Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Unique and Uplifting Adventures for a Weekend Getaway

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: The Best Eco-Friendly Activities for a Weekend Getaway

Here’s a weekend itinerary for eco-friendly, sustainable, and kind adventures in Dutchess County, New York.

Looking to spend two days wandering around adorable towns, spending time in quiet nature, and sampling delicious food and drink? You’ll want to run, not walk, straight to Dutchess County, New York. It’s less than two hours from New York City and three hours from Boston. If you’re a curious Canadian like myself and looking for a new place to explore, it’s about 4-5 hours from Montreal and Ottawa, and 7.5 hours from Toronto. Trust me, it’s worth the drive. There are so many fun things to do in Dutchess County.

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Dover Stone Church

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Thanks to the knowledgeable folks at Dutchess Tourism, I ventured off the well trodden tourist path to the lesser known gems of the region. Even though I was visiting on weekdays, there were so many occasions where there weren’t any other travelers in sight. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful place away from the crowds, I’m going to show you exactly where to go.

Natural wonders like the Dover Stone Church will make you feel like you’re in New Zealand, not the Hudson Valley. There’s castle ruins that make you feel like you’re in the middle of Scotland. Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is such an amazing cause and could really benefit from an increased amount of visitors. And with the Culinary Institute of America in Dutchess County, you’d better bet that you can find an incredible culinary scene.

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Whether you’re visiting over the weekend or spending 2 days in Dutchess County NY, prepare to be charmed by this beautiful section of the state. Let me show you exactly what I did when I was in Dutchess County, which emphasized eco-friendly travel, vegan travel, and combating overtourism by visiting the lesser known spots.


WHERE TO STAY IN DUTCHESS: I loved staying at the Inn at Pine Plains in Pine Plains, New York. You can read my review a little further down on this page. Book your stay at the Inn at Pine Plains or read more reviews by fellow travelers. There are a great variety of small hotels, B&Bs and inns throughout the region. Feel free to check out hotels in the towns of Rhinebeck, Beacon, or Poughkeepsie if you’d like to stay in a larger city. To have your own place in Dutchess, browse the available listings on Airbnb.

GETTING AROUND DUTCHESS: I recommend having access to a car when you visit Dutchess County. A lot of the places on this particular itinerary can be far apart from one another. It’s possible to take the train into towns like Beacon and Poughkeepsie, and even continue by bus up into Rhinebeck. However, having a car makes it so much easier to visit to these off the beaten path spots that I recommend. If you don’t have your own, consider renting a car for this trip.

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PHOTOS OF DUTCHESS: Check out our entire photo album of pictures from Dutchess County NY to inspire your trip. You can also purchase prints, housewares, and all sorts of gifts made from any of our photos – just click the “buy” button on any picture.

Day 1 in Dutchess County

For your first day, you’ll be exploring the finer side of things to do in Dutchess County. First, you’ll be visiting a tea room (and tea factory), beautiful gardens, and a vineyard with an impressive history. Top it all off with one of the best views in Dutchess County NY, followed up by some of the best Indian cuisine I’ve ever tasted.

Tour at Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Dutchess County NY: Harney & Sons Tea Factory

It’s not everyday that you get to go behind the scenes at a tea factory. You might have heard of Harney & Sons. Their tea is so popular for a reason – it’s absolutely delicious. There’s really a variety and taste for everyone as they serve over 250 varieties of tea. I recommend browsing their collection online where it’s easy to place an order (or you can always order it on Amazon, too). 

Harney & Sons is a family owned and operated business. Back in 1983, John Harney began his journey to master the art of tea blending in his basement, serving his tea to inn guests. This home-run business has vastly expanded to their headquarters in Millerton, New York. They have a 90,000 square foot warehouse there, a bottling plant in Hudson, and two tasting rooms in Millerton and SoHo, New York. Sadly, John passed away in 2014, but his two sons, Mike and Paul operate the company along with other family members. Harney & Sons Tea employs over 200 people. 

