Let’s Explore India Together on an Amazing Vegan India Adventure!

Vegan India Travel

I’m leading a vegan India adventure tour and you’re invited to travel with me!

Guess what? I have some really exciting news to share…

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I’m traveling to India and I want you to come with me!

Yes, for the first time, I’ll be co-leading a tour in a country that I’ve always wanted to visit: India! You’ll be traveling in a small group, led by an expert travel guide and a travel blogger (me!). The two of us both specialize in vegan travel, eco-friendly travel, responsible wildlife tourism, and sustainable travel. The tour will be guided by those principles in an effort to combat over-tourism and highlight unique activities that are kind to people, animals, and the environment.

Train through India - Vegan India Trip

Vegan India Adventure with Lauren

UPDATE! This tour is now running in March 2020! On this vegan India tour, we’ll be traveling to North India together to participate in fun and enriching activities. This is an 11 day vegan tour in North India exploring sustainability, cultural traditions, spirituality, and of course, all of the delicious food.


We will be traveling to India from February 29th to March 10th, 2020.

Where We’re Headed

We’ll be visiting New Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, and the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Another awesome aspect of this trip: we’ll be celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colors!

Holi Festival of Colours in India - Vegan India Travel

Activities and Itinerary

On this 11-day vegan India trip, we’ll be participating in many excursions and day trips that explore India’s rich culture and heritage, sustainable and ethical workshops, and we’ll be gorging on lots of yummy eats. The adventure begins in New Delhi where we’ll visit bustling food markets, ancient temples, and family owned shops that are passed down through the generations. We’ll also visit the bird hospital and learn why birds are so important to the city’s ecosystem.

Jaipur Pink City in India - Vegan India Adventure trip to North India

Next, we’ll visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise to absorb the spectacular views and learn about its history. We’ll also visit a women’s cooperative that day, discover the ancient city of Agra, and visit a Sufi mosque in the evening. Here are some other places on the itinerary during this vegan India trip:

  • Explore Jainism, a religion rooted in vegetarianism and animal protection, in a small, lesser known village to get a glimpse at Jain monk life
  • Visit The Pink City, one of the last remaining Indian cities to be ruled by the royal family
  • Go to a monkey temple
  • Have a home cooked meal with a Rajasthani family
  • Attend a workshop on water conservation initiatives by local activists and engineers
  • Watch a Bollywood movie in one of the oldest and royal movie theaters in India
  • Travel to the base of the Himalayan mountains, spending the night in an ashram with yoga and meditation
  • Visiting the Beatles Ashram
  • Joining in the Holi (Festival of Colors) festivities
  • Take a scenic train ride through small villages and the countryside

For the complete itinerary, please check out the official itinerary at Escape To… by Fairkonnect.

Himalayan Mountains India

The Cost

The cost of the trip is $ 2350 USD for twin sharing ($2800 for private room). The cost of the trip includes:

  • Pre-departure support and assistance with visas
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • 3 vegan meals a day
  • Local transportation
  • Activities and admission to various places of interest per the itinerary
  • Local team available 24/7

Not included: You will have to purchase your own airfare, visa, and travel insurance. You will need to cover any additional expenses, like extra food or alcohol.

Let's Explore India Together on an Amazing Vegan India Adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

So, are you as excited as I am? I can’t wait to embark on this exciting vegan India adventure! To those who are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, whether you send me a private email (justinpluslauren@gmail.com) or ask a question in the comments section below. You can also check out the frequently asked questions page on the official website.

Who is organizing the trip?

This trip is organized by Escape To…, a social enterprise that has hosted over 700 international travelers in India on both volunteer and experiential programs for the past 8 years. You’re in good hands! 

I will also be leading the trip! I’ve been vegan for over 10 years now and raised as a vegetarian (vegetarian for life!). I am a vegan travel expert and a world traveler who writes this blog. Here are a few more things about me.

Do I have to be vegan to take the trip?

No, you don’t have to be vegan! Bring your appetite and an open mind, and you’ll be all set! It’s wonderful if you have an interest in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. However, if sustainable and conscious travel is more your jam, that’s totally cool. All provided meals will be vegan, but you don’t have to have any kind of background or knowledge in vegetarianism or veganism. If you’d like to learn more, I interviewed Prachi Jain, the vegan travel expert and owner of Escape To…by Fairkonnect who will be joining us on the trip. She gave some awesome tips and insight into traveling as a vegan in India.

Vegan India adventure travel tour with Justin Plus Lauren

Is India safe? 

India is a safe place to visit, no worries! We’ll be traveling as a group together, so you don’t need to be nervous about being alone. There will be 24/7 support from experienced travelers and local experts, so you will feel as safe as possible. Plus, all of the activities and destinations are scouted out in advance for your comfort and safety.

Is this trip good for first time visitors to India?

Yes! While I have traveled all over the world, it is my first trip to India, too! We will explore this country together, whether it’s your first time or you’ve visited many times. 

How many people will be on the trip?

The trip will consist of 8-12 people, capped at 12, with two leaders (I am one of them!). 

Who will travel on this vegan India adventure?

The group will consist of travelers over 18 from all over the world. Bring along your best friends and family members if you’d like! I’m sure we will have a collective interest in embarking on a meaningful, culturally responsible experience. Whether you’re interested in vegan travel, vegan food in India, sustainable travel, eco-friendly travel, responsible wildlife tourism, conscious travel, or visiting places that are off the beaten path, you’ll be in good company.

Let's Explore India Together on an Amazing Vegan India Adventure!

How to Register

Head over to the official website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to express your interest. A travel coordinator will get back to you within 48 hours. Please let me know if you have any questions at all, and I’ll do my best to help!

Have you traveled to India? If you’re thinking about going, this trip is going to be EPIC, so you should travel with me!

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