The Best Coffee in Quebec City – Nektar Cafeologue

Best Coffee in Quebec City

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I love coffee.

There, I said it. To anyone who knows me, that’s no secret. I wouldn’t say that I’m a coffee addict. I could go without it. But, I just really, really like it. (Or are those the words of a coffee addict in denial?)

When we visited Quebec City for the first time in the summer of 2014, I proudly proclaimed that I found the best coffee in Quebec City. While I still highly recommend that you do check out Les Cafe du Soleil, I found another coffee shop that slightly edged out that one. Nektar Cafeologue, I now proclaim you to be the king of all cafes in Quebec!

There’s one main reason why Nektar stands out above all other coffee shops in Quebec City: they offer soy and almond milk for lattes. No other coffee shops in Quebec City, with the exception of Starbucks, have plant-based milks as an option. I really hope that other cafes decide to have at least one plant-based milk for vegans, the lactose intolerant, and those wishing to drink less dairy products.

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

Nektar may have had me at soy milk, but the cafe itself is very spacious and inviting. There are lots of places for people to sit, even during peak hours. People are encouraged to gather with friends, work on their laptops, or read a book. There is actually a bookshelf in the cafe filled with books that guests are encouraged to borrow. Even with tons of people there, the cafe still feels quiet enough to work or have a conversation without yelling over the background noise. And yes, there’s free Wi-Fi.

They offer a few different coffee roasts to try, including their special “Grand Cru” blend, made specifically for Nektar. I opted for the Grand Cru in my soy latte. It only costs a little bit more, but it is definitely worth it. While I haven’t tried their regular roast, the Grand Cru is really something special. Other coffee beans available include 49th Parallel, Intelligentsia, Metropolis, and Detour (from my hometown of Dundas, Ontario!).

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

The verdict: my soy latte was delicious. It was creamy, smooth, and full of rich flavor without any bitterness. It was the perfect end to our visit to Quebec City. After enjoying my coffee there, we collected our belongings from the hotel and headed to the airport to fly back home. The next time I find myself back in Quebec City, I’ll surely head back to this cafe to try some of their other caffeinated creations.

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

Best Coffee in Quebec City - Nektar Cafeologue

Nektar Cafeologue

235 Rue Saint-Joseph E

Quebec City

Hours: Mon-Wed 7am-8pm, Thu-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-7pm

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The Best Coffee in Quebec City

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What’s your favorite coffee shop in the world?

14 Responses

  1. Claire @ Drink Coffee Tea
    | Reply

    A friend of mine who works and lives in Quebec thinks the same way of Nektar Cafeologue. She’s a regular customer and she loves spending hours there.

  2. Marta Cunha Grilo
    | Reply

    The first thing I thought when I saw your post was “I love coffee”. But what I love even more is those little cute cafes like this one!

  3. Eva
    | Reply

    this coffee place is great – i have visited in a couple of weeks ago! i will definitely check out your blog next time i go to Quebec!

  4. Elizabeth
    | Reply

    Melbourne has the best coffee of any where I have ever been. It would be hard to narrow it down to just one coffee shop! Coffee snobs abound! BTW Soy and almond milk are not hard to find either. When we travel we often look for Aussie barrista’s it usually means a good cup of coffee.

  5. Sreeram@backpackways
    | Reply

    Incredible post. Local coffee and local beer are among the few things that I can’t miss while traveling around. I was recently in Ethiopia, they serve there coffee in a small cup (more like a shot glass), they call it as “bunna”. The ambience in Nektar Cafeologue looks fabulous, something I won’t miss while in Quebec. I will be in Mumbai in a month and planning to go on a lil coffee hopping.

  6. Trisha Velarmino
    | Reply

    I am currently doing coffee hopping in Manila, Philippines! The world has evolved a lot in terms of the coffee dining experience. Glad to know there’s one like it in Quebec!

  7. Kimberly Erin
    | Reply

    very interesting! Quebec is full of awesome awesome cafes…I will have to check this out next time I go :)

  8. Sabine
    | Reply

    I really appreciate a good cup of coffee so this sounds like my kind of place :) I just wonder, the large cup is really huge, how much coffee can a person drink at once ;)

  9. Jennifer McMillen
    | Reply

    Surprisingly… as a mother of 3.. I am not a big coffee drinker.. BUT my husband is! Thank you for the wonderful post. Maybe eventually we will head up to Canada!

  10. Doreen Pendgracs
    | Reply

    You are right! Quebec City has some fantastic places to hang out and enjoy great food and libations. I’d love to go back, but in summer, as my last 2 visits were during winter.

    I’ve been to so many great coffee shops around the world I don’t have a favourite. But one that comes to mind is Caribeans in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, where they not only roast their own coffee beans, but make their own chocolate from the cacao that they grow. Plus it’s an open outdoor setting, where you can watch people walking and cycling by. Love it!

  11. Anne | Girl Chasing Sunshine
    | Reply

    I used to really hate coffee (how could I!!!) but I’ve just been recently a coffee convert and I’ll make sure to try that soy latte when I visit Quebec City!

  12. Jec
    | Reply

    I will never deny that I love coffee. Haha. That’s what I also route for in every new place I go. You have a nice find in Quebec and would love to try it by myself. :)

  13. Janna
    | Reply

    I love coffee! Thanks for sharing this. I will def check this out when I visit Quebec City :)

  14. Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA
    | Reply

    I love coffee shops almost as much as I love coffee. (That statement alone explains why I am NOT a fan of Straybucks.)
    Your find shows me it’s been too many years since I went back to visit one of my favorite North American cities!

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