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Best Prague Apartment for Travellers: Prague City Apartments
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The best Prague apartment for travellers and tourists: stay where we stayed! We couldn’t help but fall in love with our living quarters at Prague City Apartments. Justin and I are even willing to declare that it’s the best Prague apartment for your travels. From our arrival to departure, Prague City Apartments made us feel right at home. OUR APARTMENT … Read More

Join Me For TravelShare: The Top 150 in Toronto!
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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the next TravelShare chat with Kanetix and TuGo Insurance! In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, I’m going to be discussing the top 150 things to do in the GTA with Kanetix.ca and TuGo Insurance. And I’ll be going LIVE! I’d love if you could join me for TravelShare. WHAT’S THE GTA? The … Read More

Finger Lakes Glider Plane Ride: Soaring at Harris Hill
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Gliding high up above the Finger Lakes region in a motorless plane. Have you ever gone for a sailplane ride? When I learned that I had the chance to ride in a sailplane on a trip to the Finger Lakes (a region in New York state), I had to actually Google search what a sailplane was. A sailplane (otherwise known … Read More

Pod DC Hotel: An Awesome Hotel for Urban Explorers
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Pod DC Hotel is the best place to stay for urban explorers and adventurers. It’s a brand new experience in the heart of Washington, DC. Pod DC Hotel offers a comfortable place to rest your head at night and helps you make the most of your adventures. So, what’s a pod hotel room like, anyway? And what can you expect … Read More

Mark’s Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe
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Searching for that perfect shoe for your adventures? Crocs footwear at Mark’s are the ultimate travel shoe! Traveling light is a challenge. There are many reasons to travel with less things – you might be traveling with only a carry on bag, or you don’t want to weigh down your backpack. Whether you’re flying across the globe or going away … Read More

Huntsville Hiking: Land Trust of North Alabama Three Caves
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Huntsville hiking is possible with trails right near the city! Finding green space is easy in Huntsville, Alabama. I’m used to driving far outside any city limits to go hiking, in order to be surrounded by nature. In Huntsville, you won’t have to search very far for the forest. In fact, the trails aren’t far from the downtown core. When … Read More