Inspire To Wander

Lauren co-hosts a travel community called Inspire To Wander!

The motto of Inspire To Wander is: Travel is for Everyone.

I co-host Inspire To Wander with my travel blogging buddy, Lindsay of I’ve Been Bit. We want to show you that travel is for everyone! Whether you’re a frequent traveller, travelling on a budget, have limited vacation time, younger, older, single, travelling with kids, travelling on a third world passport…no matter what your situation, we want to help you achieve your travel dreams.

This group isn’t limited to travel bloggers, travel agents, or anyone working in the travel industry. Of course, everyone who falls into those categories should totally join, too. We’d love to hear your expertise.

Through the Inspire To Wander travel community, you can share your ideas, advice, where you’re travelling, where you live, and more. We want to hear your suggestions and live vicariously through your travels.

Inspire To Wander is free to join on Facebook, and it will always be free. Please post when you have a question or simply want to share something cool. Come on over to the group and introduce yourself!

I2W Twitter Chat

We have a weekly Twitter chat over at @InspireToWander. These chats will happen every Tuesday at 9pm ET for one hour.

Do you know what a Twitter chat or Twitter party is, or are you new to it all? Don’t fret! They’re really fun ways to chat and share ideas. I actually met Lindsay through Twitter chats, and I’ve made several friends that way that have turned into real life friendships. Crazy, eh?

All you have to do is follow our hashtag, #InspireToWander.

Type #InspireToWander into the search bar on Twitter, and click the “Latest” tab to see every tweet using the hashtag. Between 9:00pm and 10:00pm ET on Tuesdays, you’ll see every tweet from those participating in our chat. Be sure to use the hashtag in all of your replies so everyone can see what you’re posting.

The chat starts at 9:00pm ET. Every five minutes, a new question will be posted from the admin accounts (@InspireToWander@IBBTravel, and @JustinLaurenXO).  Tweet a reply to these questions, and let the conversation flow naturally. Sometimes you’ll get off on random tangents, and it’s all part of the fun.

For More Information

For even more details on Inspire To Wander, please check out my original blog post announcing the community.