John’s grandson, Alexander offered to give us the Harney & Sons factory tour. He is so full of knowledge about everything relating to tea. I could really sense his passion for tea, especially when it came to traveling the world to source rare varieties. He’s visited Taiwan, China, Japan and India to find the best tasting teas. 

Dutchess County Itinerary: Harney & Sons Tea Factory

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Harney & Sons Tea Factory

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Harney and Sons Tea Factory

Dutchess County NY: Harney and Sons in Millerton NY

As we toured around the factory, we could see that the company sources, blends, and packages their tea from start to finish, keeping full control over all aspects of production. They are committed to making and selling the finest tea possible and have strict quality control measures. If the tea bags aren’t filled to a certain weight or standard, they aren’t sold to the public. It was really fascinating to see the huge pieces of equipment to blend and package the tea. They even make some of their own tea bags at the factory. 

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Harney and Sons Tea Factory Tour

Dutchess County NY: Harney & Sons Tea Factory Tour

One of my favorite parts of the tour was smelling all of the tea. The tea sits in giant barrels before being packaged and shipped off to a store near you. We walked around and smelled the various fragrances of each tea blend. From smooth vanilla scents to bright floral ones, I could certainly get used to smelling all of the tea. Is there somehow a way that I could pivot being a professional blogger into being a professional tea tester?

I quickly discovered that the one that smelled the best was a tea blend called Paris, with scents of Earl Grey, black currant, vanilla, with a hint of caramel. It’s inspired by Mike Harney’s visits to Paris and enjoying pots of tea at Parisian tea shops. I knew that I had to buy some of that at their tea room. If you’re interested in taking a factory tour at Harney & Sons, please reach out to their headquarters via email or phone.

Lunch at Harney & Sons Tea Room

Dutchess County Restaurants: Harney & Sons Tea Room in Millerton

After the factory tour, head down the road a short distance to the Harney & Sons Tea Room in Millerton. You can sample teas in their tasting room, browse the shop for your favorite blends, and sit down for a full meal. And it’s not only a tea room. It’s one of the best Dutchess County restaurants, too. I was very impressed that all of the vegetarian and vegan menu items were clearly marked, which always make it so much easier. There’s also the massive tea menu to peruse, and it’s insanely difficult to decide on just one tea to order. You can order it iced or hot, whatever you choose from their huge variety of over 250 teas. There’s something for everyone!

Hudson Valley Vegan: Harney & Sons Tea Room in Millerton

For food, I chose the hummus and veggie platter, which is always one of my favorite things to eat. For my main course, I tried the mushroom risotto (brown rice risotto topped with sauteed mushroom of the day and balsamic reduction, served with greens), just remember to ask for the vegan version without cheese. And there’s even a vegan choice of dessert, a rice pudding made with plant-based milk topped with fruit. Yum! For those compiling a list of Hudson Valley vegan options, add Harney & Sons tea room to your vegan restaurant bucket list.

Dutchess County Restaurants: Harney & Sons Tea

Hudson Valley Vegan: Harney & Sons Tea

Hudson Valley Vegan: Hummus plate at Harney & Sons Tea Room

Dutchess County Restaurants: Mushroom Risotto at Harney & Sons Tea Room in Millerton NY

Hudson Valley Vegan: Vegan Rice Pudding at Harney & Sons Tea Room

Innisfree Garden

 Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Innisfree Gardens

Innisfree Garden is one of the world’s 10 best gardens, and it’s right here in Dutchess County NY. It’s unlike any garden I’ve ever visited before. Innisfree Garden is an American stroll garden, all about the individual’s experience in nature. It combines the essence of Modernist and Romantic principles with traditional Chinese and Japanese design. Using water, rocks, wood, and of course, plants, the result is a naturalistic landscape that isn’t immaculately groomed.

At Innisfree, it’s almost as though you’re strolling from one landscape painting to the next. It’s designed around the notion of a “cup garden”, a Chinese garden concept that draws attention to something beautiful in the scene. It might be a lotus pool or a single rock covered with succulents and lichens. Wander around Tyrrel Lake to discover native plants, waterfalls, and magnificent trees. Follow the path across streams using tiny bridges and wooden footpaths. I am certain that every person who visits notices a different detail, having new experiences with each visit.

