Explore Crystal Cave, Bermuda’s Subterranean World

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Bermuda is a beautiful place. You can walk along the pink sand beaches, dip your toes into the turquoise waters, and witness some of the most vibrant sunsets imaginable. Did you know that as you appreciate these sensational scenes, you could be standing above an underground cavern? Below the surface, there is a whole other world waiting to be explored. In fact, there are hundreds of caves and passageways in Bermuda; the country has one of the largest concentrations of limestone caverns in the world. One of the most spectacular and most easily accessible caves in Bermuda is the popular Crystal Cave. In traditional Bermudian style, let’s enter the pastel pink building and through the gate to discover this amazing natural landmark.

It is very important that people do not touch the formations in the cave. Once the stalactites and stalagmites come into contact with our hands, the natural oils in our skin can cause the cave formations to die. As they grow at the slow rate of approximately one inch per hundred years, it is extremely important that we do not disrupt this process.

As we entered the cave in a single file line along with our tour group, we slowly walked down many steps, descending 200 feet below the surface. Our tour guide shared information about the history of the cave with us. Briefly, it was discovered in 1905 by two teenage boys who were chasing their cricket ball that fell into a hole in the ground. As they searched for their ball, the boys found that this hole was the entrance to an impressive underground cavern. In 1907, the property owners opened Crystal Cave for public viewing.

The accessibility of the cave nowadays has vastly improved since its early discovery. Not only is there a main staircase leading down into the cave, but there is a bridge that extends across an underground lake. Visitors are able to examine the white cave formations up close while peering down into the clear blue water. The cave is fully illuminated, making it much easier to admire the million-year old creations (and take photos!).

You might feel a droplet of water hit your head now and again from the cave ceiling, but it’s considered to be good luck! We were given plenty of time to walk the length of the boardwalk and fully check out the stalactites and crystallized soda straws.

While there are hundreds of caves in Bermuda, you should consider a visit to Crystal Cave. It is one of the most well-lit caves I’ve ever visited, with some of the most appealing stalactites. There is a second cave right beside Crystal Cave called Fantasy Cave. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit the Fantasy Cave, but you can purchase a combined ticket for both caves. If we had the time, we would have definitely checked it out as well as we were thoroughly impressed by the Crystal Cave.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves are easily accessible by the Bermuda public transit system. Several buses travel right past the caves – we took the city bus to get there. It was about a 25 minute bus ride from the Hamilton bus terminal. Further details are available at the Crystal Cave website.

And it seems like a trip to any spot in Bermuda wouldn’t be complete without running into a cat! This friendly kitty roamed around the property of Crystal Caves freely, both outdoors and inside the gift shop. Of course, the cat didn’t venture down into the caves themselves and was quite content staying above the surface.

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish

Hours: 9:00am- 5:00pm
Guided Tours leave every 20 minutes

Tickets: $22 for one cave, $30 for both caves

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  1. Elena@Elena's Travelgram
    | Reply

    Whoa! The cave looks incredible with all those stalagmites hanging down! Reminds me of Gouffre de Poudrey in France a lot!
    Elena@Elena’s Travelgram recently posted…20 Incredible Places To Visit In FranceMy Profile

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Oooh, Gouffre de Poudrey..I’ll have to look that one up!

  2. Brenda
    | Reply

    That cave looks so pretty with all those stalagmites. Bermuda is certainly somewhere I’ve wanted to visit, the caves makes it even more enticing. The cat at the end is certainly so cute!
    Brenda recently posted…Packing Guide for a Family of Traveling Eaters.My Profile

  3. Erin | No Ordinary Nomad
    | Reply

    This looks incredible! I love caves, and it looks like they’ve done a really great job here lighting it up.
    Erin | No Ordinary Nomad recently posted…Everest Base Camp Trek Day 1 – Kathmandu to PhakdingMy Profile

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      They really did! When we entered, they had most of the lights off, and then they turned them on and we could really see the difference a bit of light makes! Of course, they did the typical thing at one point as they normally do during cave type tours, and turn ALL of the lights off…so you can see how truly pitch black it is down there.
      Lauren recently posted…Bermuda Fun Golf – The Best Mini Golf in the WorldMy Profile

  4. Anna | slightly astray
    | Reply

    Omg, this is gorgeous!! I think this is seriously some of the prettiest pictures of caves I’ve ever seem as well as some of the most impressive formations!! I love the deep blue lake in the cave too. And how cool is it that it was discovered by a couple of kids looking for a lost ball?!
    Anna | slightly astray recently posted…Chefs for a day with A Lot of Thai cooking classMy Profile

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      It was a really cool discovery story, and I’m glad that the caves were further discovered later. I just love how the formations look along with the blue water. It was a really cool experience. I hope you get to go there someday!
      Lauren recently posted…Bermuda Fun Golf – The Best Mini Golf in the WorldMy Profile

