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How to Save Money for Travel: Awesome Tips for Living a Life of Travel

How to Save Money for Travel: An Expert's Guide with Tips and Advice (Part 1)

How do you travel so much? I hear that question a lot. Even before I became a full time travel blogger, I’d hear similar comments and questions over and over again. “You’re going on another trip?” and “I can’t keep up with the places you’re going.” Well, I’m not rich and I certainly didn’t win the lottery. I love to travel and I find ways to make it happen as much as possible.

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Travel isn’t cheap. You need to find a way to travel to your destination, whether it’s by plane, car, train, or boat. Next, you need a place to stay, which is usually some form of hotel, apartment, hostel, or Airbnb. Then, there’s another big expense: eating! While the main goal is not to starve, you’ll probably want to indulge in some of the local cuisine. Dining at restaurants can really eat into your travel funds. And lastly, in order to see the sights, you’ll likely have to book some tours or admission tickets. Plain and simple: traveling around the world comes at a price.

How to Save Money for Travel

How to Save Money for a Trip

Thankfully, I have some tips that I use myself on a daily basis that show you how to save money for a trip. These are easy ways to save money for travel that won’t be detrimental to your day-to-day life. In fact, these suggestions are positive changes that will help you to live more minimally, be healthier, and spend quality time with loved ones.

How to Save Money for Travel: The Experts' Top Tips for Living a Life of Travel (Part 1)

And to sweeten the deal, I’ve discovered lots of new tips and advice from other travel experts. I’ve asked them to share their secrets with us. These travel bloggers also live a life of travel, some of them traveling the world on a full time basis. They know exactly what to do (and what not to do) to save money for travel. They’ll share the best ways to save money for a trip and show us how to travel on a budget.

Even if you’re not thinking about traveling for years at a time, this article still applies to you. Justin and I haven’t packed up our things to travel full time. We live at our apartment near Toronto and travel on a part time basis. While I work from home as a full time travel blogger, Justin continues to work his day job in the TV industry. We plan our vacations as international travel (together when possible), weekends away, road trips, and day trips. You’ll soon discover that by making a few small changes in your regular life, you’ll have extra savings to take that dream trip of a lifetime.

Save Money for Travel Tips

Save Money for Travel Tip #1: Sell Your Stuff

If you are anything like me, you have things that you don’t really need or want anymore. You may have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear, collections of things that aren’t that important to you anymore, or valuables that you’d rather trade in for a vacation across the world. All you have to do is get organized, decide where you would get the most money for your things, and sell, sell, sell! Here are some places where you can sell your belongings for extra cash:

  • Sell Your Valuables: Ebay is the most popular place to sell valuables and collectibles, and it’s pretty easy, too. Just upload some high quality photos with good descriptions and list them in an auction or “Buy it now” format. Ebay allows you to list up to 100 items for free each month and you only have to pay a fee that is a percentage of the selling price. Make sure that you have a Paypal account set up so you can collect the payments. If you’re unsure about how to do this, there are many tutorials online that could help you out.
  • Sell Larger Items / Less Valuable Items: For bigger things or stuff that won’t sell very well on eBay, I recommend listing them on Craigslist, Kijiji, or Facebook Marketplace. As long as you have some photos and you’re flexible on the price, you shouldn’t have any problem selling that extra old TV you’ve got kicking around, or that piece of furniture that doesn’t match anything in your place. If possible, meet at a public place to exchange the goods and the cash. Don’t be home by yourself if you have to invite the person into your home, just in case the buyer doesn’t have good intentions.
  • Sell your Clothes: Thinking about Marie Kondo-ing your life? You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars selling your unused and unworn clothing and accessories. Sell some of your clothing items on Etsy, especially if they’re vintage. You can also list your clothing on commission-based platform, Poshmark, which calls itself “the largest social marketplace for fashion.” Here are some other great ways to sell your clothes online.
  • Have a Garage Sale: Gather up all of the extra items that aren’t valuable enough to sell online and have a yard sale! Put price stickers on all of your items and put signs up around your neighborhood. You can also place a free ad online for your sale on Craigslist and Kijiji. It will be a bit of work lugging all of your things to the curb, but you’ll earn some extra cash while reducing clutter in your living space! Your “trash” could easily be someone else’s treasure.
  • Donations: For whatever you don’t sell in your garage sale (or if you just have a few items that you’d like to dispose of), you could always donate it to Goodwill or another similar charity. You can try Bunz groups to swap your stuff for other things you’d find more useful. Another idea is using your local Freecycle community to get rid of your extra clutter. You can quickly and easily post an ad that you have something to give away, and there’s a great chance that someone will want it. Another idea that I’ve done in the past after hosting a garage sale? I put the extra stuff at the bottom of the driveway with a giant “Free” sign on it. Then, I placed an article on Freecycle that everything was ready to be hauled away.  By the end of the day, everything was gone!
Save Money for Travel Tip #1: Sell Your Stuff

Save Money for Travel Tip #2: Live Minimally

f you’re planning a round-the-world adventure living out of a backpack, you’re going to be living minimally anyway. You may as well get a head start on that! For the rest of us part-time travelers, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to live with less. My favorite minimalist blog by far is Zen Habits. You should check out that site right now as it is filled with inspiring stories and suggestions for minimalist living.