While I went to Innisfree Garden in late April just at the start of spring before the first bloom, I am sure that it looks even more lovely throughout the prime of spring, summer and fall. I’d love to return again in the future to see how Innisfree Garden changes with the seasons.

Dutchess County NY: Innisfree Gardens

Dutchess County Itinerary: Innisfree Garden

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Innisfree Gardens

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Innisfree Gardens

Dutchess County NY: Innisfree Gardens

Dutchess County Itinerary: Innisfree Garden

Clinton Vineyards

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Clinton Vineyards

Clinton Vineyards is called a, “jewel in the crown of Dutchess County”. Established in 1976 by Ben and Phyllis Feder, Clinton Vineyards is inspired by the stunning wineries and vineyards in France. The 100-acre Clinton Vineyards is modeled after the European tradition of specializing in a single grape. He chose the Seyval Blanc, a hardy grape that can survive the weather of the Hudson Valley. Going for a wine tasting at Clinton Vineyards is one of the best things to do in Dutchess County.

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Clinton Vineyards

We met with Phyliss at Clinton Vineyards for our wine tasting. She is such a fascinating woman with so many stories to tell. You could spend an entire day with Phyliss, learning about how she and Ben were pioneers of the New York wine industry. I love that she is a champion for women’s rights and equality. She’s paved the way for so many other women in the wine industry, becoming the first female president of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. You’ll notice photos all around the tasting room with notable people like Hillary Clinton. There are also several letters from the Queen of England after receiving and tasting wines from Clinton Vineyards.

Dutchess County NY: Clinton Vineyards

Dutchess County Itinerary: Clinton Vineyards

The other thing you’ll notice are all of the awards. Each type of wine in the tasting room has at least one medal or ribbon hanging from it. I’m sure that Phyliss has lost track of just how many awards their wine has won. Whether it’s their Seyval Blanc, Riesling, Rosé, Pinot Noir, or Methodé Champenoise sparkling wines, I’m sure that you’ll quickly fall for the wine at Clinton Vineyards. 

Hudson Valley Vegan: Clinton Vineyards

We got to sample a variety of wines, including my personal favorite, Romance, a late-harvest Seyval Blanc. They have a series of dessert wines that you simply must try. Clinton Vineyards also makes a Cassis, a black currant wine and the only one produced in the USA that has won gold medals at international competitions. Oh, and you can be sure that all of the wine at Clinton Vineyards is 100% vegan!

 Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Wine tasting at Clinton Vineyards

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Taste wine at Clinton Vineyards

The tasting room and retail shop are inside a 19th century Dutch barn. It’s unlike some of the stark and minimalist tasting rooms that I’ve visited in the past. The tasting room at Clinton Vineyards feels as though you’re welcomed into someone’s home. With framed pictures covering every surface of the wall and wine displayed proudly on barrels, it feels so much more personal and inviting. So, why don’t you stay a while, sample some of the wine, and bring a few bottles back to enjoy in your own home.

Ferncliff Forest Fire Tower

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Ferncliff Forest Fire Tower

It’s time to get back out into nature for another one of the best things to do in Dutchess County. On the National Historic Lookout Register, it’s only a short hike through the forest to reach the Ferncliff Fire Tower. The lookout is open all day, every day, and provides an exceptional view of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains. The Ferncliff Fire Tower is a 1933 International Derrick Fire Tower and it’s about 80 feet high. 

The history of lookouts and fire towers at this site is quite fascinating. At first, people created a lookout made out of trees, which was used to assist map makers. In 1912, the Astor Family created a stone lookout. Next, in 1942, Army engineers created a 40 foot wooden tower to protect the president during the war. Finally, in 2007, the International Derrick fire tower was moved to the forest for tourists and locals alike. While it might seem like quite a few stairs to climb, it’s always worth it when you reach the top. It’s windy up there, but the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. Enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of the entire region, including the bridge and the mountains.