  5. Natasha Amar
    | Reply

    The caves look beautiful and very impressive. Some people say that all caves are similar. I disagree and never miss out on the chance to visit one. I simply love the feeling of being in a space that took millions of years to form. There’s no way you can remain indifferent to how marvellous nature is when you’re in a place like that.
    Natasha Amar recently posted…Photo essay: Cat Cat Village Trek, SapaMy Profile

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      I don’t feel that all caves are similar! I guess if you aren’t interested in this kind of thing, you might think that. I always jump at the opportunity to visit a new cave because I really think they are so fascinating. I’m glad that you agree! πŸ™‚
      Lauren recently posted…Fairmont Hamilton Princess Bermuda: Welcome to ParadiseMy Profile

  6. San
    | Reply

    wow what a stunning place and great pictures! I would love to visit such a cave now with the summer heat getting started in Buenos Aires πŸ˜‰
    San recently posted…Buenos Aires – Part 11: La Bomba de TiempoMy Profile

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      That’s very true, they generally are quite cool to be in! I was in a cave in Curacao once that wasn’t any cooler than the outside, but that’s because it wasn’t truly below the surface of the ground, but in the side of a mountain. It always tends to be cooler underground, a great reprieve from the heat!
      Lauren recently posted…Explore Crystal Cave, Bermuda’s Subterranean WorldMy Profile

  7. Rachel
    | Reply

    Those photos are so beautiful! When we went to some caves on Gotland earlier this year they told us the same, that it is good luck to get dripped on πŸ™‚ Btw – that kitty photo made me melt with ‘awwwwness’.
    Rachel recently posted…Hiking Up HelvellynMy Profile

  8. Fairlie
    | Reply

    Those cave formations are very impressive. And great photos of them too.
    Fairlie recently posted…Pointy end pyjamasMy Profile

  9. Angie
    | Reply

    Just incredible. And good for them for being so straightforward about protecting and prosecuting if damage is done to this natural wonder. It sickens me to think of the people that go home with pockets full of Pompei. What is wrong with people!

    BTW you looked totally cute!

    Angie from reasons to dress
    Angie recently posted…β€œLa Vendemmia” – The Italian VintageMy Profile

  10. Heather @ TravelingSaurus
    | Reply

    This looks so cool! Crystals are so impressive. Now, I need to go back to learning the difference between stalagmites and stalactites….
    Heather @ TravelingSaurus recently posted…Magic Thunderbolt? Punakha, Bhutan & The Temple of the Divine MadmanMy Profile

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  12. Megan Claire
    | Reply

    WOW this looks BEAUTIFUL! Go Bermuda! I had no idea there were caves like this here!
    Megan Claire recently posted…The Sexiest Male Travelers Alive 2014My Profile

  13. This cave looks AWESOME! I would love to visit a place like this and see all the details inside. It looks so bright and open, I have never seen a cave like this. Very cool, if I am in Bermuda, I will check it out.
    Katie @WorldWideVegetarian.com recently posted…Raw Pumpkin Pie: Vegan Thanksgiving PreviewMy Profile

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      We are lucky because the cave was very well lit, and they added that awesome platform that made it easy to navigate over the water. You definitely have to go to Bermuda first of all, and yes you should check it out! We definitely fell in love with Bermuda…
      Lauren recently posted…Travel Blogger Thursday: Revati & Charles of Different DoorsMy Profile

  14. Jenna
    | Reply

    This looks so cool! I love caves, and this one looks great. I will have to add it to our list–hope we can make it there one day!
    Jenna recently posted…A Photo Essay: Athens, GreeceMy Profile

  15. antonette - we12travel
    | Reply

    Wow very impressive. I always love exploring caves because they are all different from each other, no matter where you are. Sounds definitely like a great add on to a Bermuda trip!
    antonette – we12travel recently posted…Mountainous Monday: Cerro de los Siete ColoresMy Profile

  16. Samantha
    | Reply

    Holy crap that cave is stunning! On another note, Lauren your dress is adorable!
    Samantha recently posted…The Best Gifts For Costa Rica TravelersMy Profile

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  20. Rutavi Mehta
    | Reply

    Hey Justin & Lauren,

    It was breath taking for me to see through your pictures. Indian passport lets us use very few countries for visa work. Also being located in extreme travelling to such destination is such a dream.. But you guys post lovely information about Bermuda and I only new the story of Bermuda triangle πŸ™‚ Hope to see you in India soon !
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  22. saloni
    | Reply

    hey justin that was a great post . i love caves and these are very beautiful .
    saloni recently posted…What are the different qualifications I can study for in Australia?My Profile

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