Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu – Product Review

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu

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Finding vegan hiking boots can be tricky. Jambu to the rescue!

A vegan diet means eating no animal products – meat, dairy, or eggs. However, living a vegan lifestyle goes beyond food. Animal products are used in so many aspects of our daily lives that we don’t even realize it or think about it. Animal testing is used for many beauty and household products. In tourism, animals are used and abused for some forms of entertainment.   Animal products are also used for our own fashion and clothing. When it comes to footwear, it’s really difficult to find shoes, let alone hiking shoes that are vegan.

Thankfully, Jambu has created a line of vegan hiking boots and vegan shoes for everyday wear. Their vegan designs are equally as comfortable and durable as their other lines of shoes, without any animal products.


Over at the Jambu website, there are several styles of women’s vegan shoes to choose from. As I adore outdoor adventure and love going hiking, I chose the Spirit vegan shoe in charcoal/petal. From the site:

A trail-ready vegan shoe made for comfort and traction with All-Terra outsoles. Eco-conscious and animal-free, the Spirit tackles the trail while leaving a very light footprint on the environment.

If there aren’t any animal products, what’s the shoe made from? The materials are: Microbuck vegan/melange textile/neoprene upper, a partially recycled rubber All-Terra outsole, a memory foam footbed, with a Velcro buckle closure.

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu


The Spirit hiking shoe is sporty, stylish, and comfortable. From the moment I put the shoes on, I felt as though I was walking on a cloud. This is due to the memory foot foam bed, added for comfort and support. Right out of the shoe box, they were comfortable for a day of hiking around the trails. I didn’t need to break them in. They were immediately comfortable and didn’t give me any blisters or discomfort. I felt very lightweight wearing these shoes, as if there was a spring in my step.

The shoes fit true to size – I didn’t have to order a size up or down from my regular shoe size.

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu


The Spirit shoes come fitted with a partially recycled rubber outsole for durability and superior traction, especially when you’re navigating those tricky trails. This ensures that I won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding if I’m hiking up and down hills or walking down muddy paths.

At the same time, these shoes aren’t clunky or bulky like many other hiking boots. They’re fashionable and wearable for my everyday lifestyle. I can slip these shoes on if I’m walking down the street to the grocery store or headed out for a casual lunch date with friends. And yes, they slip on quickly and easily with the Velcro strap on the side. No more untying cumbersome laces – I can put these shoes on in a second!

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu


Many hiking shoes on the market cost a small fortunate. Never mind the “vegan tax” that we often pay – a premium on products offered to this niche market. The Spirit vegan hiking boots only cost $89 on the Jambu website, which is a steal. Their entire collection of vegan shoes and boots are an affordable luxury.

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu

Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu


Jambu’s vegan hiking shoes are awesome! Even if you aren’t vegan and you’re looking for a stylish hiking shoe, definitely get these shoes on your feet ASAP! Their Spirit shoe is great for everyday life, especially if you lead an athletic lifestyle. I can wear these to the gym, go hiking, go walking or running,  or go cycling, to name a few.

It’s great knowing that I can own a pair of vegan hiking boots without sacrificing what I feel is right for the plight of animals. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes…and new adventures!


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Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu

Thank you so much to Jambu for sending me a pair of shoes to try and review. My opinions, as always, are completely my own. I highly recommend this pair of vegan hiking shoes!


Review: Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah Dean
    | Reply

    The shoes look great! I’m hoping the brand is available in the UK as I find it so hard to find affordable, good quality vegan shoes. These ones are really cute and I particularly love the soles!

  2. Dennis L. Ward
    | Reply

    I have a pair of vegan hiking books. These boots are great, very comfortable for long hikes, but the only problem is that they squeak when I walk! It’s annoying, but for functionality it’s nice.

    Thanks for sharing your post.

  3. Daniel Morgan
    | Reply

    Thank you Lauren for sharing this tips to us.

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