Kingsmills Hotel: Where to Stay in Inverness for a Luxurious Holiday in the Scottish Highlands

Where to stay in Inverness: The Kingsmills Hotel

I’m sure you’ve heard of Inverness. It’s not only the northernmost city in the United Kingdom, but it’s a place steeped in rich history. Looking at it nowadays, you wouldn’t know that the town survived many great conflicts and disasters. However, Inverness is said to be the happiest place in Scotland. It was recently granted city status in the year 2000 by the Queen. And it’s known as “the Capital of the Highlands”. With a capital city that has such fascinating tales, why not stay in a hotel that’s genuinely historic, too? Kingsmills Hotel is a luxury estate nestled atop a hill, overlooking the city of Inverness. Justin and I had a glorious stay at this authentic Scottish hotel, and it’s at the top of our list of where to stay in Inverness.

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Kingsmills Hotel: Where to Stay in Inverness

When Justin and I arrived at the Kingsmills Hotel, we were pretty exhausted after driving from the Isle of Skye. In fact, we were about halfway through our Scotland road trip, starting in Glasgow, meandering through Loch Lomond & the Trossachs, and savoring spectacular Glencoe. After a few days in Skye, Inverness was a day long pit stop in the Scottish Highlands. Have you ever visited a place where you realized that you didn’t have nearly enough time there and wish you had planned to stay longer? Inverness was easily that place for us.

So, we arrived in Inverness, skipping over Loch Ness due to a lack of time (next time, we’re coming for you, Nessie!). It was late afternoon, and we’d spent several hours in the car. Once Justin and I walked through the front doors of the Kingsmills Hotel, we were warmly welcomed with big smiles from the hotel staff members. And a warm welcome indeed, as we were immediately offered a tasting of Scotch Whisky!

Where to Stay in Inverness: Scotch Whisky at the Kingsmills Hotel

The History

The Kingsmills Hotel has welcomed guests since the 18th century, even known back then for its warm hospitality. Back in those days, it was the home of William Inglis, Provost of Inverness, and his family. The Inglis family played a massive role in the development of the Inverness we know today. Over the years, many notable people arrived at Kingsmills, including Robert Burns. Even a Jacobite soldier fled the Battle of Culloden in 1746 to Kingsmills, knowing that he could seek refuge there.

In 1946, the Kingsmills became a privately operated hotel by the MacLeod family. Today, it is a luxurious four-star retreat that’s a world class destination in itself. There’s a full service spa, conference center, Inverness’ best stocked whisky bar, two restaurants, peaceful gardens, and it’s adjacent to a golf course. It’s the perfect place to stay in Inverness where you can relax and get away from it all.

The Property

Inverness Accommodation - the Kingsmills Hotel and Spa - Kingsclub Building

There are six styles of rooms in total at this luxury accommodation in Inverness. There are the Classic 1785 Rooms where you can enjoy modern amenities in a traditional room that pays tribute to the original hotel. The Patio Rooms offer private access to the beautifully manicured gardens, right from your own private patio. Similarly, the Garden Rooms provide romantic views of the tranquil garden from your own patio chairs and table. These rooms are all within the original Kingsmills Hotel building. 

Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Building - Lounge

Next, there’s the nearby Kingsclub building, separate from the main hotel. Justin and I stayed in an exclusive Kingsclub Retreat Room, which was even more quiet and peaceful than the main building. It was our own little piece of paradise. 

The Room

Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room

The two of us wandered into our Retreat Room at this Inverness luxury hotel and were totally in awe. First, the room is huge! It’s also very elegantly styled, combining classic tastes with modern amenities. Aside from the room being incredibly spacious, there was a large seating area with multiple couches and chairs. If you’re traveling with a group of people, you could easily have them over to your room to hang out. There’s complimentary Wi-Fi, a TV with lots of channels, bottles of water, complimentary coffee and tea, a mini-bar, and turn down service. 

Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room

This Inverness luxury hotel even had a spacious bathroom. There are options to have a soothing soak in the bathtub or use the walk-in shower.

Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room

However, our favorite part of the Kingsmills Retreat Room was our own private balcony. We loved spending time out on our patio, which overlooked the neighboring golf course. The scenery was lovely and the patio was very quiet. Justin and I chatted out there to one another, and also watched the golfers perfect their swings (some with better attempts than others). We really couldn’t have asked for a more lovely space to call home while visiting Inverness. For travelers looking for where to stay in Inverness, you’ll love the rooms at the Kingsmills Hotel.

Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room
Inverness Luxury Hotel - Kingsmills Hotel - Kingsclub Retreat Room

Location in Inverness

The Kingsmills Hotel is one of the best hotels in Inverness for its location. While it’s a serene hotel where your stresses will melt away, it’s also not too far from the hustle and bustle of the downtown. You can walk from this Inverness accommodation right into town without any difficulty. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there, which isn’t bad at all. There’s lots of free parking at the Kingsmills, so feel free to leave your car behind and walk all over town.

The Verdict

Justin and I had such a wonderful stay at the Kingsmills Hotel. If you’re looking for where to stay in Inverness, you’re going to want to stay here. It’s truly one of the best places to stay in Inverness Scotland for the hospitality, the spectacular rooms, its peaceful surroundings, and its proximity to the town. Book your stay at the Kingsmills Hotel and read more reviews by fellow travelers.

Thanks so much to the Kingsmills Hotel for hosting our stay.

Have you ever traveled to Inverness or anywhere in the Scottish Highlands?

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