Dutchess County NY: Ferncliff Forest Fire Tower

Dutchess County Itinerary: Ferncliff Forest Fire Tower

Dinner at Cinnamon Indian Cuisine

Dutchess County Restaurants: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine

I’ve eaten a lot of Indian food throughout my lifetime as a vegetarian and last 10+ years as a vegan. I’m even co-leading a trip to India this September where we’re going to eat all of the vegan food (you’re invited to join me!). Anyway, I’ve tried my fair share of Indian food and Cinnamon Indian Cuisine ranks up there at the top of the list. 

Their menu has all of the vegan items clearly marked with a “V”. There’s even an option to make a dish vegan if it’s possible, and that’s marked, too. It’s very easy to dine at Cinnamon Indian Cuisine if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Furthermore, 95% of the menu is gluten-free. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go as it’s one of the best Dutchess County restaurants, right on the main shopping street in Rhinebeck.

They serve items that are fresh and local, so the menu changes according to the seasons. To start, I tried a vegetable samosa, crispy cauliflower, and a traditional street food on the side. Next, it was a plate of crispy spinach with chickpea flour that tasted a little like kale chips, but way more flavorful. And I also sampled one of the best lentil soups I’ve ever had, perfectly spiced.

Hudson Valley Vegan: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck NY

 Hudson Valley Vegan: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck NY

 Hudson Valley Vegan: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck NY

 Then, I tried a whole feast of vegan delights, including a chickpea and asparagus dish (typically made with cauliflower, but asparagus was in season), fried okra, spinach and corn mixed with turmeric and spices, plain dosa, lemon rice, and mango chutney. To drink, I drank a hibiscus, white tea, ginger, and peach beverage. For dessert, there was a vegan rice pudding with rose water, cardamom and saffron alongside a mini scoop of mango sorbet.

 Hudson Valley Vegan: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck NY

 Hudson Valley Vegan: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck NY

 Hudson Valley Vegan: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck NY

Coffee at Samuel’s Sweet Shop

Dutchess County Itinerary: Samuel's Sweet Shop

After your Indian feast, walk across the street to Samuel’s Sweet Shop. This cafe and sweets shop happens to be co-owned by Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Unfortunately, there weren’t any Paul Rudd sightings, but I did savor a delicious Americano while I was there. If you’ve still got room for more dessert, you might want to indulge in some unique sweet treats that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Dutchess County NY: Samuel's Sweet Shop

Where to Stay: Inn at Pine Plains

Dutchess County Itinerary: Inn at Pine Plains

The drive from Rhinebeck to Pine Plains was an interesting one, to say the least. Navigating the winding roads through the forest at night was one thing, but it was so incredibly foggy. At times, I could barely see at all and had to trust that I wasn’t going to drive off the road. I breathed a sigh of relief once I arrived at my home for the next two evenings, the Inn at Pine Plains. I felt right at home at this comfortable and quaint accommodation where I felt like I had my own little apartment in the house.

My Room

My room at the Inn at Pine Plains had a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchenette. With beautiful 19th century original hardware flooring, lots of framed pictures, and even a few books to read, it’s easy to feel cozy and relaxed here. The bed features a firm, Euro top mattress with 100% cotton bed linens. The kitchenette has a small fridge, microwave, a kettle, and a coffee maker. And the bathroom is perfect for those who prefer to have a bath or a shower, the best of both worlds.

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY

I loved the special added touches, like plenty of complimentary water, sparkling water, and other beverages in the fridge.There was even a little basket of snacks should you feel hungry at night. You can make your own coffee with the provided Keurig coffee pods. In addition, there’s complimentary Wi-Fi and lots of channels on the flat screen TV. You’ll find it easy to get some work done, whether you’re using the wooden desk or you like to use your laptop while sitting on the couch like I do.

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY


There’s a complimentary breakfast buffet each morning and I found it to be quite vegan-friendly. You have got to try the avocado hummus spread onto a bagel, bread, or rice cakes. It’s delicious! I also helped myself to some fresh fruit, and it was the perfect way to start the day. Be sure to book your stay at the inn or read more reviews from fellow travelers.

