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Hotels Near the Golden Circle: Gesthus Selfoss Cottages (Our Full Review)

Gesthus Selfoss: Hotels Near the Golden Circle

After spending a full day in Reykjavik, Justin and I picked up our rental car and started our two week road trip of Iceland. First up, the Golden Circle. It’s a famous route that features a national park, a geyser, and a brilliant waterfall. It takes a full day to explore and fully appreciate the natural wonders of the Golden Circle. There are a few hotels near the Golden Circle, but I am not sure that any quite compare to our experience at Gesthus Selfoss.

By the time we finished visiting Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, and Gullfoss, we were cold, wet, and tired. It rained on and off throughout the day, which is pretty normal for Iceland where the weather changes every five minutes. After a long day, we wanted a comfortable and cozy place to relax for the evening. Gesthus Selfoss was the best place to unwind after our adventures, and I’m convinced it’s one of the best hotels near the Golden Circle.

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A Luxury Summerhouse at Gesthus Selfoss

Gesthus Selfoss - Our cabin "Hof" - Best hotels near the Golden Circle

We stayed in one of the two summerhouses at Gesthus Selfoss, which are large cottages on the property. Ours was called “Hof”. They are newly constructed in 2014 and feature many modern amenities. Even though only the two of us stayed there, the house can easily accommodate four to six people.

I adored this wooden cottage, complete with a wraparound wooden deck and porch. Although the weather was a little dreary, I could picture us enjoying drinks or coffees on the patio had the weather cooperated a little better.

Interior Living Space at Gesthus Selfoss

Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland - Golden Circle accommodations

The primary living space in the cottage is quaint and comfortable. There is a full kitchen where we prepared our dinner that night. The kitchen has a refrigerator, ceramic stove top, oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, dishes, and cookware (more than everything we needed for the night).

Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland - Golden Circle accommodations
Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland - Golden Circle accommodations

There is one bedroom with a queen sized bed, one bedroom with two twin beds, and the couch had a pull-out sofa bed. It was way more spacious than we required for the two of us. Gesthus Selfoss is one of the top hotels near the Golden Circle for families or couples traveling together.

Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland
Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland - Golden Circle accommodations

In the bathroom, there is a shower, toiletries, and towels. From the bathroom, you can walk straight out to the private hot tub. The instructions to fill up and use the hot tub are posted in the bathroom, and the directions are very straight forward.

Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland
Inside our cottage at Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland - Golden Circle accommodations

Private Patio, Deck and Hot Tub

Behind the cottage, there is a private geothermal hot tub in a serene environment. There are trees all around, and I couldn’t even tell that there were other guests staying on the property. It’s a wonderful backyard oasis. We appreciated the quiet and solitude that truly complimented this Icelandic vacation.

Golden Circle hotels - Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland
Golden Circle hotels - Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland
Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland
Gesthus Selfoss in Iceland

Other Places to Stay and Amenities

For those who prefer camping, Gesthus Selfoss has a campsite on the property. There’s a separate service center with showers, washrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen where you can cook meals. Campsite guests can use the hot tubs, and there’s even free Wi-Fi. Stay connected with Wi-Fi no matter where you stay at Gesthus Selfoss because it’s free for all guests.

There are also private bungalows in the forest that are great for 1-3 adults, or a couple with two young children. You’ll find geothermal hot tubs at the service center for any guests looking to soak and relax. In addition, there are also washing machines and dryers next to the service center that both bungalow and summerhouse guests can use for free. You can purchase breakfast in the service center for a small fee between 8 and 10am.

Hotels Near the Golden Circle: The Location

Hotels near the Golden Circle - Gesthus Selfoss Iceland

Gesthus Selfoss is right in the middle of town…in the small town of Selfoss, of course! As one of the top Golden Circle accommodations, the location is perfect. It’s around the corner from a public pool, restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores. We went to the local Netto grocery store to pick up groceries as it’s open until 9:00pm. Everything is right around the corner from Gesthus Selfoss, and it only took moments to drive anywhere we needed to be in town.

We also enjoyed staying here because it was convenient for our Ring Road journey (the Ring Road is the main road in Iceland that follows the perimeter of the island). After traveling around the Golden Circle, Selfoss was a great stopping point. When we woke up in the morning, we were already on Route 1 to continue our adventure, traveling counter-clockwise around the Ring Road. For this reason, it’s one of the best Golden Circle hotels.

The Staff

Hotels near the Golden Circle - Gesthus Selfoss Iceland

Although we only briefly met the staff, everyone was really nice and welcoming. We checked in to our home, Hof, with ease. Checking out as also a breeze. There was always someone at the reception desk, and it was no problem that we arrived a little bit later in the evening.

Our Final Verdict

Gesthus Selfoss was everything we wanted in a place to stay…and more! This luxurious and comforting guesthouse felt like our home away from home. The full kitchen allowed us to cook our own meals, which helped us keep to our vegan diet and save money. The private hot tub was an added bonus. After feeling chilly and wet all day, we loved being able to sit back, take it easy, and be soothed by the warm waters. Needless to say, we loved staying here and it’s one of the top hotels near the Golden Circle.

Book your stay at Gesthus Selfoss – whether it’s the summerhouse, the bungalow, or the campsite. You can also read more reviews written by fellow travelers who have spent the night. It’s a lovely place to stay in a serene environment. We adored it!

Essential Iceland Travel Guide
Getting There: Fly in to the Keflavik Airport near the capital city, Reykjavik. I recommend searching for cheap flights to Reykjavik online to find the best rate. The national airline of Iceland is Icelandair.

Getting Around: We can’t say enough good things about renting a car in Iceland. It will give you the most freedom to travel at your own pace. Most attractions in Iceland are natural ones that you are free to enjoy when you like. Compare car rental prices here to find the best deal. If you don’t want to drive, there are many guided tours that will take you outside of the city for the day that I’ve listed throughout the blog post.

Fast Facts: Icelandic króna is the currency, and most places accept credit cards. Power voltage is 230 V 50 Hz using Power Sockets F or C.

SIM Cards & Mobile: You can rent a portable Wi-Fi device with unlimited data that works in 130+ countries worldwide. We’ve used our portable device all over the world and love how we’re always connected!

Travel Safety: Don’t forget to get travel insurance before your trip. Whether you have an accident, have a flight delay, experience a theft, or need to return home sooner than anticipated, it’s always best to cover your bases. Get a travel insurance quote now for the best rates.
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