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How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

Only have 1 day in Sydney? No problem! As much as it would be wonderful to have an infinite amount of time in every place we visit, sometimes we only get a day. Well, don’t fret. Even with only one day in Sydney, you can have a memorable and eventful trip. For a packed day of activities, do several of the things on this list. Want a more relaxed day? Just choose a few. It’s up to you.

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Free Walking Tour

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

If you’re in a brand new place, taking a walking tour is the best way to get acquainted. I’m Free Walking Tours in Sydney has free walking tours twice daily. Start your day off right by booking their 10:30am tour. They’re about 2.5 to 3 hours long, and you get to visit several famous landmarks. In one trip, check out: Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Hyde Park Barracks, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney’s oldest cemetery, and more. The best part of a walking tour? You’ll see the sights, learn some interesting facts, and tour around with a local guide.

Kayak Sydney Harbour

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

Looking for a unique view of Sydney’s most epic attractions? Kayaking the Sydney Harbour offers a completely differet perspective. To make the most of your short time here, I recommend booking a kayaking tour with an reputable company, such as Oz Paddle. Paddle your way near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Farm Cove, and even past the Sydney Opera House. These calm waters are perfect for those newer to kayaking because there won’t be very many obstacles on your journey.

Bondi Beach to Coogee

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

First, spend a relaxing afternoon at the world famous Bondi Beach. Soak up that hot, Australian sunshine and do some people watching. If you’re into beach sports, this is a great spot to try surfing or beach volleyball. You might even be able to spot some wildlife from the beach, such as whales, dolphins, or even fairy penguins. There are tons of restaurants and cafes near by if you’d like a little break from the sunshine. Bondi Beach is on the Australian National Heritage List.

Coastal Walk to Coogee

From Bondi Beach, embark on a spectacular coastal walk to Coogee Beach. If there’s one thing to do during your day in Sydney, this is the activity. Do it on your own or take a tour. This 6km coastal walk up on the cliffs provides stunning views of the surrounding scenery. You’ll pass by beaches, parks, cliffs, and rock pools. As you’ll be passing through neighbouring suburbs, you can always take a break at a nearby cafe or rest stop. For maps and more information, check out the Bondi to Coogee Walk website.

Craft Breweries in Sydney

Did you know that Sydney is home to tons of amazing craft breweries? The number of microbreweries has more than doubled in recent years. Seek out the hip neighbourhoods of Newton, Camperdown, and Marrickville for quirky breweries with their own stories and refreshing beer. While you might want to stick with traditional sounding beers, like The Grifter’s Australian Pale Ale, craft breweries sometimes come up with some creative names for their brews. Sauce has one called “Piss-weak Sauce” and “Son of a Peach!”. Taste a few different ones and perhaps you’ll want to take a growler to go.

With only one day in Sydney, you’ll be able to see, do, and taste the best the city has to offer. Looking for cheap hotels in Sydney? Find great deals, read reviews and see photos by travellers, just like you!

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