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Recent Posts

Reykjavik One Day Itinerary – Iceland
| |

The perfect Reykjavik one day itinerary when you travel to Iceland. We actually spent more than a day in Reykjavik. I don’t really count the first day though. Our flight on WOW Air arrived at Keflavik Airport at 4:30am. Needless to say, we were exhausted. After wandering around in a zombie-like state until our apartment was ready, we crashed and … Read More

Expert Advice: Backpacking Off the Beaten Track
| |

This is a guest post written by Will of The Broke Backpacker. The jungle floor rushed up to meet me as I stumbled forwards, sheets of rain lashing down through the canopy, my pack heavy on my back, every step a battle with the oozing, sucking mud. I love mountains, I have always loved mountains. This was, however, my first … Read More

Review: Opal Apartments Reykjavik Iceland
| |

An apartment that feels like home in downtown Reykjavik. Walking up Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik, I admired the brightly painted houses. Rows upon rows of colorful buildings in red, green, and orange, only to be outdone by the extravagant murals splashed across the sides of them. Opal Apartments Reykjavik kept with the colorful theme. We caught our … Read More

KnowRoaming: How We Stay Connected When Traveling
| |

When traveling from place to place, it’s important to stay connected. Let’s face it – we’re very dependent on technology and the online world. Sometimes I wonder how we ever lived without it. When we’re away from home, having Internet access on our smartphones makes everything easy and convenient. Wi-Fi can be unreliable and it’s annoying to have to constantly … Read More

10 Tips to Stay Safe When You Travel
| |

Traveling and seeing the world can lead to some incredible adventures. You’ll have some of the best experiences of your life when you’re exploring the planet. The world is not something to be feared. It’s not as dangerous as it may seem at times. Of course, it’s important to do your research before you depart on your big adventure. When … Read More

New Caledonia – The Best Kept Secret of Oceania
| |

This is a guest post written by Roxana Oliver. If you are thinking about the perfect place to spend your holiday, you should opt for the Paris of the Pacific – New Caledonia. The place is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unsurpassed natural beauty you definitely need to discover. Sun-kissed beaches, friendly locals and rich … Read More

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