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    Hi there! We're a Canadian couple who are slowly making our way around the world. We love outdoor adventures, discovering wildlife kindly and responsibly, and uncovering the history and natural beauty of our planet. We are both vegans and seek out the most delicious plant-based food as we travel. Come along with us on our journey!

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Hotel Review: Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril, Jamaica
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It was my first time traveling to an all-inclusive resort. I travel a lot, but travel does not necessarily mean vacation. Bouncing around from place to place and taking in all of the sights isn’t always the most relaxing holiday. After plenty of traveling, I came to Jamaica to have a relaxing vacation. Negril is best known for the beaches … Read More

Fort Lauderdale Kayaking Tour with Atlantic Coast Kayak
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It was certainly a unique kayaking trip, navigating down the Middle River in Fort Lauderdale. Though primarily an urban landscape, there was a vast array of wildlife there. One day before the TBEX started (a travel bloggers conference that I attended), small groups of bloggers were invited to discover various parts of Fort Lauderdale. As I’m interested in outdoor activities … Read More

Mi Vida Cafe – Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Miami
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Mi Vida. My Life. As the wall states, “It’s not just Mi Vida, it’s yours, too.” Mi Vida Cafe is a quaint restaurant in Miami where the focus is on health. There’s a consciousness about the well-being of animals, the planet, and of course, us. As it is an entirely vegan restaurant, caring about animals is put at the forefront. … Read More

Tinggly Gift Box Giveaway: Win a Travel Experience!
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Would you like to enter our Tinggly gift box giveaway? You can win a travel experience valued at $119 – choose from over 350 experiences, all around the world! You might remember Tinggly from our previous blog post about taking a gondola ride together in Venice. A Venice gondola ride is just one of over 350 activities that you can … Read More

Review: Baliloca Travel Purse
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It’s difficult to find a good travel purse. I want something that provides security, looks fashionable, and isn’t annoyingly bulky. How does the Baliloca travel purse match up in these categories? While traveling, it’s very important to keep your valuables safe. Typically, I’ll wear a money belt snug beneath my clothing. This does the trick, although it can be a … Read More

Wynwood Walls Miami: The Power of Outdoor Street Art
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Once a concrete wasteland of abandoned industrial warehouses, Wynwood Walls has transformed this neighbourhood into an artistic outdoor public space that attracts locals and tourists alike. There used to be nothing but gray walls in this once derelict Miami neighbourhood. That was before the late developer Tony Goldman had a bright idea. He saw these blank gray walls as canvases, … Read More

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