Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Retreat

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Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort

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I’m going to Sri Lanka for the first time!

I’m super excited to announce that I’m headed to Sri Lanka for the first time. And this is also my first time traveling to Asia (finally!). I’m traveling to a new country, a new continent, and it looks astoundingly beautiful there. Let me tell you all about my travel plans.

I’m traveling without Justin this time around – he’ll be at home working and taking care of our two baby boys (the kitties). I’ll be exploring Sri Lanka with my Travel Massive partner in crime, Lauren of the travel blog, Twirl the Globe. We met through attending Toronto Travel Massive events a couple of years ago, and who knew back then that we’d end up going all the way to Sri Lanka together.

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But, before we reach Sri Lanka, we’ll be stopping over in another country…


I think I’ve been watching too much Friends on Netflix. There’s the episode where the group goes to London and Joey won’t stop saying, “London, baby!”

Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort

Anyway, we’re stopping over in London both on the way there and the way back. It’ll be another first for me…first time in London!

For our first stop in London, we’re going to do a little bit of wandering on our own. I’ll be relying heavily on Lauren’s expertise as she’s gone there before. We have a tour booked with Small Car Big City. For two hours, we’ll be whisked around London in a Mini Cooper, seeing many main attractions and the hidden gems.

On the way back, our stopover will be an overnight one. We are booked to stay at the YOTELAir London Heathrow to get a little bit of rest before flying back home to Toronto.


Our main purpose for traveling to Sri Lanka is to stay at the Mahagedara Wellness Retreat. It’s a brand new property in Sigiriya, and we’re staying for 6 days. I will be focusing on my own well-being at this holistic retreat. It’s all about leaving the stresses and everyday worries of life behind to attain a clarified mind. This trip is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. I can’t wait.

There are several packages to choose from when you visit Mahagedara Wellness Retreat: Simply Be, Relax and Pamper, Detox, Living the Ayurveda Way, Accessing Consciousness, and Families at Mahagedara. I chose the Relax and Pamper package. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you – I really could use some relaxing and some pampering. For the relaxation part, it’s all about how I want to spend my days. I could choose to practice yoga, swim in the pool, or lounge about. Daily meditation and both morning and evening yoga is included. I’ll also receive:

  • 1 hour wellness consultation with the in-house qualified Ayurvedic doctor
  • Aromatherapy massage for 1 hour
  • Luxurious jasmine bath for 30 minutes
  • Pampering foot massage for 30 minutes
  • Relaxing neck, head, and shoulder massage for 45 minutes
  • Rejuvenating body scrub and healing herbal bath (1.5 hours)
  • Mahagedara goodie bag

As for my meals, they specialize in Sri Lankan cuisine and they are happy to prepare 100% vegan meals for me. They maintain their own garden, including growing rice, which will be so cool to see in person. There’s also an Ayurvedic garden with special plants that are picked and prepared for us. I can’t wait to learn more about this.

The property of the Mahagedara Wellness Retreat is in the middle of the jungle, and we’re able to go for walks there. It will be such a peaceful experience to breathe fresh air and discover plants and flowers.

I’ll be staying in the Mahagedara Room, which has air conditioning and luxurious antique furniture.

Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Mahagedara Wellness Retreat
Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Mahagedara Wellness Retreat

While I could easily spend the entire time relaxing and lounging, Lauren and I both decided that we wanted to see a bit of the country while we’re there. Sri Lanka has such a fascinating history and incredible natural wonders. Here are a few of the places that we hope to visit.


Sigiriya Rock translated as Lion Rock, is an ancient rock fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This massive rock is over 600 feet high. Visitors can climb up a series of stairs up to the top of Sigiriya Rock to enjoy a spectacular view.

Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Amlla Tennakoon


Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Mal B



Pidurangala is a massive rock formation near Sigiriya Rock. It takes about two hours to climb to the top. We’ll see about this one – if it’s just too hot outside, we might have to skip it. There’s also a rock temple here, a giant Buddha statue, and an impressive view from the top. We’ll be able to catch the best view of Sigiriya Rock from up there.

Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: LisArt



We’ll be going on a safari at Kaudulla National Park where many elephants live. When I went to Kenya, there weren’t any elephants living at Soysambu Conservancy (though I did see some adorable baby elephants at the Elephant Orphanage). I can’t wait to see elephants living in the wild. It’s also identified as an important area for birds.

Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Peter Glenday



Also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, the Dambulla cave temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the best preserved and largest cave temple in Sri Lanka. Many caves contain ancient statues and paintings, including 153 Buddha statues and 2100 square miles of murals.

Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Mal B


Between days of pampering at Mahagedara Wellness Retreat and exploring culturally and historically significant sites, we have an exciting week of travel ahead of us. Don’t you want to hop on a plane and travel to Sri Lanka right now?

If you’d like to see Sri Lanka through my eyes while I’m there, please follow along on social media! I’ll be posting live on Instagram Stories and Snapchat.


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Preview: Sri Lanka and Mahagedara Wellness Resort

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  1. Wilbur
    | Reply

    Sounds wonderful. I would love to go to Sri Lanka.

  2. The Unconventional Girl
    | Reply

    Lovely , enjoy your stay in Srilanka. It’s a beautiful place. I was there last month. Check out my experience @

    Rekha @

  3. Dave
    | Reply

    Haha I just watched that episode too! LONDON BABY!! And you’re going to LOVE Sri Lanka. I’ve been twice now and it really is one of my favorite countries to travel through. The food is amazing and everyone is super friendly. Make sure you catch the sunset up on Sigiriya.

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  7. Konkan Tourism
    | Reply

    I have been in Srilanka but not visited KAUDULLA NATIONAL PARK. Next time it will be on my list. Also, the sea food is very tasty in Srilanka. Ioved Fish Curry and Mixed Rice in one of the restaurant in Buba Beach Seafood Restaurant.

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