoy so often on vacation, so let’s treat ourselves to them at home, too. Bacon is Magic shows us just how easy it is to make these sweet frozen delights, and they’re really not all that bad for us either. Create all kinds of variations with your favorite toppings, too.

Vegan Horchata

Vegan Horchata

Horchata is a sweet Mexican drink made with rice and cinnamon. It’s traditionally very sweet, but you can control the level of sugar when you make it from home. Mama Likes to Cook shows us exactly how to create a veganized version of horchata at home using almond milk, Medjool dates, and other delicious ingredients.

Learn How to Cook…Vegan Style!

New to vegan cooking? New to cooking? Learn new skills with online vegan cooking classes! You can learn tons of cuisines from around the world with video classes by trained expert chefs. They’re always adding new classes to the roster, too.

Looking for even more vegan recipes inspired by places around the world? Check out our list of 50 Italian vegan recipes that will bring a taste of Italy to your kitchen.

My Favorite Vegan Food in Mexico

Justin and I have visited Mexico on a few occasions and have sampled lots of vegan food along the way. It’s easy being vegan in Mexico. Here are a few of our favorites, whether we’re staying in town or staying at a resort.

Looking for More Vegan Recipes?

First, be sure to check out my 60 favorite vegan books across all genres, including cookbooks. Beyond Mexican vegan dishes, I’m rounding up plant-based recipes for cuisines all over the world. With so many worldly flavors to discover, you’ll never get bored in the kitchen. You’ll want to take a look at these:

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Which one of these vegan Mexican recipes will you try first?

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Monday 6th of April 2020

All of these recipes look just too good, I want to eat them all. :D Thanks for including my recipe for crunchwraps!

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