One Day in Dublin – How to Spend 24 Hours in Dublin

Here’s how to make the most of your 24 hours in Dublin. I arrived to the airport at 5:00am, bleary eyed. Those overnight flights are always a killer. In order to beat jet lag and gain a sense of normalcy for my remaining three weeks in Ireland, I forged ahead. No naps for this girl. It was also my one … Read More

2 Awesome Dublin Airbnb Rentals to Live Like a Local

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Why not choose short stay apartments in Dublin during your trip? I love switching up my accommodation choices when travelling around the world. I’ve stayed in hotels, guest houses, pod rooms, a cabin in the jungle, a treehouse, glamping tents, and even airport benches or the car (I don’t recommend these last options!). During a city break, I love staying … Read More

Vegan Dublin Food Tours Review | Vegan Food Dublin

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Learn more about my favourite food tour…ever! I’ve attended food tours in the past with mixed results. Some food tours lend themselves well to veganism. Perhaps the restaurants have an awesome vegan option or they’ll prepare tasty vegetarian samples as a take on their regular menu. And then there are the restaurants that bring out a plain, green salad for … Read More

4 Incredible Ways To Experience Niagara Falls

Traveling to Niagara Falls, Ontario? Here are 4 incredible ways to experience Niagara Falls! Niagara Falls has always been a favourite of mine. I grew up near Niagara Falls, Ontario – about a half hour’s drive away. Now that I’m living closer to Toronto, Niagara Falls is still a relatively short distance away. I’ve always felt very blessed to live … Read More

Vegan Restaurants Buffalo NY – Buffalo Vegan Guide

Vegan restaurants in Buffalo, New York – a vegan travel guide to the city. Buffalo, New York is a very vegan-friendly city. While there aren’t too many entirely plant-based establishments, there’s no shortage of vegetarian and vegan meals at local restaurants. This is a Buffalo vegan dining guide so the herbivores in the crowd won’t go hungry when you travel … Read More

The Secret is Out: You Need to Travel to Buffalo

Discover Buffalo…before everyone else does! Growing up in Ontario, I’ve always been just a hop and a jump away from the Canada/USA border. When thinking about Buffalo, a few images used to come to mind. First, I’d imagine mountains and mountains of snow. We received one Western New York TV station when I was growing up. During the winter months, … Read More

How to Spend One Day in Hvammstangi Iceland

How to spend one day in Hvammstangi, Northwest Iceland. If you’re planning a road trip around the Ring Road, we highly recommend that you make a pit stop in Hvammstangi. Not sure where that is? It’s tucked away in the northwest corner of the country, between Akureyri (the unofficial northern capital of Iceland) and the Westfjords. You’ll definitely want to … Read More

Hotel Northampton: Stay Here to Explore Western MA

Hotel Northampton is the perfect home base for exploring Western Massachusetts. Choosing the right place to stay overnight is a big part of the travel experience. Even though you aren’t there specifically for the accommodation, where you stay has a large impact on the overall enjoyment of your travels. Thankfully, Hotel Northampton ticks off all the boxes. It’s not only … Read More

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