If you’re anything like me, you likely have tons of things that you don’t need. You are likely tempted on a daily basis to buy things that you don’t need. If you’ve grown up in a Western culture like I have in Canada, you’ve been raised with the ideas that the more stuff, the better. We work longer hours and have less free time to buy a bigger house, a fancier car, designer clothing, and extensive collections of things.

Save Money for Travel Tip #2:  Live Minimally

There’s nothing wrong with taking pleasure in owning some beautiful things, but I’m sure there are some things that you can give up. In the process, you’ll save money, won’t have to work overtime to pay the bills, and you’ll be able to travel farther. By making simple cuts to your monthly costs, you’ll be able to enjoy an extra night in a hotel, an extra meal at a faraway restaurant, an extra day sight-seeing in a historic city or more time lounging on a gorgeous beach. Here are some suggestions for living with less and saving more:

  • Cancel your Cable TV: It all started when our cable bill went up in price. The cable company refused to negotiate with us to keep our old rate. Finally, we thought to ourselves…do we really need to subscribe to cable TV? It’s time to cut the cord and save money every month. Instead, we subscribe to Netflix and Crave TV to watch our shows, plus we’ll watch some TV shows that stream online for free. There’s always stuff to watch on YouTube, too! (Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!).
  • Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Before you buy something, think to yourself, do I really need this? If you need it, buy it. If not, you might want to think about passing on it.
  • Save Up For What You Do Need: It’s less important for us to have the latest and fanciest electronics, like brand new TVs and gadgets. However, we do splurge on things like our DSLR camera, our GoPro, and our drone. It’s important that we capture the best photos and video as we travel, so we’ll splurge on those items.
  • Cut Down on Monthly Bills: There are many ways to do this. When we cancelled our cable TV, we also decided to switch Internet Providers. We found a provider called TekSavvy and it uses exactly the same cable Internet line that we had before, but at way lower rates than what we were paying. There are numerous ISPs like this, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one in your area. A fast Internet connection is important to us, although we will happily pay less if given the choice. Other options to cut down on your monthly bills: make sure you use less hydro by turning off the lights when you leave a room, or unplug electronic devices when you’re not using them. Be sure to watch your water consumption as well.
  • Gym Membership: While we found a really good deal to go to the gym, it isn’t always an affordable option. It’s easy to stay in shape when you regularly hike outside or even travel to destinations that involve a lot of walking or physical activity. I love tracking my steps with my FitBit everyday to get exercise. Using ClassPass is also a cheap way to get some exercise and try some new activities. You gain access to over 10,000 gyms around the world. I’ve put together this guide about how to exercise more while traveling that you might find helpful.
  • Reduce Car Usage: Now that I no longer commute to work (I work from home), I don’t have to drive as often, pay for gas, pay for wear and tear on my car, etc. This one might not be possible, but if you can give up the car, do it. I walk wherever I possibly can to save money and get exercise. I also own a Toyota Prius hybrid car, which helps to save on gas when I take those long road trips.
  • Reduce Salon or Spa Use: I used to attend the hair salon more frequently, and who doesn’t love getting manicures and pedicures? I do have one hair salon and stylist that I’m partial to seeing, although I go to the salon way less often now. I only go to the salon twice a year now. As for my nails, I don’t paint them very often, but I do it myself at home. You can even be a little fancy and have your own pedicure party from the comfort of your own house.

Have we inspired you to save money for travel? Maybe there are some things you can do without in order to travel more often. If you’re seeking more ways to save money for travel, check out even more ways in the second part of this series!

What are your favorite ways to save money for travel?

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Jolanta aka Casual Traveler

Thursday 18th of June 2015

Yes, having money for travel is just a matter of priorities. Do you really need those new pants, and a pair of shoes, if that could get you a night at a decent place in a city you always dreamed of visiting?

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Very descriptive blog, I liked that bit. Wiill there be a part 2?


Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

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Sunday 22nd of June 2014

These are some great tips you share. Travelling and living abroad really teaches you a lot about what you really need. As I get older, and with each move, I just want to get rid of more stuff, and simplify life as much as possible.

You know, you can stay fit without attending a gym. I do yoga and pilates-type exercises at home, and take long walks and bike trips!

Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren

Sunday 17th of August 2014

Definitely! I've done yoga and pilates from home and I'm a big fan of bike riding and long walks! Those are all great suggestions.


Friday 6th of June 2014

Great tips, I do a couple of them myself, especially a few months out from a super big trip!

Justin and Lauren

Sunday 15th of June 2014

Yes, once the trip starts coming up, it's great to have a bit of extra savings for it!

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