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Relaxing Couples Spa Day with Breakaway Experiences

Novo Spa - Breakaway Experiences

Giving the gift of experiences rather than more possessions – that’s the idea behind Breakaway Experiences.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to purchase for your loved ones. Some people seem like they have lots of belongings or maybe you’ve run out of ideas. I’m always a fan of gifting experiences rather than things. It’s a great way to treat your loved ones to activities or travel that they otherwise might not think to purchase for themselves.

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Breakaway Experiences could be your one-stop shop for the holidays this year.

There are gift packages and experiences for everyone at Breakaway Experiences, in several provinces across Canada. You can arrange that perfect day trip getaway, purchase an activity for family or friends while they’re traveling, or treat them to a relaxing spa day close to home. From flying lessons past the Toronto city skyline to a snowshoe adventure in the Rockies, there are adventures and lessons for people of all ages. For foodies, there are gourmet dinners, craft beer and wine tours, sweets tours, and cooking classes. There’s even a section of winter adventures that allows Canadians to celebrate the snowy weather!

Breakaway Experiences has a no-hassle exchange policy: if the recipient would rather try a different activity, they can easily exchange it for one that they’re more interested in doing.

Breakaway Experiences

Complete Relaxation

Justin and I have been really busy lately. We’ve been traveling, taking day trips, blogging, making travel videos, and on top of all that…working full time jobs! When Breakaway Experiences asked if we’d like to try one of their gift experiences, we happily chose a relaxing day at the spa. The two of us visited Novo Spa in Toronto for their Taste of Heaven spa package. In the luxury couple’s suite, our experience included:

  • 60 minute massage for two
  • 15 minute foot facial (scrub and massage) for two
  • couple’s private colour therapy shower
  • use of steam colour therapy sauna (recommended before the massage)

The booking process was very easy. When we received the gift certificate in our inbox, we called Novo Spa directly using the code on the certificate and booked our day at the spa within moments.

Breakaway Experiences and Novo Spa

Our Spa Experience

We arrived at Novo Spa and were greeted by the friendly front receptionist. She took us on a brief tour of the spa facilities. Justin and I wore plush cotton robes around the day spa. There were steam rooms in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms to enjoy. There were selections of fragrant loose-leaf tea to prepare that contributed to the tranquil experience. We enjoyed some tea in one of the relaxation lounges, laying on comfortable lounge chairs in front of the fireplace. I felt completely rested before my massage even began.

There were also complimentary apples and oatmeal cookies that happened to be vegan. Yum!

Breakaway Experiences and Novo Spa
Breakaway Experiences and Novo Spa
Breakaway Experiences and Novo Spa
Breakaway Experiences and Novo Spa

After a little while, we were summoned for our couples massages by two massage therapists. The couples massage room had dimmed lights, quiet music was playing, and two massage tables were side by side. Justin and I were able to choose our preferred organic aromatherapy oils (by the way, they all smelled amazing). The massages were so soothing and felt absolutely wonderful. My massage alleviated weeks of compounded stress from sitting in a chair at work in front of a computer. After the 60 minute massage, we were treated to rejuvenating foot massages and foot scrubs using a cooling cream of pine and rosemary. My feet felt so soft afterwards, and the whole room smelled amazing! At the conclusion of the massage, we were left alone for fifteen minutes to enjoy the private couples shower.

Breakaway Experiences and Novo Spa

We thoroughly enjoyed our sensuous and soothing afternoon at Novo Spa, thanks to Breakaway Experiences! There are tons of pampering and day spa experiences on the site, so you can treat your favourite people to a relaxing day of their own (or treat yourself!).

What are your favourite ways to unwind and relax?

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Aurelia G. perez

Wednesday 10th of May 2017

Hi Great Post!

Sounds fabulous. I’ve never been to a spa resort, and I’m hoping that changes soon! This one’s definitely marked out, it’s so unique. This looks like a lovely place to get away and relax.Such a beautiful place to relax!

I would love to check this place out. It’s always good to have one of those relaxing vacations every now and then. We’re always so focused on seeing and doing everything so it would be nice to slow down in a place like this.

Thanks for sharing these posts! Keep sharing posts like these!

Clark @ Mobbo Blog

Monday 4th of July 2016

Perfect read! This is just how I like to travel. Thank you for making my thoughts things. Bookmarked & Cheers to the wandering spirit!

Laura Cannone

Friday 18th of March 2016

That’s really cool that they have a nice atmosphere at that spa. We have talked about having a spa day, but we haven’t done it yet. It would be nice to just have a day to relax. Wedding plans can be stressful sometimes, so it would probably do us a world of good to just put everything on the back burner for a few hours. We should look into a few places around here.

Andrea on Vacation

Tuesday 20th of October 2015

I love a good massage! Usually I end up falling asleep it is so relaxing!

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