Inspire To Wander: Our Travel Community You Should Join

Inspire To Wander: My Travel Community You Should Join

Announcing a brand new travel community that’s free to join!

Big news everyone! I’m proud to announce the arrival of a brand new travel community in town, and it’s one that I’m co-hosting. Along with my blogging bestie, Lindsay of I’ve Been Bit, we bring you Inspire To Wander. If you love travel (and I’m sure you do…otherwise, why would you be at my blog, right?), you need to join – this group will be a total game changer!


So, what is Inspire To Wander?

Want to travel more?

Need more travel in your life? In this special free bonus content, we reveal our top tips and personal advice to living a life of travel.

It’s a travel community that spans spans across social media, the web, and even in real life. We have big goals!

Our motto is: Travel is for Everyone.

We want to show you that travel is for everyone! Whether you’re a frequent traveller, travelling on a budget, have limited vacation time, younger, older, single, travelling with kids, travelling on a third world passport…no matter what your situation, we want to help you achieve your travel dreams.

This group isn’t limited to travel bloggers, travel agents, or anyone working in the travel industry. Of course, everyone who falls into those categories should totally join, too. We’d love to hear your expertise.

Through the Inspire To Wander travel community, you can share your ideas, advice, where you’re travelling, where you live, and more. We want to hear your suggestions and live vicariously through your travels.

Inspire To Wander is free to join on Facebook, and it will always be free. Please post when you have a question or simply want to share something cool. Come on over to the group and introduce yourself!

Inspire To Wander: My Travel Community You Should Join


Remember how I said that Inspire To Wander spans across social media? We have a weekly Twitter chat over at @InspireToWander. These chats will happen every Tuesday at 9pm ET for one hour.

Do you know what a Twitter chat or Twitter party is, or are you new to it all? Don’t fret! They’re really fun ways to chat and share ideas. I actually met Lindsay through Twitter chats, and I’ve made several friends that way that have turned into real life friendships. Crazy, eh?

All you have to do is follow our hashtag, #InspireToWander.

Type #InspireToWander into the search bar on Twitter, and click the “Latest” tab to see every tweet using the hashtag. Between 9:00pm and 10:00pm ET on Tuesdays, you’ll see every tweet from those participating in our chat. Be sure to use the hashtag in all of your replies so everyone can see what you’re posting.

The chat starts at 9:00pm ET. Every five minutes, a new question will be posted from the admin accounts (@InspireToWander, @IBBTravel, and @JustinLaurenXO).  Tweet a reply to these questions, and let the conversation flow naturally. Sometimes you’ll get off on random tangents, and it’s all part of the fun.

Our first chat is Tuesday, May 1st at 9pm ET, and the topic is: What Inspires You To Wander.

Inspire To Wander: My Travel Community You Should Join

We’ll be posting the chat questions in advance on the group page, just in case you’d like to schedule answers or be on top of your Twitter game!

And, that’s not all…

For our first chat, we will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card!

You’ll definitely want to mark your calendars for May 1st at 9pm Eastern Time. Follow #InspireToWander and the host Twitter accounts and you could be our lucky winner!

If you aren’t sure when 9:00pm Eastern Time is, use the time zone converter to find out what time it will happen wherever you are in the world.


Don’t you love Instagram? I love having constant wanderlust by looking at beautiful travel photos. @InspireToWander is the newest travel Instagram account, and we’ll be sharing lots of gorgeous travel pics. We’ll be featuring pictures from our community members, so please use our hashtag #InspireToWander on Instagram to be considered!


Inspire To Wander is a travel website coming to an Internet near you!

It isn’t up and running yet, but we’ll soon be accepting submissions. We’re interested in interviewing travellers from around the world to feature on our website. If you love to write or take pictures, there will be opportunities to feature your photos or your articles as guest submissions / collaborations. We’ll be announcing all of this on the group in the days to come.

We’re also hoping to turn Inspire To Wander into a global network where you can reach out to fellow travellers in person. Whether you’re looking to meet a friendly face for coffee in a new destination or join a group meet-up, we’re hoping to make this a reality. Lindsay and I are really excited to see what the future will bring for the ITW travel community.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Inspire To Wander travel community today and introduce yourself to our growing team of travel lovers!


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