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY

Where to Stay in Dutchess County: The Inn at Pine Plains, Pine Plains NY

Day 2 in Dutchess County

Ready for your second day in Dutchess County NY? We’ve got a unique castle to visit (yes, there are castles in the USA!), as well as an island tour. There’s a gorgeous natural attraction – a waterfall inside a cave. And we’ll also visit a horse rescue center that’s just as healing for you as it is for the horses. Sound good? Let’s go!

Bannerman’s Castle and Island Tour

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Bannerman Castle

On Pollepel Island in the Hudson River, you’ll find the ruins of an abandoned castle with an intriguing history. Castle ruins and an interesting story? Yes, please! We embarked on a tour of the island and Bannerman’s Castle from Beacon, New York. There’s a small boat to transport passengers across to the island for a short tour. It’s also possible to book a tour from Newburgh, New York, and the experience lasts about 2.5 hours in total.

Dutchess County NY: Bannerman's Castle and Pollepel Island

Dutchess County Itinerary: Bannerman's Castle and Island

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Bannerman's Castle

Bannerman’s Castle has Scottish influences, but you’ll only see the crumbling remains nowadays. The family purchased the island in 1900 as a safe storage site for ammunition and equipment from the US Army. Bannerman designed the buildings himself, which mostly consisted of storage for his vast inventory. The large castle by the water has the words, “Bannerman’s Island Arsenal” on the side of it. There was also a smaller castle built at the top of a hill to serve as a summer home. Mrs. Bannerman decorated the garden with flowers and plants, a tradition that continues today.

Dutchess County NY: Bannerman Island Tour

Dutchess County Itinerary: Bannerman's Castle Tour

After Bannerman died in 1918, any further construction halted. Just two years later, there was a massive explosion on the island, nearly killing Mrs. Bannerman. The family used the island until about 1930. After 1957, the island’s last superintendent retired and the property was abandoned for the next three decades. The state purchased the island in 1967, though it remained in ruins. Both vandals and negligence are responsible for its dilapidated state. However, since the 1990s, the Bannerman Castle Trust started to preserve the island and its buildings. They’ve stabilized the remains of the castle for your viewing pleasure, and they’re currently reconstructing the family home. It’s a wonderful little piece of New York history that’s certainly one of the most unique things to do in Dutchess County.

Dutchess County NY: Bannerman Castle

Dutchess County Itinerary: View of the Hudson River

Lunch at Vegetalien

Hudson Valley Vegan: Vegetalien

There’s a vegan restaurant in Beacon, New York that you need to check out. It’s called Vegetalien and they’re serving up meals and beverages made from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. This plant-based cafe has smoothies, build your own Buddha bowls, acai bowls, salads, BBQ jackfruit tacos, paninis, avocado toast, and so much more. I couldn’t resist trying the “Tun’ah Sandwich” made out of chickpeas, slaw, lemon vinaigrette on harvest grain bread. Paired with a purple haze smoothie (blueberry, banana, apple and mint), it was so yummy, filling, and nutritious. Also pictured, the avocado and black bean toast.

Dutchess County Restaurants: Vegetalien vegan cafe in Beacon NY

Dutchess County Restaurants: Vegetalien

Hudson Valley Vegan: Vegetalien avo toast

Coffee at Trax Espresso

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Drink coffee at Trax Espresso

Looking for a caffeine boost? Head right across the street to Trax Espresso. It’s a bright and airy cafe in Beacon, serving up rich brewed coffee and espresso beverages. I even picked up some of their coffee beans to bring home with me. It’s that good! And they’ve got several varieties of plant-based milk, including oat milk. Huzzah!

Dutchess County NY: Trax Espresso

Dutchess County Itinerary: Trax Espresso

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Trax Espresso

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue in Dover Plains is a sanctuary for abandoned, neglected, and abused horses. They save so many of these beautiful creatures, rehabilitate them, and provide them with a forever home. While the goal is to enable horses to trust people again, it works the other way around, too. The horses can help people overcome their own struggles, build trust, and work together. These horses provide therapy for children and adults alike. All in all, the sanctuary aims to strengthen the relationship between people and animals for a compassionate and kind community. Their slogan is, “People helping horses heal people.”

