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Recent Posts

Ricks Cafe Negril Jamaica – Sunsets & Cliff Jumping
| |

Even though Rick’s Cafe is a popular spot, it’s one of those places you must visit when traveling to Negril. You might have heard of Rick’s Cafe. But, should you make the trip to this famous Caribbean bar? Well, if you’re staying at a hotel or resort in Negril…yes, it’s worth spending some time here! Even though it’s pretty touristy, … Read More

Why I’m Vegan: Reasons for a Plant-Based Lifestyle
| |

As a vegan blogger and traveler, I often get asked by my readers why I’m vegan. I’m happy to share my personal story with you. Here are my reasons for a plant-based lifestyle. I always love reading about why people go vegan. For some, it’s all about animal welfare. For others, it’s about a healthy diet or dealing with health … Read More

Libreria Brac – Vegetarian Restaurant Florence
| |

It’s a bookshop. It’s a cafe. It’s a quiet vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Florence. It took a little bit of searching to find Libreria Brac. We got turned around and a little lost on our way. I should say, I got us turned around and a little lost on our way. Justin only knew that we were going … Read More

Searching for Lions: A Kenya Night Safari
| |

SQQQQUUUUEEEEAAALLLLLL!!!!! It was one of those moments. The kind where you think to yourself, “I did not expect to end up here at the start of the day.” I had a lot of those moments in Kenya. And now, the screams of shrieking pigs were infiltrating my eardrums. We spent the afternoon at the Soysambu Conservancy Raptor Centre. Our small … Read More

My Near Death Experience in Kenya
| |

An experience of a lifetime that nearly cost me my life. I was living and volunteering in the Great Rift Valley, the cradle of humankind. Though our species originated and evolved here, I was reminded that life is savage. Life is fragile. Life is wild. One of our duties at Soysambu Conservancy was to fix one of the hides. A … Read More

Birds of Lake Elmenteita, Kenya
| |

With over 400 species of birds, it’s important to monitor the birds of Lake Elmenteita in Kenya. Lake Elmenteita (also spelled Lake Elementaita) is one of the Great Rift Valley soda lakes. It’s on the property of Soysambu Conservancy, where I lived and volunteered. It isn’t a popular area for human tourists, though it’s quite important to the birds. Across … Read More

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