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Wildlife Tourist Attractions to Avoid (and What to do Instead)
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Wildlife tourist attractions to avoid, and alternative suggestions that don’t harm animals. Do you consider yourself to be an animal lover? Most people who frequent wildlife tourist attractions love animals. We want to see animals up close because we are fascinated by them. We admire them, or we think that they’re cute. However, many wildlife excursions, activities, and attractions cause … Read More

Ytri Vik Cottages – Where to Stay Near Akureyri in North Iceland
| |

Ytri Vik Cottages is a little slice of paradise in North Iceland. This is the most beautiful place we have ever stayed to date. And this is no exaggeration. We stayed at Ytri Vik Cottages about halfway through our two week road trip in Iceland. After a week on the road, we were looking for a spot to rest and … Read More

CabinZero Backpack – Our Favorite Carry On Luggage
| |

We’ve found our new favorite backpacks! CabinZero is a backpack company for travelers by travelers. The idea for a durable, stylish, and useful came from CabinZero’s owner and frequent traveler, Neil Varden. As far back as 1993, he wanted a bag that he could bring backpacking around India, trekking to the forest or the beach, or even bringing to overseas … Read More

VIDEO: Quebec City in Winter – The Magic of Snow and Ice
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A video compilation of our travels to Quebec City in winter. To say that we had an amazing time in Quebec City is a huge understatement. This was our third visit there, and we absolutely adore it. Every time we go, we find new reasons to fall in love. I love the familiarity of Quebec City now. Have you ever … Read More

Things to Do in Ottawa in Winter
| |

Don’t let the cold weather get you down! There are lots of things to do in Ottawa in winter. Before my recent travels to Ottawa, I’d visited a couple of times in the past. Even though it was my third trip to Ottawa, I really hadn’t spent much time there. Not as an adult, anyway. My first trip to Ottawa … Read More

How to Survive a Night at the Quebec Ice Hotel
| |

It’s one of those dreamy bucket list items. Check into the Quebec Ice Hotel! The Quebec Ice Hotel, otherwise known as Hotel de Glace, is a magical world of snow and ice. You can spend the day or stay the night in an ice room of your very own. There’s really nothing like staying overnight at an ice hotel. Hotel … Read More

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