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Owner and founder, Deanna Mancuso, shared her story with us. She had a turbulent relationship with her grandfather who struggled from PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, and domestic abuse. Shortly before his death from pancreatic cancer, Deanna formed a wonderful relationship with him as he worked through many of his personal struggles. Her grandfather bought her a horse before he passed away to remember him by; he taught her that horses bring peace. Sadly, the horse was badly abused and he was not well behaved. When she almost gave up the horse, her father reinforced the message that we shouldn’t give up on animals. This paved the way for Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, which Deanna founded in 2008.

Dutchess County NY: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Dutchess County Itinerary: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Dutchess County NY: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Things to Do in Dutchess County: Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

While everyone is welcome to visit the sanctuary, their primary goal is to assist those struggling with mental health issues, domestic violence, PTSD, substance abuse, and family problems. There are numerous programs and events at the farm, including horse yoga. Participants lay their yoga mats down in the stables, and the horses decide whether or not they want to engage with everyone. For those interested in visiting, you can check out the farm daily from 9:00am – 3:00pm, and be sure to follow along their updates on Facebook. Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is one of the most peaceful and therapeutic things to do in Dutchess County.

Dover Stone Church

The Dover Stone Church is a spectacular ancient cavern in Dover Plains, New York. Hiking there is one of the most fun things to do in Dutchess County. There are several hiking trails at the site, but the main attraction is the Dover Stone Church. You’ll see a waterfall cascading inside a cave, dubbed the “Stone Church” for the pointed arch formation of the rocks. 

Local legend states that the rock formations were a refuge for Pequot Sachem Sassacus and his warriors from the English army in the 1600s. The Town of Dover, the Dutchess Land Conservancy and the Friends of Dover Stone Church purchased the property in 2004, and property owners donated additional land for the creation of hiking trails for everyone to enjoy. 

Dutchess County NY: Dover Stone Church

It might be a little difficult to find the Dover Stone Church. Look for the blue and yellow sign at its entrance in Dover Plains. Please note that there is no parking in front of the trail entrance, but you can park at the school when it isn’t in session (or at the Freshco 22 plaza). Descend down to the trails and walk through a path lined with trees. Then, you’ll get to a spot with trail markers for hiking to your left. You’ll want to keep to your right if you want to see the Dover Stone Church. It isn’t a very long walk until you’ll reach this amazing triangular rock formation.

Dutchess County Itinerary: Dover Stone Church

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Dover Stone Church

The short trek to reach the stone church is lovely. There’s a gently flowing brook, lots of trees, and moss covered rocks everywhere you look. When I visited, it was after a lot of rain so the river was flowing quite rapidly. I got up as close as I could to the Dover Stone Church, peering inside to the waterfall. When the water level is much lower, you can even venture inside the cavern itself. It’s such a brilliant site and one of my favorite things to do in Dutchess County.

Dutchess County NY: Dover Stone Church

Dutchess County Itinerary: Dover Stone Church

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: Dover Stone Church

Dinner at Oakhurst Diner

Dutchess County Restaurants: Oakhurst Diner

It’s time to refuel at Oakhurt Diner in Millerton, New York. While it might not seem like a “greasy spoon” diner would have many vegan options, they’ve got a really delicious one on the menu. It’s pretty much the opposite of a greasy spoon dish, too. They have a healthy Macrobiotic Plate: steamed broccoli, carrots, acorn squash, black beans and organic brown rice with tahini dill dressing and seaweed. It’s absolutely delicious and more filling than it looks. The diner itself is a total 1950s throwback and oozes with charm. You’ve gotta check out this Dutchess County NY restaurant when you come to town.

Hudson Valley Vegan: Oakhurst Diner

Dutchess County Restaurants: Macro Bowl at Oakhurst Diner

Day 3 in Dutchess County

Here’s a couple of places in Red Hook, New York, that you’ll want to check out before you leaving Dutchess County. They’re right next door to one another, sharing the same building space. And they’re both kind to animals, too!

