Vegan Restaurants in Winnipeg: Winnipeg Vegan Guide

Looking for vegan food in Winnipeg? You’ve come to the right place! It was our first time visiting Winnipeg (and the province of Manitoba). When I’m traveling to a brand new city, my first thought focuses on what I’m planning to do there. My second thought quickly drifts to the important question of food. Are you as obsessed with finding … Read More

Vegan Restaurants Buffalo NY – Buffalo Vegan Guide [UPDATED]

Vegan restaurants in Buffalo, New York – a vegan travel guide to the city. UPDATED: September 2018 Buffalo, New York is a very vegan-friendly city. While there aren’t too many entirely plant-based establishments, there’s no shortage of vegetarian and vegan meals at local restaurants. This is a Buffalo vegan dining guide so the herbivores in the crowd won’t go hungry … Read More

Vegan Galway Ireland Restaurant and Travel Guide

You won’t go hungry in Galway if you’re vegan! I wasn’t sure what to expect from Galway. Before traveling to Ireland, I kept hearing about how un-vegan-friendly the country was. However, those initial misconceptions were quickly shattered after I ate so much delicious plant-based meals in Dublin, Belfast, and Derry. So, what was it like dining as a vegan in Galway? … Read More

Grand Bend Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

There are so many vegan options in the beach town of Grand Bend. Grand Bend, Ontario. Home to some of Ontario’s cleanest and bluest waters, one of the top sunsets in the world, and…a vegan travel destination? Well, there aren’t any entirely Grand Bend vegan restaurants yet, but it’s a surprisingly vegan-friendly place. Gone are the days of surviving off … Read More

Vegan Strasbourg Restaurant and Travel Guide

Strasbourg is a surprisingly vegan-friendly destination. I always heard that France was not a vegan-friendly country and it would be challenging to visit as a vegan. In Strasbourg, nothing could be farther from the truth. There are lots of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly offerings at several establishments. You just need to know where to look. After we spent a short … Read More

Vegan Restaurants in St. John’s NL – Vegan Travel Guide

The best vegan eats in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a spectacular region of Canada with endless stunning landscapes, friendly residents, and opportunities to observe pristine nature and wildlife. Did you know it’s also easy to travel to St. John’s, Newfoundland while following a vegan diet? When I visited, I had no idea I’d discover so many restaurants in St. … Read More

Bamberg Vegan Restaurant and Travel Guide

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Bamberg vegan travel guide: finding the best plant-based eats in Bamberg, Germany. Enchanting scenes from Bamberg, Germany captured my attention from the start. When I saw photographs of this quaint German town, I knew that we had to visit. It was so charming and picturesque, as though it were straight from a fairy tale. I pictured myself wandering down the … Read More

Vegan Copenhagen Restaurant and Travel Guide

Are you vegan, vegetarian, or looking for plant-based options…and travelling to Copenhagen? Have no fear! During my (short) time in Copenhagen, I ate a lot of delicious vegan meals. I didn’t have any trouble finding plant-based eateries or spots with vegan and vegetarian options. I’m very happy to include so many establishments in this vegan Copenhagen guide. This isn’t by … Read More

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