Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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Top 10 Places to Visit in India

This is a guest post written by Rohit Agarwal of Trans India Travels.

With India’s vivid landscapes, monuments and architectural brilliance, it is rather unfair to confine your trip to only 10 regions. In this selection, I’ll take you all over the country for a multitude of different scenes and varied interests. Here are my top 10 places to visit in India.


Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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To start with the crown of India, visit Himalayas at Jammu and Kashmir. All the scenic mountain beauty makes Ladakh look more like paradise on lake. For a day well spent on a house boat: take in the beauty of the place, embrace the warm hospitality of the people, and absorb the culture of J&K. A visit to this place is a must.


Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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The name ‘Meghalaya’ translates to ‘abode of clouds’ for a reason. A combination of rich mountains, plateaus and rivers, makes Meghalaya look like the clouds live among them. Taking a break at these places often rejuvenates your mind and soul from the damage of cities. The climate and place makes Meghalaya look like India’s Scotland.



After a shower of snow and icy weathers, Rajasthan would be a good choice to heat things up. The forts and palaces give you enough reason to visit Rajasthan not to mention Udaipur which is the city of lakes. Add a bit of desert sports and some more adventure/sight-seeing, and you’ll never want to leave.



Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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The Ajanta Ellora caves are India’s most recognized caves with the brilliant carvings and statues. These caves hold the Buddhist religious art, with most of it considered masterpieces.When you are in Maharashtra, you should visit Mumbai – India’s most happening and vibrant city. This is where a lot of dreams have come true for people. After all, it’s called the “City of Dreams”, like our own version of New York.



Beaches, churches and parties collide in Goa. This is one place every young adult has on his wish list. Take a look at the architectural brilliance of the churches by day, and have a fun-filled beach party at night. Goa also plays host to some of India’s most energetic music festivals.



Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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At a quiet hill station, you’ll find the most high quality tea powder. The tea grown here is so good that the variety is named after the hill station itself – Darjeeling Tea. If you’re at West Bengal during Durga Pooja, pay a visit to Kolkata. The sleepy lanes come alive with ceremonies, festivities, processions, idols and lights. Don’t be a bystander – you’ll want to participate in the festivities!


Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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The temples in Tamil Nadu know no bounds. The Meenakshi Amman Temple is one of the most highly regarded temples at Madurai. This temple situated at the heart of the 2500-year-old city has more than 33,000 sculptures, attracting a whopping 15,000 visitors a day. There are many other striking temples, churches and mosques you wouldn’t regret visiting.



Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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A houseboat stay in the backwaters of Kerala, the soothing palm groves, coconut trees, and the lovely food – it all adds up to a remarkable experience. Immerse in the local Kathakali and thiruvadhiraa dances, watch the fishing scenes at Kochi, trek the Munnar forests, and watch Fort Kochi light up at night. Kerala has got it all.


You won’t find nightlife, brilliant architecture, or mountain scenery. So, what makes Pondicherry special? It’s a silent city, slow moving and peaceful, where nobody is in a rush. You sit back and let the calmness dawn upon you. A quiet stroll through the city lanes will teach you to appreciate silence in a city.



The journey to the islands in itself is a memorable one because you get there only via cruise or airline. The islands are a haven for water lovers. For people who love beaches and sunsets, Andaman and Nicobar will be a hard place to bid adieu. Indulge in a plethora of water adventures at Andaman and experience first-hand the mysteries and exquisiteness of sea life.


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Top 10 Places to Visit in India

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    Never done scuba diving in India but it sounds like a great thing to experience!

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    Hello, Thanks for sharing such a fantastic blog.I really appreciate your blog to share information about places to visit in India …Visiting in India is amazing experience. This is amazing place with historical monuments and rich traditional culture. Specially dressing style culture, festivals celebration of india attract every tourist.

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    Thank you for the post and I would love to visit india sometimes next year. I have spent a month in Sri Lanka in August. This looks like totally different from Sri Lanka. And wanted to visit so badly Kerala. I heard great things about some of the destinations you’ve mentioned.
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    Hi Thanks for writing about my country.
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    Thank you very much for writing about my country.
    I am proud to be Indian.
    loved your work
    thanks you so much for sharing this with us.
    Great work with awesome description and
    also images are nice.

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