Wildflower Cafe

You can’t visit Dutchess County as a vegan and not dine at Wildflower Cafe. It’s one of the yummiest vegan restaurants in Dutchess County NY. And I could really feel the passion for veganism and plant-based living from its owner. Try one of their burgers: I’m convinced that you won’t be able to tell that it’s vegan, and it’ll be one of the best burgers you’ve ever had.

Hudson Valley Vegan: Wildflower Cafe in Red Hook

Hudson Valley Vegan: Wildflower Cafe

From burgers to tacos, flatbreads to desserts, Wildflower Cafe has something for every taste. It was really difficult to choose what to order, but I went with the Onion Lover Burger (Impossible burger patty, a toasted pretzel bun, lettuce, caramelized onion, onion rings, and signature sauce). We also sampled a Greek flatbread with seasoned meat and feta cheez. The food was so satisfying, tasty, and I’d love to visit again to try even more food. To top it all off, there were decadent milkshakes for dessert, and I couldn’t resist trying one made with Oreos.

Dutchess County Restaurants: Wildflower Cafe

Dutchess County Restaurants: Wildflower Cafe Burger

Dutchess County Restaurants: Wildflower Cafe

Living Eden

If you’re passionate about helping animals, eco-friendly living, or a sustainable lifestyle, you’re not going to want to miss shopping at Living Eden. It’s a conscious and compassionate store that’s connected to the Wildflower Cafe. It’s definitely worth popping over before or after your meal. Every product in the shop is rooted in good intentions, whether it’s handmade, recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly, or cruelty free. There’s women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, housewares, and so much more at this eco chic boutique.

Living Eden Boutique in Red Hook, NY

If my wallet allowed for it, I would have bought one of everything! However, I settled on buying a super adorable purse with a squirrel on it. It’s hard to find vegan purses sometimes, and this one is exactly my style. I also really loved the pillow stating, “No couch is complete without cat hair.” Welcome to my world! 

Living Eden Boutique in Red Hook, NY

Living Eden Boutique in Red Hook, NY

Living Eden Boutique in Red Hook, NY

Bonus: A Cup of the Valley

Now, this might be a long shot, but if you happen to be in town during A Cup of the Valley, you should check it out. In 2019, this coffee and tea festival happened at the end of April, taking place at the Culinary Institute of America. You’ll find locally made products, local coffee roasters and tea blenders, and lots of other delicious food and drink. I loved sampling coffee, tea, and kombucha while I was there.

Fun Things to Do in Dutchess County NY: A Cup of the Valley

We spent most of our time at the Greenwood Lake Roasters craft coffee booth. As we waited for the coffee to brew, the owner was a wealth of knowledge relating to all things coffee. It was quite fascinating to listen to him speak about the roasting processes for my favorite beverage. Also, I made sure to pick up some coffee infused maple syrup and horseradish maple mustard from Soukup Farms. There were also some delicious vegan treats by Emy Desserts, which I didn’t have the opportunity to try at the festival, but later sampled at Vegetalien. So good!

A Cup of the Valley - Coffee and tea festival in Dutchess County, NY

A Cup of the Valley - Coffee and tea festival in Dutchess County, NY

A Cup of the Valley - Coffee and tea festival in Dutchess County, NY

A Cup of the Valley - Coffee and tea festival in Dutchess County, NY

A Cup of the Valley - Coffee and tea festival in Dutchess County, NY

Even if you aren’t a fan of coffee or tea, there’s plenty to sample and taste at A Cup of the Valley. I missed the latte competition and the Japanese tea ceremony though, which I’d love to check out next time I’m in the region.


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Thank you so much to Dutchess Tourism for hosting my stay. This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which I am very grateful!).

Have you ever visited Dutchess County, New York, or anywhere else in the Hudson Valley?

  1. Dan
    | Reply

    Bannerman’s castle looks awesome! Is that a place people can visit for free?

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