Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

Stop here for lunch before your hiking adventures in Watkins Glen!

Glen Mountain Market Bakery and Deli is right on the main drag of downtown Watkins Glen, NY. We stopped here for some lunch after our lengthy drive to Watkins Glen. Let me tell you, we were starving. Thankfully, Glen Mountain Market totally delivered and we were feeling satisfied before hiking the Watkins Glen Gorge.

Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

You might wonder, what is a vegan going to get at a small town deli? Well, while Glen Mountain Market has its fair share of meaty menu selections, it also caters to vegetarians and vegans with several different sandwiches and subs, as well as breakfast items. The vegan meals are clearly marked on the menu with a cute rabbit drawing beside them.

Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

The bakery/deli has plenty of seating indoors, as well as a few spots outside – great for people-watching! There is a separate counter where you order the prepared meals. Another counter at the front has all of their baked goods, where we bought some vegan chocolate chip cookies in case we got hungry on our hike. There is a small store as well with their freshly baked bread, as well as locally prepared jams and other condiments.

Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

We each ordered a sandwich from the menu. Mine was called the Sanctuary Sandwich and it had seitan, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and spicy mustard. Justin got the V.L.T.S. – bacon seitan with lettuce and tomato. The sandwiches came with a side of potato chips and a pickle spear.

Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

The seitan was really unlike anything I’ve eaten before (I’ve had seitan prepared various other ways). It resembled cold cuts in this case, and took the place of where the meat would go in the sandwich. The sandwich was really delicious, and their freshly baked grain bread was awesome! The flavors in my sandwich were bold: the horseradish in the spicy mustard was very strong; perhaps I’m just not used to eating that type of mustard, although I’m glad I tried something new.

Vegan Lunch at Glen Mountain Market: Watkins Glen, NY

Before we visited Glen Mountain Market, I emailed them about their vegan selections and they were very prompt in responding to my requests. I was told that they do get very busy around the lunch hour, but they always have the menu items on hand. She even offered to have the sandwiches ready for us if we called in advance; however, we didn’t know what time we would be reaching Watkins Glen. It all worked out as when we arrived around 1:30pm, there was hardly anyone there and our sandwiches were prepared really quickly.

We really enjoyed our meal at Glen Mountain Market. It is right down the road from the Watkins Glen State Park and Gorge, making it a fantastic lunch spot before you go on a long hike. Looking for other things to do in Watkins Glen? Check out my 1 day guide for nature lovers.

Glen Mountain Market
200 North Franklin Street,
Watkins Glen, NY

Where’s your favorite vegan lunch spot?

16 Responses

  1. Karyn @ Not Done Travelling
    | Reply

    Always good to see vegan options in a small town! In my experience that’s somewhat rare.

  2. Dave
    | Reply

    I love these small-town delis! It’s great that they are catering to their vegan customers. I never understand why restaurants don’t do this, it seems to make so much sense on various levels. Are those local root beers on the walls? Having a frosty one of those with a deli sandwich is one of those perfect weekend lunches.

    • They had all kinds of different drinks, so they likely did have root beer! They probably are. I love root beer so that would have gone well with my sandwich! Yes, I don’t understand why more places don’t do it…you’re only going to gain more customers! When I go out with my friends, the two of us are vegan, one friend is vegetarian with a gluten intolerance, one of my friends doesn’t eat meat (but eats fish) and then some of my friends eat everything. We try to choose a place where everyone can find something they like…so it only makes sense to include a couple of vegan options, maybe a couple of gluten-free options, etc.

  3. Alli
    | Reply

    Yummy! Cookies for a hike – exactly my style. I really want a bite out of that sandwich and munch on those chips.

  4. Hannah Logan
    | Reply

    Yum! Good sandwiches go a long way in my books :) although I’ve never heard of Seitan so thanks for the link to the info!

    • I hadn’t heard of seitan either until I went vegan and saw it offered up at a few places! It is one of those things that has a meaty texture to it, so is used for a lot of meat substitutes. It’s made of wheat and it’s very versatile!

  5. Chris Boothman
    | Reply

    Looks like a great spot to go and grab a bite to eat whilst exploring the local town and surrounding area! As Dave stated below, we also love to visit these local delis and check out some of the cuisine that is on offer.

    It actually reminds me of several little towns we passed through on our road trip earlier this year from Boston to Canada.

    It’s always great when you can have lunch there and then buy some of the local produce to take with you. I notice on your picture that there are drinks and possibly jams/jellies that are available for purchase! A great way form of marketing for sure to allow people to take their products with them on the go!

    • It was such a lovely local deli! There were jams available for sale that were made locally, as well as some other local products (I think there were other condiments like relish, salsa…) – it was very tempting to buy some more of those things! I think if I lived there, I’d be there all the time buying all kinds of specialty type food items (and more sandwiches! yum!)

  6. veganinbrighton
    | Reply

    What a great spot. Your sandwich looks delish’, I love seitan!

    • It was lovely! Be sure to stop there the next time you’re in the area! I’ll also be posting about a few more places in future blog posts, stay tuned :)

  7. Milosz Zak
    | Reply

    Looks really delicious. Do you ever try to recreate some of the dishes you’ve tried while on the road, at home? We’ve noticed that our cuisine is often drastically affected the first few months after returning, then things return to normal, but afterwards, we remember, and return to try the things we sampled on the road. It’s literally like stepping back in time when you’re on the road – as if your mind triggers some long-forgotten memories.

    • I definitely do try sometimes! It’s great to have a meal that you ate somewhere special at home, the flavors can remind you of a trip that you took! It’s really special, I agree!

  8. Ashley Hubbard
    | Reply

    Great that y’all can find places that can accomodate a vegan lifestyle- I can imagine that would be heard at times. You’re right, it sounds like a great meal before a hike :)

    • It takes a little bit of research sometimes, but we’re always able to make it work – never starving! (and trust me, I am not pleasant to be around when I’m hungry LOL!)

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